Cold Call 101: How to Cold Call like a Boss
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Cold Call 101: How to Cold Call like a Boss

Learn the secret cold calling techniques and systems for getting anyone on the phone and getting new business, today!
4.2 (151 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,057 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • You will achieve courage to overcome your fear of picking up the phone

Cold calling and talking to a stranger is the hardest thing anyone can do.

However, if you're practicing customer development or conducting market research for your startup, it's super critical to get the person to speak with you on the phone and not hang up. Getting to success will consists of roadblocks in the form of gatekeepers, voicemails, and testy people who are just plain grumpy.

How do you overcome your fears and get President Obama to take your call? Learn the cold calling techniques to get the most important person you need to reach on the phone, the first time.

NOTE: We guarantee you'll make your investment in this course back within your first five cold call conversations!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is terrified to call strangers who are busy but could be a customer
Course content
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So who should enjoy and use this course? Few questions to self-qualify before we get started.


  • You in a small company and you have a sales quota without much support?
  • You in a startup entrepreneur and you’re conducting customer development?
  • You are a sole proprietor or a consultant trying to get some bacon out in the business jungle?
  • You curious and want to get over some telephone communications phonbias about talking to people you don’t know?

If you answered yes to any of these, welcome and congratulations! You’re on your way!

However, you won’t enjoy these videos and immediately get value if..

Congratulations! Welcome to Cold Call 101: How to Cold Call like a Boss

We’ve set this course up in various modules that contain topics. Each topic is assembled as follows:

    1. Look at the Problem from an example
    2. Explain the solution to that particular problem
    3. Provide tools to help you practice the solution and master the topic

All our videos are designed to be short and brief so you can get as much information without losing your attention.

How this course is setup and how you should use the content
+ Module 1: Understanding Your Self Image
20 lectures 27:40

Hello Sales Students.  Thanks for those who alerted us to the downloads. We have attached ALL downloads in this zip.

Included in this Folder are:

1) Cold Calling Contract

2) Cold Calling Worksheet

3) How do you Respond exercise

4) Self-Image Attitude Forms

5) Karpman Drama Triangle

6) Theory of Paradoxical Intention

7) You are NOT your Uniform!

Have a 10-Day and don't let anyone lower your self-image!

Rock on!


Download the Power Point Slides, Exercises for this course
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Most of us hate picking up the phone and talking to people we don’t know. How does this problem manifest itself? We can self-check with our attitude toward completing the required behaviors and activities. Procrastination is a great example of problems with our self image. We put off doing what we have to do and find other things to keep us occupied. Suddenly, time has passed and we are still faced with a sales quota to tackle and people to contact via telephone to engage with our product.

Fears and anxieties before calls are signals of a struggle and possible self-image problem

Let's measure your attitude toward different roles.

Exercise #1: Let’s attempt to explore our attitude toward different roles and uniforms.
Self-Image Diagnostic: The Uniform test
Exercise 1: How Do You Respond When They Call
1 page

We are programmed to not want to help or respond to sales professionals. We are fighting against patterned perceptions of our uniforms and that is impacting how we view our self in this role as cold-caller, business development, or sales professional.

How did you do on this first Exercise? How did you relate to these uniforms or roles?

Corey automatically responds when I identify my uniform as a Fireman. He’s eager to know what’s happened and I can freely interrogate him and he follows my instructions. Is this how you feel when a sales person cold calls you?

Preview 00:19

You can be as honest about your rankings because you don’t have to hand this in…yet!

Exercise #2: Lets inventory our own Self-Image, Attitude, and Uniform Performance ranking

The Self-Image-Uniform-Role test gives us a snapshot view of our current view into how we see our identities and uniform/role performance.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Did I finish all my selling activities today?
  • Am I complaining about the quality of the leads or the quality of the product?
  • Am I feeling like crap each time I either pick up or put down the phone? BLEH

If you are stuck seeing yourself less than a 10 in your Self-Image, you’ll always perform less than a 10 in you role.

Exercise Review: Your uniform performance is dictated by your attitude

A Bonus Perspective

All the roles of the people we most respect. Those professionals get out each day believing they are a 10. Your goal is to be like them and to start each day thinking that you are a 10 inside and that your job is super-important.

You’re out to save the lives of your clients and your customers, writhing in agonizing pain.

