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Support, honor, love, encouragement and tools to aid our heroes who engage in home healthcare.
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KNOW - that there is help
KNOW - where to find help
KNOW - that you are not alone
KNOW - that you matter and that great care is possible


  • Open Mind
  • Open Heart


Need Help? Feeling overwhelmed by your role as a caregiver?  Looking for tools to help you navigate around and over obstacles that normally plague caregivers?

THen thsi course is for you.  Loaded with personal storeis and detail and solutions to everyday stuggles that a caregiver faces.

You will look at issues related to support in the areas of:

  • Care management
  • Legal matters
  • Support team
  • Finances
  • Medical insurance
  • Nursing home and assistant living care.

It should take you about 2 hours to get through all the segments.  I would recommend doing it in chunks.  Make sure to download the notes so it will be easier to follow along.

Thanks for taking this journey with me.

Who this course is for:

  • The caregivers: It's for you if you find yourself (suddenly) thrust into the role of caring for a loved one who is facing serious or terminal illness and want strategies, tips, and best practices to help you give your best care.
  • The care receivers: It's for those of you who are receiving care from a loved one for your serious illness and want to better understand what they're going through and how you could best support their efforts in caring for you. Help them help you!
  • The care supporters: It's for those of you who are family, significant others, friends, or colleagues to a caregiver and want to know how best to support them.


Caregiver Coach specializing in Alzheimer's and Dementia
Curtis Walker
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First of all, before I get into details about myself, I want to take the time to honor caregivers everywhere and to give thanks to them for having the heart to step up and serve and to show love. Secondly, I want to say thanks for taking the time to check out this site and to even notice this course.

My name is Curtis L Walker,and this book is a labor of my love. I am not a professional writer, but I am passionate about all life, and especially human life. This writing project was conceived out of my personal journal that I kept as I engaged in personal caregiving for my sister.   By profession, I spent the last 30 years in the information technology field as well as in the military. I spent a lot of hours with my head buried in the keyboard and screen developing tools and providing support for distribution of electron information. However, with me doing that for so long, I had come to the realization that I was very detached from how people felt and was  not that empathetic toward what they were facing in life.

By divine order, I was blessed with a rare opportunity to care for my sister. A service, that I initially hated, but a series of events that allowed for me to grow in strength and love. Because I was out of my element, the challenge was to seek out tools and skills to get better at mastering the task before me. I gleaned that from my IT Career, however, with the personal element, I severely applied myself at learning compassion, empathy and humility.

This care I gave to my dear sister, as y ou will read in the book was no easy task. But it took me on a journey that allowed me to meet some remarkable people and gain some valuable skills that enabled me to not only care for my sisters needs but to love her at a higher capacity.

From my military experience, I learned to fight and be relentless. By the time, I finished this book, my sister’s mind, and body had lost its battle with Dementia, but, that just made me or determined to fight to find a cure. It made me very compassionate to others that are engaged in the struggle, and I will stay in the fight to aid and sure up the hearts, minds and spirits of other caregivers, and I will fight till there are better treatments and cures made available.

I pray you find something in this book that our hearts can connect on, and you can identify. May you be blessed by this experience and realize that you are not alone. We stand together and hold each other up.

I will leave you with one of my favorite phrases, which is based on the condition we sometimes find ourselves viewing this world. We can either accept what we see or do something about it. But if we want to make a lasting change we have to decide to:

Leave this place better than we found it.


Curtis L Walker

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