Concepts of OSI Model & IP Addressing

IP Addressing & OSI Model
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OSI Model


  • Basic Computer Knowledge


In this course, you learn about the basics of network communication. All about how the data is transferred on the network and logical addressing to communicate on the network. Dhananjay has tried demystifying the concepts of network communication through the 7 layers of the OSI model and the logical addressing known as IP address.

This course also teaches how to configure IP addresses on the Linux system.

Upon completion of this course you will have enough knowledge to start your journey into Systems & Network Administration.

You will learn to know about every layer and its function in depth. This course help system administrators, network administrators and security analysts to understand basic network functions and how the communication is established with the help of different layers. IP addressing is also covered so that you get basic idea about how different different network devices communicate with each other.

I have created this course in the free time just to help technology aspirants to learn basics & please excuse mistakes during explaining the concepts as this is my first attempt. I would be greatful if you can give the best rating & help others. There is no purpose to upload this course for marketing or something.

Please share this course to all the possible friends to help percolate the message. I would be creating many more free course with the help of Udemy & also want to thank Udemy for bring this platform to life and help people learn with such a low cost.

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  • Working professionals who want to upgrade to RHEL8
  • College Students or Freshers

Course content

3 sections8 lectures1h 40m total length
  • OSI Model Part I (Application and Presentation Layer)
  • OSI Model Part II (Session, Transport and Network Layer)
  • OSI Model Part III (Datalink and Physical Layer)


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Dhananjay Naldurgkar
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I am Dhananjay Naldurgkar, I'm a system Architect  with 14+ years of experience in the fileld of IT Infrastructure Management. I have experience in managing large IT environments including some of the worlds most dense telecom platforms. I provide training on various technology platform like Windows, Linux, Virtualization and cloud.

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