Confidence on a Date, Relationships and Beyond
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Confidence on a Date, Relationships and Beyond

Improve self-esteem, make great first impression, be confident on date, build a healthy relationship and find true love.
5.0 (2 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
689 students enrolled
Created by Frank Valentine
Last updated 12/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Increase Your Level of Confidence on a Date
  • Make a Great First Impression
  • Learn Powerful Strategies for Building Confidence
  • Ask Her/Him Out on a Date
  • Learn Core Concepts That Will Ensure Future Progress
  • Start Believing in Yourself
  • Build a Healthy Relationship
  • Eliminate Nervousness in Certain Situations
  • Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin
  • Improve Self-Esteem
  • Practical Strategies, Techniques and Methods
  • Take Control of Your Life
  • Learn Goal Setting Basics
  • A Desire To Develop Real Confidence
  • An Open Mind and Commitment
  • English Language
  • A Belief in True Love

Confidence on a Date, Relationships and Beyond

Improve self-esteem, make great first impression, be confident on date, build a healthy relationship and find true love.

"I did not create this course to upload and forget. This course will consistently be updated with new lectures, articles, materials and bonus content in order to help you progress. You are not simply enrolling into a course, you are starting a journey!" - Farukh A.

One of our biggest lifelong goals is to find that one special person to share our live with. We want to be loved just as much as we want to love. If there was one word to describe fulfillment, I would say it is the word “love.” In love we give something and never expect anything in return. Love fills the world with joyful colors.

In the world that we live in today, however (and unfortunately), love has acquired a completely different shape from the perspective of modern society. For some, love became merely a mask of a relationship, whether the happy or unhappy one. For others, love is simply being with someone next to them, someone to get by with, for sex, money or whatever other benefit they can extract.

Why? What happened with real love? What happened to that magical feeling that carried couples through the years of poverty, separation, wars, natural disasters and other challenges and hardships… things that people would not be able to overcome alone, by themselves. What happened to that magical feeling that created families, turned the love birds into loving and caring parents that raised their children to value that same love and compassion… What happened with love? Or was it ever real? Maybe it never was. Maybe we all are born with a dream of finding love, but we never actually do.

Maybe love is just a side effect of our intellect?

Well, I believe that love is real! I believe that this love is what made us humans in the first place. I believe that the only reason why we evolved to what we are today is because of love. I believe that our main lifelong goal is to find that true love, to find somebody who will love us just as much as we love them and keep that love strong forever.

Now answer me these questions: If you knew that love was real, would you do anything to find it? Would you do anything to keep it?

I know I would.

So what happened with our modern society? A lot of things. We lost our moral values, got confused a long the way, got lazy… There are many things that contribute to this as well. But just because society does not value love, does not believe in it, does not want to work hard to find it and keep it… does NOT mean that YOU have to be the same way. In fact, change start with all of us! Change starts with you!

I believe in love and I hope you believe in it too.

So, with that being said, what about confidence? How can being confident help you find your true love? Well, to me, confidence is the knowledge of self. Having a good self-esteem, being secure with yourself, understanding your own values and principles, following your intuition, being intelligent and properly interacting with the world around us... all of these things combined together into one powerful quality and a state of mind: confidence. I believe that confidence is the reflection of fulfillment and success.

So now you can see how being confident can help you find your true love in many different ways... Not only introduce yourself to someone or ask them on the date, but also build a healthy relationship and find true love.

And here is the thing about confidence, there is only ONE kind of confidence and it is a REAL CONFIDENCE. In this course, I will give you everything you need to know in order to develop that real confidence within yourself! No wearing a mask. No being an actor in your own life. Only real confidence.

So do not hesitate to enroll, because this course is one of a kind! Let's start this journey!

Who this course is for:
  • Anybody who wants to develop confidence
  • Those who want to build healthy relationships
  • This course is designed for people of all ages and social backgrounds
Course content
Expand all 53 lectures 07:48:34
+ Introduction
10 lectures 26:30
The Wrongs and the Rights

I believe that keywords are very important and that is why this lecture is about the definition of confidence.

Definition of Confidence

This short lecture is a little bit about myself and why I have created this course.

Preview 03:52

In this lecture you will learn more about the course structure to help you navigate.

Course Structure

Our Facebook Group is there to help you communicate with other like-minded students.

Facebook Group Introduction

Join our course Facebook group and share your experience, thoughts,  progress, etc. You can ask questions and help out other course students.

Preview 00:43

In this lecture I am giving you the helpful tips to make sure that you succeed with this course.

Tips for Success

Just a quick note before we begin!

