Convert Your Video: Square & Vertical for IGTV & Facebook
4.9 (9 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Convert Your Video: Square & Vertical for IGTV & Facebook

Instagram IGTV & Facebook acceleration by changing horizontal videos to vertical & square formats with Adobe Rush CC
4.9 (9 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
52 students enrolled
Created by Mark Hemmings
Last updated 12/2018
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What you'll learn
  • Professionally convert horizontal videos to vertical format for Instagram & IGTV
  • Convert horizontal videos to square format for Facebook and Instagram
  • How to easily edit videos with the free trial version of Adobe Premiere Rush CC editing software
  • No video editing skills required! This is a beginner course and the pace is easy.
  • A laptop or desktop computer.
  • The free Adobe Rush CC video editing software (link and instructions for download are provided).

In this course you will discover how to take your normal horizontal videos and professionally convert them into vertical and square formats, EVEN if you have un-editable text throughout the video.

This format conversion is necessary to upload to Instagram's vertical IGTV format, and square formatted videos look best on Facebook and your Instagram feed.

As a bonus you will also discover how to use Adobe Rush CC, the most powerful yet easy to use video editing software. As this is a beginner's course all explanations will be done with a relaxed pace.

For more information on what you will discover by taking this course, please go through this message from course author Mark Hemmings:

  • IGTV is gaining a massive user-base, but they require vertical videos . . .

  • Square videos are FAR more viewable than horizontal videos for Facebook advertising . . .

  • Instagram videos look great in a square format . . .

  • 15 second Instagram Stories are in vertical format . . .

With all of these formats how will you succeed in posting your video content effectively?

I have a brilliantly simple answer for you. In fact, you don't need to have any video editing knowledge to take your normal horizontal videos and professionaly convert them to both square and vertical formats.

"But I have an app that can already do that! I upload my horizontal video and it exports in vertical and square formats automatically."

Yes, I have used those apps as well, however the big problem with them is that they export with black bars on the top and bottom of your entire square or vertical video, and it just doesn't look professional.

In this course you will discover an incredibly easy method to professionally convert video formats without ever having opened a video editor. My goal in creating this course was to remove the expensive burden of having to hire a professional video editor to convert your videos. YOU will have the tools to do it yourself!

  • Easily convert your normal horizontal videos into vertical format for Instagram's IGTV

  • Then convert your horizontal videos into square format for Facebook advertising

Professional video editors know how to convert to square and vertical video formats when their clients give them horizontal videos. These professional editors use Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Avid to get the job done. These are expensive software options that have a steep learning curve.

On the other end, consumer-level editors like iMovie have no ability to create pro-level square and vertical format video exports.

The sweet-spot is where you want to be . . . in the middle where you can easily master very simple video editing techniques using  very easy yet powerful video editing software. And the best part . . . the video editor that you'll discover is free!

This course will make use of two of three video exports that you get for free using the brilliantly easy Adobe Rush CC video editor. Now please don't feel nervous about learning new software. Trust me, I will teach in a manner that assumes that you are a COMPLETE BEGINNER at video editing. You won't get lost or overwhelmed!

But what about those of you who already have video editing skills? While I teach at a pace suitable for complete beginners, the content of my video format conversion system will still greatly benefit your social media efforts.

So to sum up . . . think of a horizontal video that you created, or someone created for you. No doubt the video is in an HD or 4K horizontal format, which is common for YouTube.

Now, you want to take that video and repurpose it for all of the social media channels. Why? Because content repurposing is the the most cost-effective method for online advertising, marketing and general promotion to multiple media portals.

Your goal should be to take your already created horizontal videos and repurpose them on as many different social channels as possible. To get maximum traction and conversions, you NEED to follow the format requirements of the specific social media channel you are uploading to.

For example, the lazy method of uploading to IGTV is to rotate your horizontal video 90 degrees. This doesn't look professional however, and it requires your viewer to do an additional "action" (rotate their device), which reduces conversions and the overall viewer experience.

IGTV and Instagram Stories need vertical video.

Facebook presents square videos in a far better manner than normal horizontal videos.

And your Instagram feed's 1 minute videos look fantastic in a square format.

So now is the time to populate your social channels with quality content that looks fabulous!

Don't let your competition out-upload you. By taking this course you'll be able to churn out square and vertical videos that look as if a professional edited them. By following the format and upload guidelines of each social media platform, you'll no doubt already be far ahead of your competitors!

One final word . . . maybe you aren't into social media marketing, or selling a product or service, but perhaps you have family videos that you want to share on different social platforms. If so, this course will bring incredible benefit to you. Most of us have a MASSIVE collection of horizontal home videos taken with our iPhones or Android devices. Why not present those gems in square and vertical formats as well?

