Learning Ethical Hacking From Professionals - Systems
4.7 (49 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Learning Ethical Hacking From Professionals - Systems

Ethical Hacking for Beginners - Learn Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing from Scratch! - Book included!
4.7 (49 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
447 students enrolled
Created by Eduardo ORENES
Last updated 4/2019
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What you'll learn
  • You will easily and progressively become a professional penetration tester.
  • You will master a complete set of tools that every Ethical Hacker must know.
  • You will understand the whole Ethical Hacking Process: from Information Gathering to Post Exploitation.
  • You will gain knowledge about Systems Ethical Hacking.
  • You will be able to report professionally and confidently.
  • You will be ready to face your first job as a junior Ethical Hacker
  • The student should be familiar with Information Technologies in general:
  • Essentials of operating systems (Linux and Windows) and networks (programming fundamentals are recommended but not needed).
  • Access to the Internet and a PC with enough space in your internal or external hard disk (60-80 GB). At least 4 to 8 GB of RAM to operate several virtual machines (if you have 16GB RAM, better!).
  • For the WiFi section, see more details at the end of the descripcion.

Systems Ethical Hacking made easy for beginners in the Penetration Testing world. Yes! 

This ethical hacking course is a live reference for those who pursue to start in the professional ethical hacking discipline, regardless of the student IT profile or previous knowledge about ethical hacking.

The future penetration tester will be introduced (from the essentials to a professional entry and middle level) to:

  • How to remain anonymous during your security audits

  • How to build a penetration testing lab

  • The usage of Kali Linux

  • How to professionally conduct a security audit, a penetration testing and a Red Team exercise

  • Systems Ethical Hacking.

For higher engagement rates, the next topics will be finally developed in additional Ethical Hacking Courses

  • Networks Ethical Hacking and Wi-Fi Ethical Hacking.

  • Web Application Ethical Hacking.

You will be guided through a progressive penetration testing learning journey to obtain the required knowledge to succeed in the Systems Ethical Hacking professional environment.

>>> The "Complete Ethical Hacking Course" Student Book was included, for those who bought the ethical hacking course before 23rd February 2019.

From that date on, a new Systems Ethical Hacking Book will be compiled and released (Sections 1 to 6 together - 418 A4 pages and 7 hours of video). The Complete Ethical Hacking Course Student Book will be removed.

This Systems Ethical Hacking course follows an evolving method combining assimilation from videos, the book and exercises, in order to orientate the student during the entire process. 

If you acquire this course, request your discount via internal message for my next courses including Web Ethical Hacking and Networks Ethical Hacking (also WiFi Ethical Hacking).

Those who already purchased the course before 23rd February 2019 will enjoy free access to the mentioned new courses (and an additional one: Offensive Python!). I will keep you properly updated.

Who this course is for:
  • Those who intend to acquire the needed skills and understanding to become a professional penetration tester from scratch.
Course content
Expand all 83 lectures 07:37:27
+ Welcome to the Ethical Hacking World!
3 lectures 19:12

A very fast author introduction and a description of the Ethical Hacking discipline.

Preview 04:22

This course is designed from experience and research in the learning field. Ethical Hacking is absolutely fun and the more you learn, the more you enjoy. Following a method you can accelerate the learning process and me, the author, I want to be your mentor in this journey.

COMPULSORY READING: How to Get the Most Out of this Course?

It is important to define a hacker, since the society and media are damaging our image. We are not criminals. We become passionate researchers with a high degree of technical skills. Our minds are thirsty for knowledge and that is the essence of a hacker.

Hacker Definition

This obvious quiz pursues to clarify in which side of the line we, professional ethical hackers, are ;)

About the Professional Ethical Hacker
1 question
+ Ethical Hacking Fundamentals
7 lectures 37:35

Understanding the Ethical Hacking discipline as a whole.

Preview 01:04

As this Ethical Hacking course is for beginners, we need to review some essential concepts before starting to type offensive commands.

General Terms Definitions

As in the previous lecture, some additional terms will be explained here, but this time, directly related to attacks.

Attack Terms Definitions

We live in a world compound of several dimensions: Physical, Digital, Human... Global security must consider all of them...

Security and Ethical Hacking Essentials

From common crime to Advance Persistent Threats, we have to be able to identify the different sorts of attacks and attackers in the Ethical Hacking landscape.

