Course to Combat Global Warming in Our Schools

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Instructors who want to work on Combating Global Warming and Climate Change will benefit from this course.
To be able to have knowledge about 'What is Global Warming?'
To be able to understand Reasons Of Global Warming and Climate Change.
To be able to realize consequences of Blobal warming and Climate Change.
To be able to get information about ' As teachers what should we do at our classes for fighting against Global Warming and Climate Change?
To get information about How do we integrate technology with our lessons for fightin against Global Warming and Climate Change ?


  • This program does not require any qualifications. Every individual who actively uses technology can learn.


The issue of Global warming and Climate Chane,which is a common problem of the world, is an important issue that requires attention with technology.This course is the joint product of the Erasmus+project carried out in partnership with 4 countries (Türkiye,Poland,Portugal,Italy).The aim of this course is to comtribute to teachers' ability to work with their students in schools on combating Global Warming and Climate Change.The course content includes informative videos about Global Warming and Climate Change, as well as teaching these subjects in classrooms by integrating technology.


-What is Global Warming and Climate Change?

-How teachers integrate technology into their classrooms to combat Global Warming

-The effect of Global Warming on Our Planet

-Proactive Measures Against Climate Change

-Stregthening Education: The vital role of Technology Integration

At the end of this lesson, teachers will understand that Global Warming and Climate Change  is an issue that requires action.Teachers will have knowledge about how they integrate Global Warming into their lessons and as ateacher what can we do to attract students' attention for this problem.We know that we are pioneer to educate and direct society to any important topic. We have the power to educate society.

Who this course is for:

  • All teachers and students who want to draw attention to the Fight against Global Warming in schools and want to work actively on this issue can benefit from this course.


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I am a teacher who has been actively working in schools for more than seven years. I have taken part in different projects in the teaching profession. As a teacher who is sensitive to the environment and the world, who loves teaching and learning at the same time, I create courses thinking that I can reach the whole world on this platform.

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