Convert Websites HTML to PHP in 40 Minutes for Web Designers

A crash training on converting single/multiple pages website from html to php with essential techniques
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 (30 ratings)
1,263 students
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Convert Websites HTML to PHP in 40 Minutes for Web Designers
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 (30 ratings)
1,263 students
Install and Setup XAMPP (web server)
Convert Single Page .html Website into .php
Convert Multi Page .html Website into .php
Setup Automatically Changeable Year with PHP
Display IP Address of User
Create Standard PHP Template
Create Reusable PHP Files
Dynamically Highlight Menu on Active Page
Practically Use Basic PHP


  • You need to have a local web server (or a web hosting with PHP support)
  • You will also learn to install xampp in my course


UPDATE: September 30, 2020 It was a paid course but now it's FREE for beginners to learn and go ahead in life. Wish you all the best!

UPDATE: Aug 9, 2018 Added a new section on sending email with contact form of single page website and multiple page website using PHP.


So you want to learn how to convert your HTML website into PHP but you're not quite sure how. No matter if you've never tried PHP for any reason, this course is for you.

Without wasting your time, I will teach you in 40 minutes to convert single page website and/or multiple pages website into PHP website and update your pages quickly instead of manually doing changes in all pages.

If you've been making HTML websites and want to take benefits of PHP, then you will learn essential techniques by practically doing it with practical projects.

The course will cover:

  • Install and Setup XAMPP (web server)

  • Convert Single Page .html into .php 

  • Convert Multi Pages .html into .php 

  • Setup Automatically Changeable Year with PHP 

  • Display IP Address of User 

  • Create Standard PHP Template 

  • Create Reusable PHP Files 

  • Dynamically Highlight Menu on Active Page 

  • Practically Use Basic PHP

  • Send Email with Contact Form using PHP

Just watch me doing it and practically follow up, I will also explain throughout the steps, so you can repeat it all yourself and practice it in my given theme files and in your own .html websites.

Who this course is for:

  • HTML/CSS website designers who want to get rid of doing manual changes in repeated areas of whole website
  • Web designers who want to speed up updating process of their website
  • Front-end developers who want to take advantage of PHP
  • PHP Beginners who want to learn some techniques of practical PHP
  • This course is NOT for experienced PHP developers

Course content

5 sections • 22 lectures • 45m total length
  • Introduction, Preview and Benefit of Course
  • Why Should You Use .php instead of .html?
  • PHP Local Web Server Setup and Explanation


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Hi, I'm Zeeshan. I like to make things simple and I'm here to provide step-by-step solutions for my students to get the results they want and reach from point A to point B fast and easily.

I've been a technical problem solver, coder, video editor, web designer, web developer, researcher, writer, consultant, coach, gamer, martial artist and I've been in freelancing for over 18 years with international clients from all around the world.

With experiences in technical, spiritual, gaming and personal development fields I can bring different realms together to explain various aspects for a topic with examples.

I believe that complexity should be eliminated for beginners and learning must be easier and simple through demonstration and practical.

So, if you love to learn fast by doing it, or curious about how to get something done rather than digging out complex theories, you are the right person for my courses.

Goodluck :)