iOS Interview Question & Answers from 150+ Interviews(Swift)
4.1 (38 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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iOS Interview Question & Answers from 150+ Interviews(Swift)

Complete Reference of iOS Interview Questions with Answers Part -1
4.1 (38 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
406 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • All Swift interview questions with answers gathered from 150+ interviews and keep adding...
  • 100% confidence to face any iOS interview
  • Ability to answer any kind of interview question in an realtime approach
  • One course to learn Swift and Answer any question about swift
  • You will get to know how things works practically
  • Brush up your skills
  • iOS Development
  • Swift

The main agenda of this course is to cover end to end Swift interview questions with answers and practical explanation of each question to memorise easily during interviews.

Out of 100 interviews

60 - 70  interviews goes vocal

30 - 40 interviews goes vocal + System Task

Whatever the case you should be fit for answering vocally first to show the confidence to the interview. That is what the agenda of this course.

Way of explanation ?

1. Definition or Theoretical answer: Which is needed to answer vocally

2. Hands on coding Practical Explanation:  Shows Justification of the above given answer

3. My Youtube channel link for the complete concept if needed: Helps you to understand complete concept

Is this course only for freshers?

It covers All Levels of iOS Developers

Who is preparing for interviews

Who wants to keep their subject up to date

Who wants to brush up their skills

Who is looking for all interview questions at one place

Do you cover Objective-C questions?

Yes, for experienced guys there are chances of encountering some Objective-C interview questions. Keeping that in mind, covering important interview questions from Objective-C.

Do you add more questions?

Yes. The currently available list of questions is not final. I keep adding more and more.

This single course is enough to crack any Swift Question

Do you cover iOS questions?

This course is completely dedicated to Swift and Objective-C.

I wanted to keep all Swift + Objective-C questions as one course and Complete iOS Questions as another course.

Will I be notified when you add new interview questions?


This is not end there is a lot more to add. I keep adding.........

Who this course is for:
  • All levels of iOS Developers (Freshers and Experienced) who are preparing for interviews
  • Who wants to be up to date in Swift
Course content
Expand all 177 lectures 03:57:21
+ Tools Related Interview Questions?
5 lectures 01:15


What is the current version of Swift?

Xcode 11.x with Swift 5.1.1.

Answer as per your hands on

What is the latest Xcode you have used and Available?

iOS 13

Whats new in latest iOS?

Less Code

Better Memory Management

Optionals and Optional Binding makes our apps crash free

Tuples helps to return multiple values

Methods are much flexible. (Allows default values, variadic number of params, inout params)

In-built exception Handling.

What are the features of Swift and What makes Swift better than Objective-C?
+ Datatypes
10 lectures 13:34
What is Datatype? list out few datatypes in Swift?
What is Type Casting? Give me an example?
What is the default type of Character and Float values?
Does Swift supports Implicit TypeCasting?
2 questions
+ Operators in Swift
3 lectures 03:01
What are the operators available in Swift?
Explain different range operators in Swift?
What is identity operator in swift?
+ Control And Conditional Statements in Swift
6 lectures 08:55
What are the conditional statements available in Swift ?
What is fast enumeration in Swift?
What is the difference between while and repeat-while loops in swift?
What is switch case and how to declare a swift switch case?
Is default case is necessary in Swift's Switch case?
What is Fall-through keyword in swift?
+ Enumerated datatypes in Swift?
5 lectures 12:16
What is Enum?
What is rawValue in enum?
What is Enum Associated values in Swift?

Enums are value Types

Is Enum Value type or Reference Type?
What is the difference between Swift Enum and Objective-C Enum?
+ Function & Methods in Swift
5 lectures 09:12
What is function? What is the difference between function and Method?
What is inout parameter in Swift?
Instance method vs Type Method?
What is variadic number of params method?
How to set default value to a method input arguments ?
+ Structures in Swift?
4 lectures 08:54
What is struct? How to declare a structure?
What is mutating keyword in Swift?
Value Type vs Reference Type?

Structures are Value Types

Is struct Value type or Reference Type?
+ Initialisers in Swift?
9 lectures 13:28
What is initialiser? What are the different types of initialisers available?
What is the default initialiser in Swift?
What is parameterised / Custom initialiser?
What is designated initialiser in swift?
What is convenience initialiser in Swift?
What is failable initialiser in Swift?
Can I declare a convenience initialiser without designated initialiser?
What is deinit? can we call deinit method?
Designated vs convenience initialiser?
+ Closures in Swift
6 lectures 14:27
What is Closure? How to declare closures?
How to avoid retain cycle in closures?
What is escaping Closure? What is non-escaping closure?
Does closures capture values?
What is Trailing Closure?
What is short hand syntax for Closures?