Contact Sheets: Begin to take & select great street photos

Learn the whole photography process: think through the shots, work the scene, and determine what are the best photos.
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (124 ratings)
8,986 students
Contact Sheets: Begin to take & select great street photos
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (124 ratings)
8,986 students
Learn why it makes sense to take more than one shot
Learn how to edit photos based on contact sheets
Learn how to work the scene in street photography
Understand why working the scene helps to improve your photographs
Understand who I approach a scene


  • You should know your own camera
  • You should know the basics of street photography
  • You should be interested in improving your approach
  • You should be willing to learn different approaches

This course is about working the scene in street photography. You will learn how I composed some of my best photographs and why I selected the right frame. The course contains several lectures which show the creation and editing of one of my photographs. Sometimes I take 10 shots, sometimes I take over 50 shots. I will explain in full detail why I did what I did and you will learn more about my approach in street photography.

  • Have an insight view on how I approach a scene
  • Learn why it is important to work a scene in street photography
  • See all the frames I took for that final frame
  • Learn why I was doing what I was doing
  • Explore how the final shot was worked out
  • See the before/after post processing version

Who this course is for:
  • Street photographers who want to learn how to approach a scene
  • Street photographers who want to learn about working the scene
  • Street photographers who want to learn about editing
  • Street photographers who want to improve their photographs
5 sections • 34 lectures • 1h 53m total length
  • Course Introduction
  • What Are Contact Sheets?
  • Why Are They Important?
  • How I Will Work Through Contact Sheets In This Course
  • Contact Sheets
  • Introduction: Easy Level Contact Sheets
  • The Gray Man
  • The Tunnel
  • Train Station
  • Conclusion: Easy Level Contact Sheets
  • Introduction: Medium Level Contact Sheets
  • Painting Red
  • Checked on Lines
  • Let the children play
  • Doubtful Business
  • Turkish Boy
  • Tokyo Subway
  • Gun Boy
  • Chess
  • La Defense
  • Big Brother
  • Conclusion: Medium Level Contact Sheets
  • Introduction: Hard Level Contact Sheets
  • Silhouette Biker
  • Tessies
  • Good Company
  • Switch off the light
  • Train Window
  • Museum of Photography
  • Sunday Morning News
  • On the Swing
  • Crossed out
  • Victoria Station
  • Conclusion: Hard Level Contact Sheets
  • Course Conclusion

Thomas Leuthard
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Thomas Leuthard ist a street photographer from Switzerland.