Countdown - Turn your Life Upside Down
3.8 (12 ratings)
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Countdown - Turn your Life Upside Down

How to archive massive Success with one small Tweak
3.8 (12 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,946 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Learn, why a Morning Routine is essential for your Success
  • Learn, how to set up your Morning Routine with some important facts to become really successful
  • Learn about the one thing which will make you successful
  • Learn, how to get things done without feeling overwhelmed right in the beginning
  • You might need to get up a bit earlier and apply the new techniques

Have you asked yourself why some people accomplish whatever they have in their mind while you try everything you can and never get where you want?

Then you are in the right course. We have dug deep into the question and literally researched a 100 books and finally found some facts which are essential if you want to become really successful. We have looked at these facts in detail and created lessons you can easily follow and adapt to your own needs.

In small steps you learn how to turn your Life upside down and finally become more successful. New habits will help you to start into your day with more power. You will learn about the methods and skills you need to accomplish all goals you have. For that we have created additional material you can use to find your own passion, figure which skills you need anf finally accomplish your goals.

It doesn't matter what goal you have what matters is that you know how to change your habits, turn your life upside down and finally reach all the goals you ever wanted.

Who this course is for:
  • It's for people who are unhappy with their life
  • It's for people who want to become happier
  • It's for people who want to become more successful
  • It's for people who want to reach their goals
Course content
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+ Introduction
7 lectures 13:35

Countdown turns your life upside down! You learn how to reach your goals in 8 simple steps.

Preview 00:51

If you try to set new goals again and again and you never get even close to your goal this course is just right for you.

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I’ve always been a friend of Multitasking but then finally figured that this makes me ill. I have always done one thing here and another there and it has felt as if I never got ready with anything. Yes, multitasking was always „my thing“ because work has to be done quick and effectively! But then I read the sentence: Multitasking is the chance to goof up many things at the same time. Well… yeah, I’m afraid that’s true. Without Multitasking my life is much easier, I’m much less stressed out and I even get more done because I can finally cross of points on my To Do List.

Multitasking - My own Experience

Why did I always deny that I’m a teacher? Much too long I’ve asked myself the question who I am and what my task is and what not. But then - since I’ve been a child I knew that I liked showing others how things worked. I have even earned a teaching degree just to change to information technology and after that I had my own class at a school while also recording online courses. So finally I have to admit that I could never really get away from my ONE THING.

How to sabotage yourself without any Problems

If you want to reach your goals you really need to have just one thing in front of your eyes. It has to be a goal you really want to reach because if you do anything else gets unimportant. That one goal is what turns your life upside down.

Reduce to the Basics

Print out the PDF and write down all ideas which come to your mind: What is your one thing? (PDF to download)

Brainstorming Sheet
+ Find your Passion
8 lectures 27:23

Workbook: How to find your Passion (Find your one thing and then learn all skills you need to reach your goal)

What is your Passion?

The 80/20 rule says that just 20% of the things we do are really important. But if we find in 100 ideas the one idea which is really important and makes all the others unimportant we use the Pareto Principle in extreme.

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Our brain can best concentrate on one thing. If we are disturbed while doing that it can result in a disturbed workflow which leads to unfinished projects.

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Our brain has different channels. Because of this you can talk and walk at the same time. But if both activities need your full attention you will automatically stop doing one of the activities.

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If doing the right thing gets a habit it will lead to success. Because, if you concentrate on the one right thing you do no longer need to control and monitor anything else.

The Sweet Spot

Brain cleaning; Why it is important to do nothing but the most necessary.

Renewable Energy

How to prioritize things and turn your to do list in a success list

How to turn a To-Do List into a Success List
+ The Countdown
15 lectures 30:13

The Countdown repeats itself daily. Just if you do these eight steps each and every day you’ll become successful. Because success means to work on the one thing you need to refine each day. If you stick to that you can’t do anything else but become successful.


The secret of success: Introduction of the book the Countdown is based on - particularly.

The ONE Thing
The Countdown: The Slice Method

What is your ONE THING? What would turn your life upside down? Pick your one thing, split it into 4 (5 or 6) subgoals and choose one of the subgoals to turn it again into more subgoals.

Workbook: Countdown (The Slice Method)

You should do the eight steps for the Countdown as your morning routine. This might mean that you get up an hour earlier. But it will pay back big times, even if it means that you start your day much calmer and more concentrated. More important: You’ll prepare yourself for the next step.

Morning Routine for the Steps 8 to 3

Meditation lets you focus on yourself. You listen into your body and makes sure that all other thoughts will not disturb you, especially to get more focused.

There are a lot of different meditations. If you really want to integrate meditation into your day and follow the Countdown you should have a look at Headspace.

Meditation (Calm)

Each of us has created her own map and in this map we have integrated our affirmations. These affirmations can help us or they can turn things into something negativ. The question you need to ask yourself is: Which believes influence you? Pick one topic (e.g. money, love, relationships, personality, family, health…) and turn one of your negative believes into a positive one.

7. Affirmations (Believes)

With nothing but the wish to become Edisons business partner Barnes drove through the whole country to meet Edison. It took Barnes two years where he cleaned Edisons home to finally get where he wanted to - he became Edisons business partner. The relationship made both men rich. This shows that, if your wish is strong enough, it can turn into reality even if there is no foundation to belief that it is possible.

Why affirmations are important. Example: The Story of Edison & Barnes

If you really want to fulfill a wish for yourself you need to convince yourself that you’ll get it even before you have it. At this point we need visualization. With the help of vision boards you create yourself the life you want. It is important that you look at this vision board as often as you can to see yourself in the situations you want for your life.

6. Visualization

If you start sweating it helps you to free your mind. In the first three steps we already did everything to free our brain. Now support  the brain cleaning with some sports.

5. Exercising (exploit yourself)

Reading educates! Most probably you have heard this sentence during your life more often than you can count. Since your brain is empty and you have started your body you can fill it with the „good stuff“. It’s enough to read two or three pages, depending on the time you have.

4. Reading: Get your Brain into Gear

It’s important that you write, not that you have things sorted upfront. You just need to write down the ideas which turn into your mind while you are reading.  This way you’ll have a place you can come back to at a later time and read what you have written.

3. Focus

Start your day with the one thing and work just on this one thing. As you have learned during this course your will power is the

2. Writing (Write your Thoughts on Paper)

Have you already done your one thing? If you can say „yes!“ you are one step closer to your goal.

Most probably you haven’t spend your day with just your one thing but many other things as well. That’s ok as long as you have done your one thing as well. When you have accomplished your day give yourself time to recharge. During that time you can do many things: Meditate once again, have a bath, read a good book or just watch TV - the only important thing is that you think of something else.


Why it is important what you eat when you want to start with power into your day.