Complete C# Unity 2D & 3D Game Development Masterclass 2018
4.0 (57 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
5,425 students enrolled

Complete C# Unity 2D & 3D Game Development Masterclass 2018

Learn Unity 2D, Unity 3D Game Development, Augmented Reality using Vuforia, C#, Unity 5, Code, Mobile Games, Web, PC
4.0 (57 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
5,425 students enrolled
Created by Mir Imad Ahmed
Last updated 10/2018
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What you'll learn
  • Be able to create ZigZag clone
  • Be able to create flappy bird clone
  • Be able to create augmented reality food menu app like KABAQ
  • Be able to create side scroller ninja game
Course content
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+ Introduction
3 lectures 06:41

We have put a lot of hours to bring you this Unity 3D Masterclass. We will take you from basics to advanced level.

Preview 02:34

Who is the instructor? Well, a self taught programming geek would not be a bad word to describe me.

Preview 00:28

Some highlights of the projects that we will learn to make in Unity 3D Masterclass.

Preview 03:39
+ Introduction and setup
11 lectures 29:09

How unity works and what are the basics of unity 3d.

Preview 02:36

What are the supported platforms in Unity 3D? Unity 3D supports a lot of game consoles and devices including Anroid, iOS, etc.

Preview 01:40

Unity supports C#, Javascript and Boo as a programming language. Boo and Javascript are becoming obsolete now and mainly C# is being used to create scripts for unity 3d game objects.

Supported programming languages

Installing Unity 3D is not a hectic task to accomplish.

Installing Unity

How and When to review the course?

Quick tip about reviewing this course

Let me walk you through the whole IDE, the files and give you an overall brief of Unity 3D.

Unity, Your IDE and Your Files

What's new in Unity 2017? Unity got some good changes from Unity 5 to 2017 version. I will explain to you what main things are released in Unity 2017.

Unity 5.X and Unity 2017

Lets go through the ins and outs of the Unity 3D editor.

Introducing the Unity Editor

Which programming IDE should we use with Unity 3D? The hard talk people always get into. There are a lot of them. I am going to get you into talking about the most two used IDEs for Unity 3D.

Monodevelop Vs Visual Studio

How to get the Monodevelop?


How to save a Unity 3D project and close it so you can open it up later on?

Saving And Closing Your Project
+ Basic Scripting
7 lectures 16:59

This sections is about Basic Scripting and how to use them with objects and what different classes are available to us by Unity 3D API.

Introduction To Basic Scripting

How to use scripts with GameObjects inside any Unity 3D scene.

How scripts are used

What is a debug class and how does it works?

Debug class explained

How can we use variables to make properties of Game Objects inside our scenes.

Using Variables

How input is being handled and how can we react or respond to key presses in our game?

Responding To Key Presses

What is scope and context of variables?

Scope And Context Of Variables

How to use functions for better organization of our code?

Use of functions
+ Unity Basics
11 lectures 49:49

This section will help you understand how you can import different kind of objects inside Unity 3D.

Introduction to unity basics

How to import images or UI elements and what settings are available for them?

Importing image assets

How to import 3D models and what settings are available for them?

Importing 3d objects

How to import audio files and what settings are available for them?

Importing audio

How to import video files and what settings are available for them?

Importing video

How to add objects in scenes and what options are available to manipulate them.

Adding objects to scene

How to export asset bundles from Unity 3D.

Preview 04:27

How to download asset bundle from internet in Unity 3D.

Preview 02:07

How to load an image texture from internet on run time?

How to load image from internet

How unity video player works? How can we make use of video player component to render videos on different objects in Unity 3D?

Video Player Explained

How to play Unity 3D video on canvas?

Play video on canvas
+ User Interface
7 lectures 48:59

This section helps you understand all about the User interfaces in Unity 3D.

Introduction To User Interface

Understand the usage of Buttons in UI. Learn to attach them with code behinds and event listeners.

Buttons Explained

Lets practice by creating a full menu scene and learn how can we change scenes by button clicks.

Creating a full Menu and changing scene example

We can make beautiful progress bars in Unity 3D UI.

Creating a progress bar

Lets learn to make a spiral progress ring. It can come handy to make dial based progress rings.

Spiral progress ring

Yes! You can add scroll views inside Unity 3D UI as well.

Scroll View

Grid Layout Group lets you organize elements in a nice and handy constrained group format.

Grid Layout Group
+ Animations
5 lectures 28:54

This section teaches you how to create 3D and 2D animations in Unity 3D.

Introduction to animations

Animation Controllers are the brain of the animation states. It helps you manage different layers and states for your animations of any object or scenario.

Animation controller explained

Learn how to animate 2D elements and maintain different positions and rotations at different key points.

Creating 2D Animations

Learn how to animate 3D elements and maintain different positions and rotations at different key points.

Creating 3D Animations

How to trigger different animation states from with in a script?

Triggering Animations From Script
+ Exporting
6 lectures 18:43

This section helps you understand the exporting process for some common platforms.

Introduction to exporting

What exporting options are available

Different exporting options

Learn to export Unity 3D game for PC, Mac or Linux systems.

Exporting for PC

Learn to export Unity 3D game for android phones.

Exporting for Android

Learn to export Unity 3D game for iOS based devices. This can be for iPhones and iPads.

Exporting for iOS

We can also export our game to be run on web server like any other website. Unity 3D uses WebGL to export it.

Exporting for Web
+ Complex Topics
10 lectures 38:07

This section explains how Physics, Rigidbodies and Colliders work in Unity 3D.

Introduction to chapter

Using Rigidbody with 3D objects activates their physics and let the gravity effect on them.

