Reduce stress and fear in the Coronavirus pandemic

How to build mental resilience in tough times
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Reduce stress in the Coronvirus pandemic
Increase confidence and feel in control
How to build mental resilience in tough times
Boost productivity working from home
Handle uncertainty and worries about the future
Reduce relationship strain while working from home
Manage home schooling stress
Escape having 'too much to do'
Tackle Self-Doubt
Reduce anger, irritation, frustration and blame
Minimise fear around job insecurity, business and money


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You will learn practical tips for dealing with the new stresses that you may experience in these turbulent times.

Each topic covers a particular type of stress and what you can do about it.

Follow each short video and try to apply the techniques in your life, to generate stability and enable you to be more effective and worry less.

New module on self-doubt added November 2020.

Who this course is for:

  • Adults with stress, anxiety or fear in COVID-19
  • Anyone seeking greater mental resilience

Course content

11 sections11 lectures55m total length
  • Understanding why we feel so bad


Burnout Coach
Dex Randall
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I had a wonderful career in I.T until one year I crashed in burnout. Everything hit the fan. I had a heart attack and a 6 month convalescence.

Curious, I took a deep dive in to the causes and treament of burnout. I needed to recover my quality of life and work.

I found a mentor and learned many new skills and approaches. I studied neuroscience and psychology and followed burnout thought leaders.

It worked great! I am now a burnout coach, loving life and teaching others these skills.

My burnout recovery program brings my clients back to resilience in just a few weeks - then on to heart-centred leadership. Want to enjoy work again?