Chemistry - Guided Memorization Nomenclature

Ditch the Flash Cards and Master Nomenclature 5 Minutes at a Time
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Students will learn to memorize 40 common elements, dozens of polyatomic ions, and their charges and be able to translate chemical formula into substance names and names into formula
This course creates a foundation of language to build upon making the massive amount of memorization fun, effective, and really makes it stick!
Students will find learning the "methods" for solving problems related to chemical reactions, oxidation and reduction processes, acid/base chemistry, and stoichiometry are easier, more meaningful, and achieved much faster when they have a solid understanding of chemical nomenclature first


  • Use of a computer, phone, or tablet that supports Udemy. This program is more than an instructional video series. It is a TRAINING workout to build your comprehension and automatic recall.


Learning how to learn Chemistry is the single most important skill you'll need to master the material in a rigorous high school or college Chemistry course. CoreMethod Chemistry trains your brain to do just that through a chemical naming training series!  CoreMethod Chemistry has a vision for foundational skill training in 3 core areas; The Language, The Math, and the Chemical Concepts. Investing in learning the language of chemistry first, the way you would any new language...a deep integration and automatic recall... will provide the context for everything else you learn in a Chemistry course. It is sure to make your experience in Chemistry enjoyable and successful. This course will train you beyond rot memorization in a fun and effective way and build your confidence for earning an A in your Chemistry class.  It will demystify the language of chemistry, bring your awareness to the patterns that exist in the system of Chemistry, and ultimately help you appreciate the simplicity found in the methods and approaches used in Chemistry.

Who this course is for:

  • Current high school and college Chemistry students and those preparing to take Chemistry
  • Students who want both instruction and an organized guided practice.
  • Students stuggling with chemical reactions, oxidation and reduction processes, acid/base chemistry, and cumulative stoichiometry problems. Often the hidden difficulty mastering these topics comes down to not having a strong foundation in substance naming, formula recognition, and rapid recognition of elemental and charge symbols!


Chemistry Professor
Michelle Dicus
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 228 Reviews
  • 6,460 Students
  • 1 Course

Michelle holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry from University of California, Davis. She is a faculty member at Woodland Community College in the Department of Chemistry. Michelle previously taught foundational courses in chemical science at UC Davis and Sacramento City College. She has served on the Matriculation and Student Success faculty committee and was a member of a Community of Practice established to investigate effective ways to successfully transition from high school and college.   

She is currently working on a streamlined and accelerated Change your Mind not your Major™ program for students who find prerequisite Chemistry courses obstacles to their desired career.  

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