Rigidbody Explained

Box colliders are used to detect collisions around any object in a box shaped format.

Box Collider Explained

Sphere colliders are used to detect collisions around any object in a sphere shaped format.

Sphere Collider Explained

Capsule colliders are used to detect collisions around any object in a capsule shaped format.

Capsule Collider Explained

We already talked about some 3D colliders. In Unity 3D colliders for 2D objects come separately. Lets see which 2D colliders are available to us.

2D Colliders Explained

Similar to Rigidbody in 3D, we can make our 2D elements rigidbodies as well by adding the rigidbody 2d component to it.

Rigidbody 2D Explained

How to rotate objects using simple touch gesture on phone and mouse drag on computer screens.

Rotating Objects with Touch

You can have velocity of your object with which you can make it move it in any specific direction.

Rigidbody Velocity

When you have a scenario where you want the object to wrap around the screen. So it goes from left and comes back in from right.

Wrap object to screen
+ Lighting
4 lectures 07:52

This section will help you understand everything about lightning inside Unity 3D.

Introduction to chapter

Directional lightning works by adding a light source that casts light on the whole scene from one side.

Directional lighting

Spot Light as its name suggests. Casts a light on any given spot.

Spot Light

Point Light and Area Light cast light on a point or light.

Point and Area Light
+ Monetization
8 lectures 33:38

This section helps you understand all the monetization possibilities for your application or games.

Monetization possibilities

Understanding AdMob and learning how it works.

What is Admob and How it Works

Create App on AdMob portal and creating all the Ad Unit IDs

Creating App and Ad Ids on Admob

Let me walk you through on how to integrate AdMob SDK in Unity 3D project.

Integrating Admob to Unity

Lets create and display an AdMob Banner Ad in our application.

Admob Banner Ad

Lets create and display an AdMob Interstitial Ad in our application.

Admob Interstitial Ad

Lets create and display an AdMob Rewarded Video Ad in our application.

Admob Rewarded Video

Unity Ads is another Monetization option from Unity 3D and we can use them to earn from our games or apps as well.

Unity Ads
  • Be able to write basic code or algorithm
  • Should know about C# and programming concepts like functions, loops, etc.
  • Unity 3D and Visual Studio / MonoDevelop

Complete C# Unity 2D & 3D Game Development Masterclass 2018 & Augmented Reality Using Vuforia

Learn how to create video games using Unity, the world-leading free-to-use game development tool. We start super simple so you need no prior experience of Unity or coding! With our online tutorials, you'll be amazed what you can achieve right from the first moment you start the course.

Benefit from our world-class support from both other students, and the Mir Imad team who are regularly engaged in the forums and Q&A section. Go on to build several games including:

  • ZigZag Clone: A Top-Down Endless Ball Movement Game with tiles to run the ball on;

  • Ninja Warrior: A Side Scrolling Platformer game with Unity's Tilemap tool, Animations, Movement and much more;

  • Flappy bird Clone: An endless bird flying game similar to flappy bird;

  • Achievements system: A full fledged achievements system to be used in any game or app;

In Augmented Reality using Vuforia you will learn to build:

  • AR Concepts: How to display 3d models, 2d animations, videos in augmented reality

  • Cloud Recognition: How to utilize the cloud recognition to display videos on target images in runtime

  • AR Menu: An Augmented Reality food menu application like KABAQ;

  • AR Poems: A simple Augmented Reality Poem application for kids;

Apart from full projects there are concept videos as well, where you will be able to learn about different concepts and components in Unity Engine that can be used in different game development scenarios. You will learn how to use the following:

  • Creating 2D and 3D animtations

  • Rigidbody both 2D and 3D

  • Colliders and their usage

  • 3D path finding of AI

  • Standard Assets & Assets store

  • & much more

You will have access to a course forum where you can discuss topics on a course-wide basis, or down to the individual video. Our thriving discussion forum will help you learn and share ideas with other students. Check out our reviews to see how people love this feature.

The course is project-based, so you will not just be learning dry programming concepts, but applying them immediately to real indie games as you go. All the project files will be included, as well as additional references and resources - you'll never get stuck. There are quality screencasts and more.

For each demo game you build you will follow this process

  • Be challenged to build the entire game yourself.

  • Be shown step-by step how to build it.

  • Be challenged to apply, and re-apply your knowledge regularly.

You will get full lifetime access for a single one-off fee. The creator is qualified and experienced coder and professional game developer, so is able to explain complex concepts clearly, as well as entertain along the way. 

You will learn C#, and in turn build a solid foundation for Object Oriented Programming. By the end of the course you'll be very confident in the basics of coding and game development, and hungry to learn more.

What this course DOESN'T cover...

Whereas this course is already huge, we can't possibly cover everything in that time. Here are some things we will not be covering...

  • Performance optimization.

  • Editor plugins or modifications.

  • Physics engine modification*

Anyone who wants to learn to create games: Unity is a fantastic platform which enables you to make production-quality games. Furthermore these games can be created for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Web from a single source!

If you're a complete beginner, we'll teach you all the coding and game design principles you'll need. If you're an artist, we'll teach you to bring your assets to life. If you're a coder, we'll teach you game design principles.

Dive in now, you won't be disappointed!

Who is the target audience?

  • Competent and confident with using a computer.

  • Artists who want to learn to bring their assets into games.

  • Some programming experience helpful, but not required.

  • Complete beginners who are willing to work hard.

  • Developers who want to re-skill across to game development.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner C# students interested to learn about game development
  • Beginner Unity 3D students
  • Anyone interested in learning how to make augmented reality apps