COVID-19 and Employment Rights and Obligations

Guidance for Employers, Employees and Workers around COVID-19 Dismissals and Discrimination
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What are Employees' rights during COVID-19?
What are the relevant rules and regulations?
What actions Employers and Employees can take in respect of dismissals from work?


  • No. If you are a worker or an employee or in a position to assist others regarding employment rights then this course is for you.


Hello and welcome to this essential course for anyone and everyone who is affected by the employment law.

The lockdown is easing down. Employers will be struggling to keep employing people after the government stop paying for the employees under the furlough scheme. This course is more relevant to what is likely to develop after the lockdown. For a number of years to come, there is likely to be litigation connected to the current COVID-19 situation and this course has been developed while keeping that progress in mind.

You may be one of those employees who might be at risk of redundancy. Given that this is going to be the main reason, you need to know how the law of redundancy works and how this will be applied in the context of furlough scheme and covid-19 situation.

There is very limited guidance available as to how the Tribunals will interpret the laws around COVID-19. However, if you are aware of the fundamentals, you will be in a way better position to assess your chances of success.

This course is going to help you learn and understand fundamental rules and regulations around the current situation including health and safety dismissals.

While this course deals with some background due to the prevailing situation in section 1, the emphasis of this course is on the situation that is likely to develop after the lockdown is over and how those may be linked to the prevailing situation. Hence all of the sections from Section 2 onwards deal with the Employment Rights in relation to COVID-19 situation.

My name is Tufail Hussain, I am a researcher in online legal learning and have extensive experience of advising employers and employees in a range of cases from unfair dismissals to serious cases of discrimination on the basis of sex, race, disability and religion as a specialist employment law consultant.

I am going to teach you this course and leave you with important information that should provide you with a sound basis to protect your rights.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in employment and labour law and workers' rights.

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