Preview 00:53
+ Core Concepts and Important Terms
12 lectures 01:10:22

Have you ever wondered about the origins of confidence?

Where Does Your Confidence Come From?

In this lecture we will talk about the concept of Real and Ideal Self.

Who You Really Are: Real vs. Ideal Self

The concept of real and ideal self comes from psychology. In this article you will be able to learn a little more about the concept.

Real vs. Ideal Self in Psychology

In this lecture we talk about acceptance and denial.

First Step: Acceptance and Denial

Better understanding of defense mechanisms will be very helpful further in the course. Here is an article to help you understand the concept of defense mechanisms better.

Understanding Defense Mechanisms

In this lecture we will talk about the next stage towards achieving our goals, the stage of taking control.

Taking Control of Your Life

In this lecture we will talk about the last stage towards achieving our goals, the action stage.

Action Stage: It's Time to Take Action!

In this lecture we will talk about consistency and motivation and which one of these two you should be relying on.

Consistency and Motivation: Which One is Key?

The concept of limiting beliefs comes from life coaching and is a very good concept to keep in mind.

Let's Overcome Limiting Beliefs!

Reinforcement is a very important concept to understand because we will be relying on this concept quite a lot further in the course.

Understanding Reinforcement

In this article you will be able to learn a bit more about reinforcement.

Reinforcement and Operant Conditioning in Psychology

In this lecture, we will talk about three different ways that people make their decisions.

Feelings, Faith and Facts...
+ Communication Skill Basics
5 lectures 36:21

In this lecture we will talk about authenticity and honesty.

Be Authentic

Are you afraid of healthy confrontation? Don't be!

Don't Be Afraid of Confrontation!

Being aware of your emotions will help you in your conversations. In this lecture we will talk about the emotional reaction versus the rational response.

Emotional Reaction vs. Rational Response

I learned a lot in debates. In this lecture, I will share the best things that debates have tough me.

Helpful Tips from Debates

In this lecture we will talk about another something something that helps in communications: staying in the present moment.

Being in the Present Moment
+ Things You Can Do Today!
7 lectures 49:09

Something that I have developed in order to help myself boost my confidence in the times of need.

Preview 15:21

Toxic relationships can sabotage our progress. Don't let it happen! Work on your relationships to make them better.

Take a Looks at Your Relationships

Fitness is important not only for your health, but also for your confidence level!

Start Working on Your Fitness

The more you know... Knowing that you are consistently becoming smarter will help you with your confidence level!

Start Working on Your Intellect

Just like with fitness, nutrition is very important. Take care of your health and watch your self-esteem go up.

Upgrade Your Nutrition

Now all of the above stuff that we mentioned will require some time. Time management is a must have in order to accomplish all your goals.

Master the Time Management

We talked about being mindful and being in the present moment. I mentioned that it takes time and practice in order to develop that ability. So how do you develop that ability?

Master Your Mind
+ Confidence on a Date and Beyond
9 lectures 01:08:44

Before we get into details, let's set a few things straight.

Preview 04:01

Let's talk a little bit about the evolution.

Men and Women: Evolutionary Perspective

So what is the core of all relationships?

Honesty is Everything!

Now we are getting into making those first impressions.

Making the First Impression

A good perspective to keep in mind.

You are Not Losing Anything

So how do we practice our first impressions?

Practicing Your First Impression

Now that you have initiated the first interaction and made the first impression, it is time to ask her/him out on a date... if you still want to.

Asking Out on a Date

Now that we are talking about our first date... here is a word of warning.

First Date and a Word of Warning

A few finals words before we move on to the next section.

Final Word on Dating and Relationships
+ Building Healthy Relationships
3 lectures 26:22

Let's see what this section is all about!

Building Healthy Relationships Section Introduction

Let's talk about the red flags.

The Red Flags

Does love really hurt? Let's talk about that.

Love Hurts... or Does It?
+ Concluding Section
3 lectures 04:42

This is not a goodbye!

Last few words...

In this article, you will find out all the useful references that I have used to create this course. They are for additional reading!

Additional Reading Materials and References

Here you can find the list of all the courses that are currently published by me. Let me know if you have any questions!

All BalanceCharm Courses
+ Downloadable Course Audio
4 lectures 03:06:23

This is the downloadable audio version of the core concepts section of this course.

Core Concepts Section MP3

This is the downloadable audio version of the communication skills basics section of this course.

Communication Skills Basics Section MP3

This is the downloadable audio version of the things you can do today section of this course.

Things You Can Do Today Section MP3
Confidence on a Date MP3