The Journey of Divine Love for Twin Flames and Soul Mates
4.6 (7 ratings)
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The Journey of Divine Love for Twin Flames and Soul Mates

Practical Support for Soul Mates and Twin Flames
4.6 (7 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
36 students enrolled
Created by Andy Brine
Last updated 6/2019
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What you'll learn
  • How to Navigate a Soul Mate or Twin Flame Relationship
  • To Connect with Your Soulmate or Twin Flame on a Deeper Level
  • The Differece Between your Divine Connections
  • Understand the True Purpose of a Twin Flame or Soul Mate
  • To Discover the Greater Lessons in Your Relationship
  • Aspects that require Healing for You and Your Twin Soul or Soul Mate
  • A Basic Understanding of Twin Flames is Ideal but Not Necessary
  • A Notepad and Pen to Connect with the Learnings
  • An Open Heart and Mind to Assist You with Your Connection

This course is designed to support Soul Mates and Twin Flames as they Disconnect from their Mind to Re-Connect with their Heart whilst embracing with the Journey of Divine Love. It is my goal and aim to assist you with the process of coming into Union with who you are so you can truly embrace unconditional love of self. Within the course I will act as a guide and mentor to bring a deeper sense of clarity to your spiritual journey and more importantly the conscious relationships that will appear on your path. Though this course can provide you with many answers, it's my role to help you to find the answers within yourself. As you connect with your own inner knowing, you will begin to identify aspects of yourself that require healing to assist you on your journey of becoming whole within yourself.

Whether you are connecting with your Twin Flame, a Soul Mate or even navigating a Karmic Relationship; this course will assist you with awakening to who you truly are as you embrace unconditional love. 

Remember "The Journey is the Destination!" and your Pathway of Divine Love all comes back to Loving Your-Self! 

Who this course is for:
  • Soul Mates and Twin Flames looking for Support on their Journey
Course content
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+ Introduction
2 lectures 23:31

Within this Lecture, I am going to Introduce you to the course whilst providing a breakdown of what I will be covering! There will be much I will cover throughout the course so please take things at your time and go through everything at your own pace. The information will be here to guide and support you on your Journey of Divine Love and you can come back to it at any time! 

Preview 05:20

Within the Lecture, we will begin by defining the relationships that will show up on our Spiritual Journey. We will also explore your Spiritual Journey and Soul Pathway as it comes to the Journey of Divine Love!

Preview 18:11
+ Defining Your Conscious Relationships
4 lectures 33:53

Within this Lecture, I speak about Karmic Connections. You will learn about what a Karmic Connection is and how it can impact on yourself and your family!

Karmic Relationships

Within this Lecture, I speak about Soul Mates. Soul Mates can come in many forms, they can be a Family Member, a Friend or even a Lover. There primary role is to support you unconditionally and they are a connection that makes you feel like home. When it comes to Romantic Soul Mates, they show up to bring you Unconditional Love and to support you as life partners.

Soul Mates

Within this Lecture, I speak about the role of a Twin Flame Catalyst. Some people will have a Twin Flame Catalyst while others will step onto the Twin Flame Journey without this connection. Your Twin Flame Catalyst will prepare you for meeting your Twin Flame, the connection will almost be as intense as a your Twin Soul though they are here to assist you with clearing unresolved trauma within yourself.

Twin Flame Catalyst

Within this Lecture, I speak about Twin Flames/ Twin Souls. Twin Flames are known to be one Soul split between two people, in many ways they embody who you are and are your divine mirror. They are also known as Twin Souls as they share the same Soul and have the same energetic vibration.  Though your Souls are split between two bodies, you are still a complete Soul as an individual. Their role is to assist you on your spiritual journey and ascension as you become whole within yourself! They come to teach you about complete and unconditional love.

Twin Flames/ Twin Souls
+ Your Spiritual Journey of Divine Love and Your Soul Pathway
1 lecture 22:11

Within this Lecture, I speak with you about your Spiritual Journey through your Conscious Relationships as you Connect with Divine Love. As you begin your journey your will full fill your needs through conditional relationships, 3rd dimensional partnerships or even karmic connections. This is were you are living through Ego consciousness and conditioning.

As you transcend on your journey, you will begin connecting with your spiritual connections as you connect with a Romantic Soul Mate. When you connect with a Romantic Soul Mate, they will come to teach you about unconditional love and become partners in life. This is where you live be your Soul essence and what drive your at the unconscious.

You will then meet your Twin Flame when your Soul is ready and if you are contracted to meet them in this lifetime. This is when you begin your journey of ascension as you transcend your consciousness and awareness, and live your Souls Calling.

You can find the Phases of Your Soul Pathway below:

Stage 1: Old Self

Stage 2: Soul Awakening

Stage 3: Self Inquiry

Stage 4: The Shift

Stage 5: Transcendence

Stage 6: Unification

Stage 7: Higher Self/ Soul Pathway

The Journey of Conscious Relationships and Your Soul Pathway
+ Lessons from a Karmic Connection
1 lecture 08:49

Within this Lecture, I speak about the Karmic Lessons You Experience with a Karmic Relationship.

Lessons from a Karmic Connection
+ Soul Mates and your Soul Lessons
3 lectures 47:23

Within this Lecture, I speak about the Soulful Lessons You Experience with a Soul Mate Relationship.

