Concrete and steel structures design

Learn to design reinforced concrete, steel bars and building steel structures
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With this course you will learn how to take advantage of these tools so that the process of designing structures for buildings is faster, more efficient and of higher quality.

A new way to manage your projects

Revit software is the world leader in building design using BIM (Building Information Modeling), allowing professionals not only to generate plans but to coordinate the entire building model including design features. Revit is designed to include design tools for building structures.

When you assign elements to a project, you can:

  1. Automatically generate floor plans, elevations, sections and final impressions

  2. Perform static calculations in the cloud

  3. Perform advanced calculations in specialized programs such as Robot Structural Analysis

  4. Create structural and analytical models

  5. Quickly create and document detail plans

  6. Improve your performance when working on a BIM model.

Course Orientation

We will follow the logical order in which you would develop a personal project. Instead of considering each theoretical aspect of the program, we will focus on following the workflow that best suits a real case and give you some tips to achieve the best results.

You will get prepared files that will allow you to follow the progress of the course from where you consider it most necessary by guiding you to use the tools yourself while watching the classes.

The course content is updated regularly to include important updates or points that can help you improve your learning and you will have access to them in real time so you can improve your continuous skills.

Content of the course

Reinforced concrete design

  • Lecture 1: Design of reinforced concrete bars

  • Lecture 2: Real bar armor

  • Lecture 3: Panel armor

  • Lecture 4: Foundation Design

Design of steel structures

  • Lecture 5: Assistant for the creation of industrial buildings

  • Lecture 6: Types of steel bars

  • Lecture 7: Design groups

  • Lecture 8: Sizing groups

  • Lecture 9: Final verification of steel bars

  • Lecture 10: Steel connections

  • Lecture 11: Personalized design

Brief introduction to detailed programs

  • Lecture 12: Export from Revit to Advance Steel

  • Lecture 13: Connections according to AISC

  • Lecture 14: Creation of final plans

Advance Steel in detail

  • Lecture 15: Grid Creation

  • Lecture 16: Column creation

  • Lecture 17: Beam Creation

  • Lecture 18: Beam Systems

  • Lecture 19: Transverse Reinforcements

  • Lecture 20: Joists

  • Lecture 21: Model views

#AulaGEO This course focuses on providing the student with the appropriate tools to model and detail structures. It is aimed at all students and professionals related to the branches of structural design such as: civil engineers, architects, structural engineers, BIM modelers and managers, or CAD draftsmen.

In this they will learn the creation of construction details in steel and concrete, such as beams, columns and other elements such as joints. You will be able to identify how to create and model steel structures, define the components and elements of a project, show the processes and styles for the elements, and much more.

With this online training you will be able to obtain the skills and tools required to be a BIM Manager and create all kinds of BIM projects.

Do not hesitate and learn with us

Who this course is for:

  • Civil engineers
  • Architects
  • Structure engineers
  • BIM managers
  • CAD drafters


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Soy un entusiasta de la tecnología y me he dedicado a la enseñanza de las materias que me apasionan. Con más de 15 años de experiencia en diseño asistido por computador y un sólido conocimiento acerca del Modelado de Información de Edificaciones he compilado mucha de la experiencia adquirida a través de los años en cursos de capacitación útiles, fáciles de entender y prácticos para el día a día del diseñador. 

Mis campos de acción incluyen CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), FEA (Finite Element Analysis), BIM (Building Information Modeling), PM (Project Management). Y aunque me inicié con el estudio de la ingeniería civil, he explorado otras ramas de la ingeniería, participando en proyectos que incluyen la creación de modelos computaciones para la simulación de maquinaria para la extracción de petróleo, análisis no-lineal de cimentaciones especiales, diseño de piezas automotrices, estudio de estabilidad en túneles, entre otros tipo de proyectos.

Así mismo, he creado aplicaciones de software dirigido a la administración de procesos y al diseño asistido por computador. También soy programador web, especializándome en aplicaciones web .NET. Tengo experiencia programando en C#, Java, Python, C++, Foltran, JavaScript. Y en lenguajes de etiquetado como HTML5 y CCS3. 

Como hobby he incursionado en la programación de autómatas programables (PLC) y en la programación en Assembler de micro-controladores. 

En resumen, me encanta a prender y enseñar. Ese es realmente mi trabajo.


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