Attack Types

Some security devices are described to introduce the student in the Ethical Hacker perspective.

Security Devices

Ethical Hacking requires discipline, structure and methodology. In the past, the community has developed diverse methodologies and knowing some of them will help you in your career.

+ Testing Lab Deployment for Ethical Hacking
10 lectures 36:37

Thanks to virtualization we can learn and practice Ethical Hacking without risks.

Overview About Labs for PenTesting

Kali Linux is the King of the Operating Systems for Ethical Hacking. Anyways, it is not the only distribution and here you will see some of them.

Main Ethical Hacking Distributions

The Ethical Hacking community has developed vulnerable systems to promote safe environments to test our skills and tools.

Main Vulnerable Distributions

We start some practical activities installing VirtualBox, my favorite virtualization system for local experiments. I use it since many years and in my opinion is the best free option to work on Ethical Hacking.

VirtualBox Installation

In this lecture we see the first steps with VBox.

First Time Using VirtualBox

Different ways to install the same OS in VBos are going to be described.

Kali Linux Installation (ISO and OVA)

More ways to install Penetration Testing distributions. In this case, Parrot.

Preview 02:26

No mysteries here. Just the installation process of a Windows 7 machine.

Windows 7 Installation

The purpose of this lecture is to install vulnerable machines. If you find any issue with SamuraiWTF, please, search in the Q&A section a question posed by Dimistris concerning this topic. There you will find the solution.

Vulnerable Distro Installation

If you are a beginner here you need to pay a little more of attention. Don't worry, it is normal to need a little of time to assimilate some networking concepts. Take it easy ;)

Lab Network Configuration
+ Kali Linux Usage
8 lectures 44:17

My favorite distribution to teach Ethical Hacking. Tons of tools preinstalled and ready to attack. If this is your first time with Linux, take you time until you get comfortable. There is an explanation about the usage of Linux in Ethical Hacking. You can search a review made by Ricardo Trevizan in which I explain this fact.

Do not forget to download the official Kali Linux book in the resources.

Kali Linux Introduction

In this lecture we start with the basics of Kali Linux.

First Steps with Kali Linux

Automation is going to be needed later on. It is a good time to start understanding the essentials of Bash Scripting. Nothing complicated, I promise.

Terminal Fundamentals

Specific tasks using Linux commands and some Bash.

Processes Management in the Terminal

More specific Linux tasks. We will need to understand how to find certain files and its permissions. 

Permissions and Searches in the Terminal

As Ethical Hackers we are going to use SSH all the time. Here you will learn how to create users and how to configure your system to use SSH for remote management.

Preview 04:48

Different ways to install software in Linus operating systems.

System Information and Software Installation

Here we will see one of the skills that you will need during the rest of your Ethical Hacking career: filtering the output of a tool or command to reuse the data for other tools or analysis.

Information Gathering and Output Formatting
+ Internet Anonymity
10 lectures 46:23

A global description of the module.

Anonymity in the Internet

The anonymity landscape is described here. Something paramount in the Ethical Hacking world.

Anonymity Fundamentals

Tricks to use public inboxes to receive emails without giving our real address.

Using Mailinator and Email Checking By-Pass

We will explain Tor and how to use it appropriately in our system and browser, including Windows.

Preview 04:58

Learning how to chain proxies. Knowledge that we will need to build our own anonymous infrastructure without Tor (due to reliability and control issues).


Making easier and faster the usage of Tor (Windows and Linux).


VPNs in depth and practical examples.

VPN Usage in Windows and Linux

More about anonymity. This time, spoofing our MAC address in both, Windows and Linux.

Preview 04:20

One of my favorite exercises. Pay attention and do not go ahead until you fully control this exercise.

Build Your Own Anonymity Platform

Some volatile suggestions about VPN options out there.

VPS Renting
+ Systems - Vulnerabilities Identification and Exploitation
41 lectures 04:08:27

Here we start one of the most attractive sections of this Ethical Hacking course. We are going to describe the entire process from information gathering and analyzing, to the post exploitation process that takes place just after our first intrusion on a system.

Systems Hacking Overview

The "old" whois tool is described here, and you will learn how to manually conduct an initial research about a domain or an IP. The main goal of this lecture is that you understand the concept, but it will not be our main resource for researching.


