Communicating Effectively Using the POETIC Framework

A Communications Course in Preparing, Structuring, and Delivering Engaging and Informative Presentations & Discussions
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (203 ratings)
6,945 students
Communicating Effectively Using the POETIC Framework
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (203 ratings)
6,941 students
Structure and Prepare A Formal Presentation
Learn the 6 Key Components of the POETIC Framework
Learn the 29 subsections that make up the POETIC Framework
Present information in a way that your audience will LISTEN and LEARN
Communicate your content in an informative way
Inspire curiosity and action in your listeners
Build Trust with your Audience
Deliver Effective and Engaging Presentations


  • Enthusiasm and curiosity towards how you can improve your presentation preparedness.
  • An internet connection and access to Udemy.


How much of our lives and time do we spend in lectures, meetings, and other formal settings for communicating knowledge?  How often is that knowledge conveyed in a way that engages the audience AND conveys meaningful and relevant information that the audience will remember?  This course will teach you a simple framework to help you structure and organize your content to impact your listeners in a way that they will listen, remember, and most importantly, come away inspired and more curious then when you started.

We'll cover the 6 sections of the POETIC Framework with 29 subsections.  This is a dynamic framework that can expand or contract depending on the context of your discussion.  This framework was built based on best practices from some of the top salesman, saleswomen, consultants, and professors in the world, as well as from research in the communications field.

Who is this course for?  Teachers, Sales people, Corporate Trainers, Business Consultants, and anyone looking to improve their communication skills. 

Who this course is for:

  • Originally designed for Instructional Presenters but applied to anyone communicating knowledge
  • Anyone who wants to improve how they prepare for structured presentations and discussions
  • Teachers, Business Consultants, Corporate Trainers, Sales Teams, Marketing, Communications

Course content

9 sections • 35 lectures • 2h 0m total length
  • Why take this course? (Read if you missed the Promo video)
  • Introduction
  • Quiz 1: Introduction
    1 question
  • Mandatory: Create a Short Video Presentation in a Topic of Your Choice
    1 question
  • Mandatory: Build-as-you-go Presentation (Very Important)
    1 question


Passionate About How We Communicate Knowledge
Mohibul Nahar
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 203 Reviews
  • 6,945 Students
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Mohibul graduated with a Master's of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and an MBA, from Georgia Tech and UCLA respectively.  

He has worked in the Aerospace industry, as a technology consultant on space-based satellite systems as well as in the private sector helping customers with their technology strategy and providing educational briefings.  

As a secondary role, he has also been a lead trainer for his organization and worked with learning and development specialists to create informational content internally to colleagues and peers.