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Golden nuggets to help you achieve success. Make money online with CPA offers. Increase sales with geo targeted advertising mediums. Discover the marketers secret hosting, not all hosting is created equal. How to create campaigns to earn money while you sleep. Generate an income with advertising for pennies on the dollar. You will never have to go it alone. Peace of mind having a professional to answer your questions.


  • Basic skills to be able to follow instructions to create accounts, answer emails, return phone calls. Be able to operate a computer with internet connection. Have the ability to type a few words of text.


Amazing way to make money online with CPA Marketing. Start small then scale up with my Simple instructions for Incredible Results!

CPA Marketing/ Affiliate Marketing is a powerhouse of information packaged up in one simple-to-follow course.

CPA is the abbreviation of Cost Per Action. This new marketing approach is taking the affiliate marketing industry to new levels in terms of income. Truly a magnificent way for a person to create steady money online. Increasing in popularity for the low cost start up.

Inside of CPA Marketing/ Affiliate Marketing we will take a more in-depth look at these key components.

Check these Advantages

1) What is Affiliate Marketing
The Purpose behind Affiliate Marketing
2) What is CPA
Why CPA Affiliate is the future of online advertisements
3) CPA Affiliate
Benefits of being a CPA Affiliate marketer
4) CPA Affiliate Marketing
How to Get Started with CPA Marketing
5) CPA Internet marketing
CPA Marketing Opportunity
6) CPA Online Marketing
People Purchasing a Product in CPA Online Marketing
7) CPA Advertising
Deciding on a CPA Affiliate Program to Advertise
8) Affiliate Marketing Programs
Joining Affiliate Marketing Programs
9) CPA Networks
Better Understanding of CPA Networks
10) CPA Marketing
You Do Not Have to Own the Product or Service
11) Marketing
Tips for Creating an Effective Internet Marketing Strategy
12) Why People Succeed
Understanding why people succeed while others fail
13) Picking the Niche
Choosing a niche that you are comfortable with
14) Choosing CPA Networks
Starting out with the correct networks to avoid frustration
15) Choosing the Correct Domain name
The correct domain name is key importance
16) Marketers Secret Hosting
Not all hosting is created equal
17) Geo Targeted Traffic
Being able to place offers in front of you potential buyers

Who this course is for:

  • We have developed this course for the person who is new to CPA Marketing & Affiliate Marketing, to the person that has tried unsuccessfully but knows that success is possible. There are no prior marketing skills needed, we have everything to help you along the way. Even if you are already having success online, we can help you do even better. We want to help everyone increase their level of success, no matter where they are starting from.


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Robert Hathhorn
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I Love the ability to Work From Home!

Working from Home has many advantages.

An Internet Marketing Expert, Home Based Business Expert, Advertising Expert, Serial Entrepreneur who likes Helping Others Achieve Success. A loving person who enjoys boating, fishing, camping, and having fun anytime of the day. Just call me Awesome! <??

Learn from an Expert

There are many lessons from my childhood which have served me well through my life, but none better than being willing to learn new things, embrace change, and roll up my sleeves for some good old fashioned hard work. I started my first job at the age of eleven, and have continued to work hard and to keep learning ever since – and that has paid off, gaining me a reputation as a hard worker as well as an expert in several areas.

In the early 1980s, I applied my marketing expertise to helping local businesses create successful advertising campaigns. I was so successful that I eventually launched several businesses of my own.

Pool Service Co.:

In 1994, I started a pool service business. It was successful right from the start, even thought I deliberately started it with no out-of-pocket investment. Instead, I applied my marketing and advertising expertise and grew it into a very successful business.

Home Building Co.:

Then I branched out, launching a home building business. Once again, I applied my advertising and marketing expertise to grow the business. Within three years, the business had twelve full-time employees and had generated over $1.5 million dollars.


In 2007, I began marketing online. This opened up a whole new world of possibilities. I devoured all the training I could find and developed expertise in even more areas of marketing.

PPC Campaigns (pay per click)

Mastering PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising made it possible for me to reach a more massive, highly targeted audience.

Online Advertising:

I continued to expand my areas of online marketing, creating websites for local companies and various other clients, creating lead capture pages for them, and using social media to generate even more leads and more sales.

Online Marketing:

In 2011, I mastered Craigslist advertising, one of the best free online marketing mediums available. I was so successful that I was approached to set up a system where others could work with me. So I began running Craigslist ad co-ops for affiliates, managing over 350 accounts and generating 1500 leads per day for various offers.

CPA Affiliate Marketing:

I also branched into the field of CPA Affiliate Marketing is, which is simple for the person that truly wants to learn, especially with all of the advancements in today's technology. The ability to able to run geo-targeted ad campaigns makes it easy to display an offer that is specifically buyers are looking for.

Ebay Power seller:

In 2011, I branched off into a unique Online Business known as Ebay. Taking motivation and drive to a whole new level with my marketing experience. This brought me to being a Top Rated Power Seller from 2012 thru 2013. It didn't take me long to figure out how to write my own check in a short amount of time.

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