During a Penetration Test, we need to be sure that we are interacting with systems included in the Rules of Engagement (in scope). We will need to research to classify all the information we are going to find.

IP Address Analysis

AS or Autonomous Systems are kind of complex and you will need to understand how to dissect all the information before launching any attack.

AS (Autonomous Systems) and Subdomains

A very powerful resource to obtain information from. For untargeted hacking, is great. However, it is also a great resource for targeted information gathering. Here we are going to describe how to perform advanced searches.

Google Hacking (and Bing)

Using visualization tools helps analysts to understand the global picture. In our job, we need to act fast, due to time restrictions. Maltego will help to have a clear first image of our target.

Automating Information Gathering - Maltego

A command line alternative to Maltego, also very powerful.

Automating Information Gathering - Recon-ng

In order to prepare our social engineering strategies or to gather user information, we will need to perform some research on email addresses. TheHarvester is a very well known tool (now in version 3.0) that can provide us some information to start from.

Credentials Research

One of the examples that always appears in an Ethical Hacking Course. We will not use it in depth for penetration testing, but, for certain operations or assignments, it can be an invaluable resource. I always use it for any Intelligence assignment.

Historic Content Research - Wayback Machine

A great tool that makes our life easier to get metadata from public documents.

Information and Metadata from Documents - FOCA

Shodan is a must for penetration testing. If you get proficient using this tool you will obtain invaluable information. The more you use it, the more you will know how companies work, and how to find vulnearable machines out there.

Passive Enumeration - Shodan

Similar to Shodan, but with a different focus. Take a look at it. i love to find testing sites, usually easier to hack.

Passive Enumeration - Censys

Here we start with the active part of the enumeration phase. ARP is the Address Resolution Protocol and you will see here how to scan an internal netowork using different tools.

Active Enumeration - ARP Scanning

Nmap,. the king of portscanners. The absolute champion of the Network Mappers. You must master this tool and its NSE. In this lecture you will learn how to discover hosts.

Active Enumeration - Nmap - Host Discovery

Some port scanning with Nmap.

Active Enumeration - Nmap - Ports Scanning

Just knowing the open ports is not enough. We need to know what services are running out there.

Active Enumeration - Nmap - Services and OS Fingerprinting

The Nmap GUI, Zenmap, offer a different way of working with Nmap. Windows users use to love this tool.

Active Enumeration - Zenmap

Netcat (nc) is a multipurpose tool useful for tasks such as banner grabbing, port scanning, service interaction, remote control through shell, and even chatting!

Active Enumeration - Netcat (Ports Scanner Alternative)
Active Enumeration - DNS I
Active Enumeration - DNS II
Active Enumeration - DNS III
Manual Vulnerability Analysis Essentials
Automate Vulnerabilities Analysis with Nessus I - Installation
Automate Vulnerabilities Analysis with Nessus II - Host Discovery
Automate Vulnerabilities Analysis with Nessus III - Basic Scan
Automate Vulnerabilities Analysis with Nessus IV - Policy Creation
Vulnerable Services I
Vulnerable Services II
Types of Exploits
Types of Connections
Metasploit Introduction
Metasploit First Exploitation
Metasploit DataBase Interconnection - Nessus/Nmap
Metasploit Payloads
You will have to set different payloads and run the exploits as shown in the Student Book Vol. II and in the video.
Setting Payloads
1 question
Metasploit Auxiliary
You will practice how to use a very simple auxiliary module, while setting msfconsole to run through Tor.
Running Metasploit Through Tor
1 question
Metasploit - Msfvenom & Multi/Handler
Metasploit Post Exploitation I - Meterpreter Essentials
List all the deprecated "run scripts"... More instructions inside
Post Modules Practice
1 question

Answer some easy questions

Kill AV Post Module
1 question
Metasploit Post Exploitation II - Backdoors with Meterpreter
Meptasploit Post Exploitation III - Pivoting with Meterpreter
Credentials - Brute Force and Dictionaries
You will have to create users in your VMs, extract the hashes and crack them.
Cracking Hashes
1 question
Authentication Bypassing - Windows and Linux
+ BONUS - Web - HTTP Protocol and Burp Suite Intro
4 lectures 24:56
Web Hacking Overview
HTTP Fundamentals
Browsing the Browsers
Burp Suite - Settings