There is no risk in you investing in this course! If its not working out for you, simply request a refund within 30 days and there will be no hard feelings :)

My name is Mark Hemmings, and I would encourage you to do a Google search for "Mark Hemmings Photography" to confirm that I am legit, and well-positioned to guide you in any course instructing scenario. I love teaching photography, video, and video editing, and I hope to see YOU within the course!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who has normal horizontal videos that they want converted to vertical format for Instagram and IGTV, or square format for Facebook
  • Social media influencers
  • Social media marketers
  • Corporate marketing departments
  • Anyone with a product or a service that wants to market their videos online
  • Family members who want to show their videos on different social platforms
  • Students learning video editing
  • Faith groups who want to develop an online presence
  • Entrepreneurs who want to learn this process and offer it as a paid service to make money
Course content
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+ Course Introduction
11 lectures 43:09

A quick introduction to the entire course, and an encouragement to ask any questions if you run into a problem.

Preview 00:54
Download Adobe Rush CC: Choose the "START FOR FREE" option which allows you 3 video exports, which is all you will need to complete this course: Next up: Please download the sample video titled "SAMPLE VIDEO.mp4". A download link is included.
Download Adobe Premiere Rush CC desktop software and my Sample Video
1 question

This quick video introduces square video conversion that is perfect for Facebook advertising, general Facebook video posting, as well as Instagram video posting if the video is 15 seconds or shorter.

Preview 00:22

In this lecture you will discover how to bring the sample video that you downloaded into Adobe Lightroom Rush CC in order to start editing. It's an easy process!

Preview 01:49

In this video you'll discover:

  • How to set your playback (video watching ability) quality to match the speed of your computer, which will give you optimal video viewing while editing.

  • How and why you need to rename your newly created sequence.

  • How to duplicate your newly renamed Master Sequence.

  • How and what you need to name your newly created duplicate sequence.

  • How to check to make sure you are working on the correct sequence.

Duplicate your Master Sequence in preparation for the square conversion.

In this video you will be shown the orientation options area, which allows you to change your horizontal video to a square format video.

Change the video format from Horizontal to Square

This lessons presents a very important set of criteria for you to use to judge whether the default square crop is acceptable or not.

"Is this an ok square crop"? Criteria used for assessing Rush CC's default crop.

In this video you will be introduced to the very first situation where you need to recompose (adjust the location) of a video clip. Many times you will encounter a poorly composed crop, as Rush CC by default square-crops in the dead-center of your video. Sometimes this works out ok, sometimes not. By shifting the video of the snow monkey slightly to the left, the video composition looks much better.

Recompose a video clip to be more centered within the square frame.

This video continues from the previous lesson, practicing the recomposing media for a better looking composition. This time you will be changing the location of a still photo rather than the video that you worked on in the last lesson.

Part II: Recompose a video clip to be more centered within the square frame.

Now that you know how to alter a single video clip or still image, in this lesson you'll discover a valuable time saving technique for re-composing multiple clips at a time.

How to save time by altering 'blocks' of videos instead of one-by-one

Because your videos may have text on them that can't be altered or edited, you will at some point be forced to include black bars on the top and bottom of your video clip(s). While this is not ideal, there is no way around it. However in this video you'll discover ways to make them look good, with smooth transitions from clip to clip.

What to do when you are "forced" to include black bars within your clips.

Now that you have finished the actual square format video editing, you are ready to share your video with the world! This lesson will give you the best practices for exporting your video for eventual upload to your favorite social media platform.

How to share (export) your video for social media when you are finished editing.
+ Vertical video conversion 'best practices' for upload to IGTV
5 lectures 28:20

This video is a quick intro explainer discussing what you will discover by the time you finish the section and course.

Preview 00:25

In this lecture you will successfully duplicate your Master Project, this time creating a vertical format. Then you will learn the best practices for dealing with the inevitable times when you have to include black bars in some of your clips. This is often due to the fact that you may have wording or text "baked-in" to your video (meaning you can't go back to edit the original text to make it smaller).

Successfully navigating the cropping of horizontal videos to vertical.

In this tutorial you'll go through the "block of clips" time saving process of choosing as many sequential clips to alter as possible. This technique will be used to scale up the clips to full vertical screen size at a much faster pace than working on each clip independently.

Preview 07:28

There are times that you will need to keep the black bars within some of your clips, and there are also times when it is artistically advantageous to keep a few clips having black bars. This lesson is all about the considerations that you need to process to decide when to keep black bars and when not to. Plus, this is the last lesson, so we also go through exporting (saving) the video to vertical format for IGTV.

When to Compromise: Best practices for when you NEED to include black bars.
As a huge THANK YOU for going through this course, I would like to stay in contact with you to see how you are progressing with your vertical and square video social media uploads. Instructions are to follow!
Voluntary Assignment for when you export your own vertical and square videos.
1 question

That's it for this course! Thank you so much for going through it. I hope that is provided a lot of value to you, and that you will advance quickly in your social media goals.

Please keep in contact!

Instagram: @markhemmings

Facebook: @markhemmingsphotography

All the best,

Mark Hemmings

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