How to Find Suppliers for Your Amazon FBA Wholesale Business

Learn step by step how to find profitable products and suppliers for your e-commerce and Amazon FBA Wholesale business
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You will learn about the Amazon FBA Wholesale Business Model
You will learn how to find profitable suppliers
You will learn how to find profitable products
You will learn how to analyze products and make sure they are profitable
You will learn how to calculate monthly sales and profits of a product
You will learn how to use all the necessary software
You will learn how to open accounts with suppliers


  • English
  • You need to have an Amazon Seller Central account
  • General knowledge of Amazon FBA Wholesale


Want to start an online business in your free time and have a small budget?

  • Are you discouraged by all these people becoming successful online and wonder why you can't seem to do the same? Do you wonder what they are doing right and what you're doing wrong?

  • I share the secret strategy that took me from being scared and uncertain about my future, to becoming financially free.

About Amazon Wholesale

  • Amazon Wholesale is simply the business model of buying brand name products from authorized suppliers and reselling them on Amazon. (It is the same thing that Walmart and Target does except the platform is Amazon)

  • Amazon wholesale is a little known business model that is way more simple and more lucrative than Private Label, and has a much higher success rate.

  • Amazon Wholesale is one of the easiest and best ways of making money online in 2022 and beyond.

  • There's no other business where you can just work from home, in your free time, and create financial freedom within 1-2 years.

What This Course Offers

  • The single most important thing about Amazon FBA Wholesale is knowing how to find good profitable products and suppliers. I will teach you how.

  • Learn how to start this business in your spare time and on a small budget.

  • Learn how to sell on Amazon without private labeling or having to create and optimize your own listings.

  • In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to be a top seller. You will learn all the best practices that will set you apart from other sellers.

  • This course is not watered down with any irrelevant information. My goal is to deliver the very best course as efficiently and as simple as possible so anyone could understand it, regardless of age or experience. Although it was designed to be easy to follow, it also includes high level information.

  • This course can take you from a beginner and turn you into an expert in less than 2 hours.

My Story
I joined the military in 2014 because I did not know what to do with my life. The first few years I was in, I had it in the back of my mind that I needed to figure something out for my future. I was worried about what I would do when I got out. I've never been good at computers or technology so I felt like I had limited options. But the years passed by and before I knew it, I only had about a year left on my contract. I knew I had to figure something out. So, I finally started researching ways to make money on YouTube. Originally, I stumbled onto Amazon Private Label. I spent dozens of hours researching it but the more I researched the more discouraged I became. It seemed so technical and difficult that I felt like I just wasn't smart enough to do it. That's when I stumbled on the wholesale model and it seemed a lot more simple. However, I knew I couldn't just half ass it. I knew I needed to know everything there was to know about Amazon Wholesale if I were to be successful. Now, I only had a few thousand dollars saved up at the time and I decided to take a huge leap of faith and spend it all on the best courses available that I could find. I wanted to make sure I knew everything there was to know about the business model because I didnt want to get out and look stupid in front of my friends and family. I was so scared I was going to have to end up back in my hometown living with my parents again. I knew Amazon Wholesale was going to be my best bet cause it takes low startup capital for supplies and inventory. There's honestly no other business in history where you can start and scale a business with such little money and little risk. So, long story short, after taking every course I could get my hands on, I was able to start and scale my business to six figures before I ended up getting out of the military.

Why I Made This Course

The reason I'm here today is cause I don't want you to go through what I did. I don't want you to have to buy course after course like I did. That's why I took everything I learned from all the courses, and my own experience from selling on Amazon, and launched my own course. I don't want people to feel scared and uncertain like I was. Thats why I spent countless hours creating the course I wish I could have had when I started. Now, don't get me wrong, all the courses I took were pretty good courses, but they were all more or less the same. Most of them were watered down with unnecessary content that was just a waste of time, or made things more complicated than they needed to be. Also, a lot of them did not do a very good job of simplifying things and breaking the videos down into easily digestible content. That's exactly why I made my course. One good thing about the military is I learned how to make continuity. I did logistics and they made me make dummy proof step by step guides on how to do certain tasks and processes. I learned how to think in terms of basically teaching a toddler how to do something. That's why I am confident I can teach anyone to become a successful Amazon seller, regardless of age or experience.

Feel Like You Don't Have the Time or Money to Start?

I understand that many people feel like they don't have the money to get started. I started with very little capital, especially since I spent basically everything I had on courses. I don't want you guys to have to do that. I also realize people are worried that they don't have the time to start. That was also my concern when I started because I was active duty military, taking college classes, and going to the gym every day when I started. The good thing about this business is you can work on it anytime you have free time. Anyone with access to a computer and internet, from anywhere in the world, no matter how busy they are, can become successful. I mean, you might have to cut out TV and video games and all that but everyone can make a little time each week to work on this. There's no other business where you can just work in your spare time, from home, and create a full-time income within 1-2 years.

So, Why my Course and Why Now?

Well, if not me, then who, and when? I'm not trying to be pushy but the more people I am able to help, the more I am able to grow my network. And you all know that cheesy line, your network is your net worth. Well, it's true and I want to grow as big a team as possible and help each other along the way. I want you to be successful so maybe you can teach me something and help me out one day. You get way further through collaboration and sharing knowledge with each other than just working alone and keeping everything to yourself.

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • People who want to become financially free
  • People who want to earn an extra source of income
  • People who want to learn how to make money online with e-commerce
  • People who already have an Amazon FBA Wholesale business and are looking to find profitable products and suppliers


Amazon FBA Wholesale Seller & Coach
Damian Hoffman
  • 4.7 Instructor Rating
  • 226 Reviews
  • 5,323 Students
  • 1 Course

My name is Damian Hoffman. I am an Air Force Veteran who started selling on Amazon in 2017. On my journey to become a topic expert and top seller, I have spent thousands of dollars on all the best courses. I was able to hit 6 figures my first year of selling while I was still in the Military and am now a full time Amazon Seller and Coach. I know that not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend on courses so I created a course that provides everything I learned from those courses and my own experience at an affordable price.

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