Crack Your Interview with Confidence

Learn Interview Mantra in an easy way
Rating: 3.9 out of 5 (42 ratings)
3,103 students
Crack Your Interview with Confidence
Rating: 3.9 out of 5 (42 ratings)
3,103 students
They will grasp the art of cracking interview in an easy way.


  • Students should be a keen learner and have a will to crack Interview.

This course is tailored to equip students with miraculous confidence to face any interview.The course comprises unique and effective techniques to boost confidence, body language, how to frame the answers to the questions and enhance articulation. This course will inculcate winning attitude, mind and tongue fluency with its magical tricks and innovative mantras.

Happy Interview

Deepika Mantra

Who this course is for:
  • Students who have to appear in Interview.
6 sections • 27 lectures • 1h 16m total length
  • Introduction
  • The very first question - Introduce yourself
  • examples
  • Pay heed on your unspoken words means-Body Language
  • Quiz- How to present and introduce yourself?
  • Glimpses
  • Understand the mechanism of questions
  • Mantra Triggers :)
  • Two keywords - Know & communicate
  • Weigh your words with evidence like your real life stories.
  • Keep theses Mantras in your mind
  • How to crack my Interview ??
  • Why do you want to be part of our company?
  • How do you manage your time?M- Management Mantra
  • Decision making skills- How do you take decisions?
  • How do you handle the situation ?
  • How are you unique ?
  • What about your weakness?
  • How to solve the problems ?
  • What about your communication skills?
  • Why should I choose you?
  • Why should I choose you?- Part-1
  • Why should I choose you? -Part-2
  • Let's see some candidates
  • If any other company offers you any lucrative job , would you switch ?
  • How to answers them effectively?
  • Have a glance
  • Mail me if you have any questions :)
  • Interview Questions and Answers (notes)

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Lovely Greetings to Lovely People,

This is 'MANTRA Deepika'. I am passionate about teaching English and fortunately, it is my profession. I have been running my institute "MANTRA" for more than 13 years of imparting training for "English Communication skills and Personality Carving Skills. My persistent learning and undying passion yield a bouquet of effective techniques and strategies for teaching English very easily. I am here to share the treasure of those techniques with you which will surely help you be confident in all walks of life including daily conversations, Group Discussions, and Interviews. I can teach English from scratch with easy methods and take you to the next level. In addition to this, I can help learners enhance their fluency and boost their confidence. I am pretty excited to share these treasures with you. 
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