Covid-19 Maximum Safety at Home, at Work, and Outside

Simple steps to stay safe - Learn about coronavirus transmission, which masks and sanitizers to use, and best practice
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Learn best practice to be protected from COVID-19 and the coronavirus


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  • Did you know that the coronavirus does not transmit only in large droplets as we often hear? 

  • Is a distance of 2 or 3 meters enough to stay safe?

  • Do you know which face-masks really protect you and which don't?

This course is for everyone interested in really understanding what COVID-19 and the coronavirus are, getting their facts straight, making the right decisions to protect themselves and others, and to stay safe at home, at work and when going outside. Learn all the latest, scientifically proven, data and information straight from the best experts on COVID-19 in an easy-to-understand course!

Learn about risks, symptoms, and rate of infection from SARS-CoV-2. Learn how the coronavirus is transmitted in the air, on surfaces and objects, how long it stays active and infectious, and which measures you can take to prevent infection and stay safe at all times. You will also learn which masks and hand-sanitizers are most effective against COVID, and which other measures you should take to prevent infection.

All the information in this course comes from the latest research and peer-reviewed published data from the world's best experts on viruses and COVID, all explained in an easy-to-understand, entertaining and simple language.

No prior knowledge is required, this course is aimed at everyone from lay persons to students to professionals, who want real, fact-checked, information directly from the expert, and published research.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to know what to do to fight COVID-19

Course content

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  • Introduction
  • Test you knowledge regarding COVID-19
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