Connect with Your Totems and Spirit Animals

How to live in the magic of the spirit world daily
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Students will learn the difference between spirit and totem animals
How to connect with their animal spirit team


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Have you been seeing the same animals over and over?

Are animals coming to you in dreams or meditations?  Are you seeing the animals live in nature multiple times and wondering if there is a meaning to it?

Inside this course Chelsea and Jessabelle teach you about spirit animals and totem animals.   Chelsea is a shamanic meditation leader and Jessabelle is an intuitive guide channeling her spirit team.  Each will teach on their unique experiences and practices of getting in touch with the spirit world. 

What we will be teaching:

1. The rule of 3.

2. How to build a strong foundation for this practice. 

3. Grounding and protection techniques.

4. How to connect with your spirit tribe.

5. Meditations for connecting with your tribe.

6. Discover what psychic senses are your strongest.

7. Options for going deeper with your practice. 

This course is for all levels.  Afterwards you will have an understanding on how to connect with your guides and how they interact with you in waking or dream state.

Who this course is for:

  • Those looking to work with their spirit animals.

Course content

5 sections26 lectures1h 50m total length
  • Meet Chelsea Marie Fox: Shamanic Meditation Practitioner
  • Meet Jessabelle: Starseed & Spirit Guide Channel
  • What is the difference between totem and spirit animals?
  • How To Get Started
  • Get Clear & Specific
  • What is "Psychic Protection"?
  • Psychic Protection Hypnosis: Step 1
  • Create Your Practice


Meditation Coach
Jessa Michaels
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Jessa is a Certified Natural Health Educator and 200-hour Certified Yoga Instructor. She has studied many types of meditations around the world and is passionate about making the practice simple and accessible to those looking for it. After struggling for years with stomach ulcers, painful menses and extreme depression and anxiety, Jessa found emotional relief and physical healing through a daily meditation practice. Jessa is now dedicated to sharing simple meditations that anyone can use to go within on a daily basis and find the peace and happiness they seek.

She works with individuals and groups that are ready to take back control of their current life experience through a daily meditation practice. The intention of her work is to bring more light onto this planet and help more people find their true sense of peace, joy and happiness by simply going within and living in the present moment more of the time