Complete JavaScript ES6+ Course for Beginners (Step by Step)

Learn the most important parts of modern JavaScript with Complete JavaScript ES6+ Course.
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1,193 students
Complete JavaScript ES6+ Course for Beginners (Step by Step)
Rating: 0.0 out of 5 (0 ratings)
1,065 students
Complete JavaScript ES6+ (ECMA Script 6)
How does transpiling work in ES6
Work with Babel JS
Install and Setup Node JS
New syntax in JavaScript ES6+
Using the Const Keyword
Making use of Template Strings
Using spread operator in JavaScript ES6
Using Default function parameters
Working with Object literals
Using Arrow functions in JavaScript ES6+
Using the "this" scope in modern JavaScript
Learn how to destructure in JavaScript
How to use generators in ES6+
Working with "class" syntax
Learning how to use inheritance in ES6+


  • Basics of HTML and CSS
  • Fundametals of JavaScript (Not necessary) or Basics of JavaScript is good enough
  • Basic computer skills

ECMA Script 6 or ES6 is the latest standard used in JavaScript to get the most out of the JavaScript language itself. A lot of new syntax and keywords have now been added to the JavaScript ES6 update.

These updates have actually improved the performance of how good and fast can JavaScript be used in many web applications.

Some of the most popular JavaScript frameworks are NodeJS, Angular by Google, ReactJS by Facebook use the modern JavaScript ES6. In this course we will cover everything that is required to get get started with the modern JavaScript. After completing this course you can further proceed to any Popular JavaScript Framework.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who has completed the HTML5 & CSS3 course and looking forward to learn more about JavaScript
  • Anyone who wants to get started with JavaScript framework
  • Anyone who wants to learn modern JavaScript
  • Anyone who is looking to extend their skills in JavaScript
Course content
3 sections • 20 lectures • 53m total length
  • Introduction to JavaScript ES6+
  • What you should know
  • What is (ES6) ECMA Script 6
  • Transpiling in ES6
  • Why use Babel JS
  • How to use Babel JS
  • Installing Node JS
  • Let Syntax in ES6
  • Using The Const Keyword
  • Working with Template Strings
  • Spread Operator in JavaScript ES6
  • Default Function Parameters in ES6
  • Working with Object Literals in ES6
  • Arrow Functions in JavaScript ES6
  • Arrow Functions with This Scope in ES6
  • Destructuring in JavaScript ES6
  • Generators in JavaScript ES6
  • Working with Class Syntax in JavaScript ES6
  • Class Inheritance in JavaScript ES6
  • Conclusion

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