Complete Pricing System For Your Coaching & Hypnotherapy Biz

Learn the exact pricing model and system to build a 6 figure hypnotherapy, coaching & NLP business
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How to price their hypnosis and coaching services
How to ask for higher prices for their coaching and hypnotherapy services
How to present furutre value in their services
How to get more 'yes's' even when their prices are 10x-20x industry standards.


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Learn the exact pricing model and system to build a 6 figure hypnotherapy, coaching & NLP business.

Are you still...

Wondering how to price your service?

How to package your program, sessions and services?

Can't seem to attract clients who will say yes to your higher prices

Confused at too how to present your higher prices and get an immediate yes?

Well, I have your back!

In this program, I break down my entire pricing model that we have taught to 1000s of 6 figure and multiple 6 figure hypnotherapist & coaches to grow their business from scratch - to now only working with high paying clients.

For most, pricing, packaging and presenting your offer comes with a lot of confusion and guessing. And without a repeatable means or system to follow you will end up making the same mistakes over and over.

And with each mistake you lose income, time, energy and focus - then eventually your business will crumble (harsh but true)

Presented, will be my entire pricing model for coaches hypnotherapist, NLPs, RTT and healers to give you an exact proven system to destroy all confusion.

You will learn:

•Fill your diary and back to back clients model can not scale.

•We don’t sell sessions, hours, time, things or the how.

•How to price your service on future value (between $1500-$5500).

‘MOS’ – high price (80/20 rule) – objections handling – presentation.

Enjoy the program

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Hypnotherapists
  • Coaches
  • Life coaches
  • RTT
  • NLPs

Course content

1 section5 lectures1h 35m total length
  • Introduction to the program with Scott Jansen
  • Business metrics and prices explained (MUST WATCH)
  • The 2 broken pricing models
  • How to fix these broken models (pricing, marketing and systems explained)
  • My $1500 presentation to clients


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Scott Jansen
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Hi! And welcome to my programs.

My name is Scott Jansen and after a career as a hypnotherapist helping lawyers quit smoking my passion now is helping more than 1500 coaches, hypnotherapists, NLPs, and healers start, grow and scale their business online, and trained more than 22,000 students globally master advanced conversational hypnosis and build the best reputation in the industry.

With over 1500+ success stories for 6 figure and multiple 6 figure businesses. This has helped our students generate over $6,000,000 in extra revenue for their business.

I realised that by focusing on the core elements of business - just like them - you can start and grow a successful business too.

With complete focus on:

*Conversational Hypnosis

*Advanced Conversational Hypnosis

*Advanced Covert Hypnosis

*Inputs/process/Auto/Output system and protocol set up – business infostructure.

*Niche/Solution/Offer/Price system for finding profitable niches.

*MOS service/packaging (speed, less moving parts, less effort, less friction)

*Reverse engineering specialist offers to be unique in oversaturated niches.

*PCV specialist pricing structure. – Monthly retainer structure and presentation.

*Future value pricing/by-product pricing and presentation – Future Value deck.

*Automated organic client attraction systems – automated VA system.

*Asymmetry tracking for long term profits.

*Productising your service for scaling into a new niche.

So, if you’re looking to master conversational hypnosis, build your hypnotherapy and coaching business – my courses are for you.

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