Cosmic Genesis ~ Art of Cosmic Rebirth & Energy Activation

Cosmic Rebirth to Activate the Dormant Energies and Powers by Purifying and Empowering your Energy Centers
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The Art of Cosmic Rebirth to activate your dormant powers
Purification and Empowerment of Energy Centers or Chakras
Removal of Energy Blockages to Enhance the Cosmic Energy Flow
Detoxify the System of the Etheric Debris weighing you down


  • Desire for personal growth and development


Cosmic Genesis literally means cosmic rebirth. It is a process by which we learn to activate and take control of our inner powers and faculties.

As medical research and healing therapies discover the psychosomatic roots of every disease, there is a growing need to explore a parallel, Integrative science which seeks to heal the external factors and environment around a human being. These external factors are known to cause a disturbance in vibration and energy, which eventually results in unwanted situations and incidents. In this first course on cosmic genesis you will:

1. Dissolve any negative blockages from your energy centers

2. Use powerful mantras to release the negativity that is influencing your thought patterns

3. Empower and Protect your energy centers with ancient healing mantras

4. Experience better sleep, peaceful mind and a relaxed state of being

5. Experience the enhanced flow of cosmic energy in your entire body

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to experience enhanced life energies
  • Cosmic Genesis can be understood as the essential and ultimate course, a must on the to-do list of every spiritual seeker as a gateway to beginning the journey of their ascension rising towards achievement of the pinnacle of spiritual practice – Self Realization

Course content

3 sections • 10 lectures • 1h 9m total length
  • Introduction to Cosmic Genesis
  • Cosmic Genesis - Importance and Benefits
  • Cosmic Genesis Methodology


Cosmic Yogi Steve
Steven Sehgal
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Cosmic Yog is the wisdom of ancient Indian masters. In 2010, I fell in love with meditation and spent the next 10 years traveling the world to follow meditation gurus and yogis. It changed my life completely and helped me understand the techniques and technology that can help everyone live a happy and blissful life.

I have  made it my mission to share with everyone the knowledge and wisdom that has helped me so much. Your journey begins from within.