Complete jQuery and AJAX Programming Curriculum

Create Interactive Websites and Widgets
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (101 ratings)
5,322 students
Complete jQuery and AJAX Programming Curriculum
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (101 ratings)
5,326 students
A fundamental understanding of jQuery
Create a responsive website with a shop page and responsive form


  • Working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Google Chrome installed on your computer
  • A code editor installed on your computer (an open source editor such as ATOM is fine)

Learn jQuery – the most popular JavaScript library in the world. Able to perform basic and essential operations in web development (including rich interactions), jQuery can also work cross-browser, allowing you to create applications that work everywhere, for every user, without compatibility issues.

Beginning with a fundamental understanding of what jQuery is and why you should work with it, you will learn the basics of this versatile library as you are guided through the creation of a responsive website which features a shop page and responsive form.

You will learn

  • How to work with selection to search for elements (by elements, or by class)
  • Traversing – a more efficient way of finding elements than the CSS selectors
  • How to work with events
  • Incorporating simple animations to improve the user  experience
  • Manipulating the DOM through dynamically created objects
  • Using AJAX to asynchronously load and post information to a local or remote server
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in creating rich, successful and professional-grade web applications
3 sections • 29 lectures • 2h 42m total length
  • Introduction
  • Source Files
  • Additional Resources
  • Setting up Project Files
  • Document Ready
  • HTML and Text
  • Select by ID
  • Select by Class
  • Selecting Inputs
  • Find
  • First, Last, Next, Prev
  • Parents
  • Click Event
  • Event Delegation
  • Change Event
  • Keydown vs. Keyup
  • Prevent Default
  • Setting Up Store Items
  • Creating Items Dynamically
  • Removing Elements
  • Toggle Visibility
  • Fade and Slide
  • Animate
  • AJAX
  • Loading JSONs
  • Post Calls
  • Checkbox Form
  • Form Post
  • Content Review

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Pablo holds a Master in Information Technology (Management) degree from the University of Queensland (Australia) and a Master of Science in Engineering degree from the Catholic University of Chile.

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