Soulful Lessons from a Soul Mate

When we are in love with someone, we write a letter of love to express how we feel. This is a beautiful thing to do and it touches the heart and soul of those who receive it, leaving a lasting memory.  Many of us are good at giving love and yet find find it difficult to receive. Within this exercise, I am going to provide you with the task of Writing a Love Letter to Yourself! Once you have written the letter, allow yourself to truly connect with your emotions and feelings as you read it back to yourself every day.

Writing a Letter of Love to Yourself

Within this Lecture, I share a Self Love Meditation to assist you with connecting to your heart to embrace Unconditional Love!

Self Love and Healing Meditation
+ Twin Flames and Transcending in Love
10 lectures 01:39:48

Within this Lecture, I speak about Identifying your Role in the Twin Flame Relationship Dynamic. We all have masculine and feminine energy within us, and we are either dominant in the masculine or the feminine.  If we are are more connected with our feminine energy, then our twin soul will be more connected with their inner masculine. As a man, I am connected more with my inner feminine than I am with my masculine and my twin flame is the opposite (she is embraces her masculine energy more so) To coming into union in many ways its to balance the masculine and feminine energies first within ourselves and then in turn in the twin soul relationship.

You can learn more about Balancing the Masculine and Feminine with my other UDemy Course: Awaken Your Inner Warrior.

Below is a link to the course, along with a discount for access:

Identifying Your Role (Masculine or Feminine)

Learning How to Surrender and Let Go in a Twin Flame Relationship can no doubt be one of the most challenging experiences. When you have such strong and intense emotions that last thing you want to do it let go, and yet letting go if the process of allowing yourself to be free. Within this Lecture, I speak about the process of letting go in order to let the love flow. In many ways it is surrendering to the universe as you begin to trust the divine plan and universe...

Learning to Surrender and Let Go

The Twin Flame journey is one of learning about Unconditional Love, though what we tend to do is place conditions and expectations on the relationship. Often when we believe we are operating from a place of "Unconditional Love" we are actually putting pressure on our Twin Flame, which causes them to retreat and pull away. This is when we learn about how to Unconditional Love ourselves whilst setting them free. Unconditional Love is also about Non Attachment which can incredibly challenging when experiencing separation. Within this Lecture, I speak about how to truly embrace unconditional love and live from a place of non attachment with your twin flame.

Unconditional Love, Non Attachment and Twin Flame Seperation

Triggers are something we all experience on our Twin Flame Journey, often our Twin Flame doesn't have to do anything and yet they trigger our deepest of wounds. When a trigger comes up for us, it is a gift for us to heal, in these moments it is essential that you honor the trigger that is coming up for you. To disregard your Triggers and Wounds will only create Repeated Cycles and in turn more pain.

Triggers, Wounds and Repeacted Cycles

We all have Core Wounds that require healing and when connecting with our Twin Flame, they can really bring all of these wounds to the surface. In order to come into Union with your Twin Flame it is important that you heal this core wounds or you will bring them into the relationship and in essence ignite each others flame. This is neither good for you, or them. Within this Lecture, I speak about the Core Wounds, where they come from and what you can do to heal from them.

Healing Yourself and your Core Wounds

Honesty, Transparency and Vulnerability is without a doubt the most important part of the Twin Flame Journey and Relationship. When we are not honest with ourselves, we can project onto our Twin Flame, we act as if it is their fault that they are causing you pain. Honestly and Vulnerability allows us to look into the mirror as we notice what is reflected back to us. To be honest and vunerable is to notice your power and strength and within this lecture, I speak about the importance of honesty and vulnerability as you step into who you truly are.

Honesty, Transparency and Vunerbility

When we go through childhood trauma, we often put up walls as adults. The walls we create usually come from the abuse we have experience as children which causes us to create coping mechanisms to keep us safe. Walls are just one of the many coping mechanisms and unlike boundaries, walls keep everyone and a push people away (Even those we love soo dearly). Within this lecture, I talk about the difference between boundaries and walls, and the importance of honoring the need for space for ourselves and our twin flames.

Walls, Boundaries and Honouring the Need for Space

Within this Lecture, I speak about how you can Work with the Energy in Your Twin Soul Dynamic.

Working with Energy in Your Twin Soul Dynamic

Within this exercise, I share the all important Mirror Exercise which can allow us to not only connect with our Twin Flame but also reflect back to us what requires healing. This is an incredibly exercise of reflection as you work through aspects of yourself that require healing.

The Mirror Exercise for Unconditional Love

In order to reach a place of Unification, first we have to become whole within ourselves. Once we have reached Unification within, we can then come into harmonious union with our Twin Flame. As we every stage on our Twin Flame Journey though, its a process and in order to become whole within yourself you have to let go of your Old Self to allow the ReBirthing of who you are! I will speak more about this process during this lecture.

Wholeness and Unification
+ Bonus Interviews
2 lectures 02:27:30
Twinfinity (Rob and Angie) Twin Flame Journey and Soul Pathway

Within this conversation, I have the pleasure of interviewing Lee and Sherry Patterson from Relationships Reinvented. They will be sharing their Spiritual Journey and Soul Pathway of their Divine Partnership and Sacred Union.

The Journey to Sacred Union & Divine Partnerships with Lee and Sherry