Connect the Dots: Simple Stock Trading for Beginners

Complete stock trading course designed for people who want a minimalistic approach to trading
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Realize that the simple and minimalist approach to trading is faster and more profitable, and that you can have low risk with high reward.
Using a single tool, quickly assess and target low risk/high reward opportunities in any stock chart.
See through all the noise and opinion and decide based purely on chart reality by simply connecting dots.
Lower risk with a simple calculator tool (included). Use the simplest imaginable trading screen.
Complete a real life simulation so you can trade for yourself upon completion. Accurately see/predict bull and bear markets.


  • Absolutely ZERO previous knowledge, experience, or qualifications required. So simple a 6th grader could follow this.


Profitable stock trading just can’t be made any simpler. Trade profitably after this COMPLETE, sixty-minute, simple, and FREE course.

If you can connect dots like a child, you can…

Trade by yourself using my signature trading system, proven to be reliable and profitable since invented in 2013

Dramatically lower risk and time needed

Interpret any stock chart for opportunities and risks

Predict bull and bear markets

This is for…

1. Absolute beginners with zero experience

2. Anyone who wants to try a new and better approach to trading stocks

3. Anyone who wants to avoid big risks but still enjoy high rewards

4. People who believes “less is more” and learn best with a simple, baby-step approach but that works incredibly well

5. Anyone who was previously put off using charts because it looked like a total nightmare!

6. People who don’t want to sleep with a computer under their pillow!

If you want to make consistent money from trading stocks, but you do NOT have much spare time, and you do NOT want the headache of studying company accounts, analyzing overly complex charts, and working on expensive trading platforms that look more like the flight deck of an airliner, then you are in the right place!

You’ll be amazed to see just how minimalistic and simple making consistent and profitable trades can be with the simple instruction and tools I give you, taking under an hour of your time each week and only using resources that are completely free of charge. Complete, and will full support.

Who this course is for:

  • Any total beginner who wants to make consistent money from trading stocks in under an hour each week. Anyone who does have some experience but has not been successful. Anyone who wants a simple way to reliably predict bull and bear markets and beat most pros at their own game. Anyone who has been previously deterred from using stock charts because it seemed too complex. Anyone who wants to add a timing element to the stocks they would like to own. Anyone who needs a super-simple, 1-2-3 baby step approach to a new subject.


Purpose and Prosperity, Made Super Simple
James Sheridan
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Award-winning and bestselling author and speaker. Writer of #1 bestselling books such as "The You Code". Former airline captain and airspeed record holder turned success coach and teacher of anything that improves lives, specifically, purpose and prosperity. I specialize in taking complex or new subjects and  breaking them down into absolute beginner formats. Also, I enjoy finding the simple shortcut in everything; so much out there really doesn't need to be as complicated as it's portrayed. Additionally I have been a digital marketing consultant to companies that have included Nasdaq-listed and Inc. 5000 corporations.

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