Here’s a different perspective on how you view your self-image: Are you saving the lives of your customers?

After the exercise…

OK, so take a look at your answers and let’s take inventory of your self-image. Whatever your answer, if you answered that anything other than a positive answer about your behaviors and if your answers about your self-image were anything less than a 10, then you have an “Attitude problem”.

To solve the attitude problem, you need to take action and raise your self concept. We’ll talk about how to raise your self concept in the next topic.

Failure to raise your self-concept will impact your ability to perform in your role and not just cold-calling. You can only operate about +/- 1 or 2 points where you see you rank your self-image.

We need to increase our self-image

In this topic, we covered…

Once we know that we have to adjust our attitude, we can take immediate action to increase our self-image.

Give yourself Positive Affirmations at least 3 times a day. Positive affirmations are positive sentences that you say to yourself out loud to regain or maintain a healthy self-image.

You may notice that some folks may even call prayer as part of their process of building positive affirmations. Scientific evidence about the efficacy of positive self-talk is mixed, but has shown to improve performance in student and athletes ability to achieve their goals.

However, our approach is focused on expressing positive self-talk on your self-image, not your role. Also, your positive self talk should focus on your self-image characteristics such as the following:

Great Positive Self-Talk and Self Affirmation Examples:

  1. I am a 10 today and I was a 10 yesterday. Tomorrow, I’m going to be a 10
  2. I enjoy listening and learning whether I can help others desperately in need
  3. I am in control of my destiny and this job is just my uniform for a time
  4. No one has access to hurt me because I won’t let them hurt me
  5. I have so much value to give others and they can’t wait for me to reach out and connect
Examples of effective Positive Self-Talk

Daily affirmations are no longer available.

We've created several daily affirmations customized for sales professionals. They won't make you millions, but they'll help remind you why you being a 10, everyday, is in your control and NO ONE can get to you, unless you let them. Sign up for Daily Affirmations by email. You are a 10! Woo hoo! Taa…

YOUR BONUS: Sales Professional Daily Affirmations by Email. Sign-up. Say it once a day.

In this topic, we covered…

If you find yourself saying negative things about yourself, then you’re in Negative Self talk land. Sometimes you know you are in self-talk land when the voice in your head sounds like a parent or early authority figure.

Negative Self Talk and self-criticism will pull your self-image down. If you hear the voices, stop working, take a walk. Negative self talk is a great signal to change your behavior and raise your self image!

A different perspective: Negative Self-Talk should trigger Positive Self-Talk

In this topic, don’t forget…

You’ve raised your self-image and you’re flying on cloud 9! You are already the King and Queen of your world and no one can bring you down…at least you don’t think so. however, even if you avoid negative self talk, you still have other agents aka people who can’t wait to bring you back down to their level.

As a rule, when folks see someone happy, they’re always curious to see whether that person can be just as unhappy as they are. Think of when you call a customer service line how much you want to pass along your anger at the company and you understand the risk of losing your self-image when you interact with people on the phone.

Next: The big problem of protecting your attitude from other people

How do you think I felt after that call…?

ROLE PLAY: Corey takes out his frustration in life by hanging up on me.

In this topic, we covered…

Have you ever had one of those moments that when you ended a conversation, you felt that someone just rode over you with the biggest Monster-truck 4×4 you could ever imagine? They were so determined to pull you down that they couldn’t wait to listen to you apologize and slink away or infuriate you so they could have the last word?

How can you tell if you’re in a game? You can tell you are in Drama Triangle game when you experience someone speaking to you from one of three positions:

  • Victim
  • Persecutor
  • Rescuer

However, they are not being sincere or honest. They are playing games to try to get you off the phone or worse, manipulate your self-image!

Call the game with gentle and uncritical observation. Power plays are part of the games that people play with each other. The solution is to observe the games people play on your calls and stop the games by calling out the behavior in non-critical language. There’s nothing we would love more than winning against anyone on our calls, but we need to stay above the fray so we don’t get caught in games ourselves.

An example script that stops the game: Hello ________ . I hear what you’re saying. However, I get the feeling that you really don’t want to help me… Is that what’s happening here?”

Preview 04:55

The Stephen Karpman Drama Triangle

The Karpman Drama Triangle
1 page

The Rescuer strikes…

Corey is a busy executive and he’s out the door. He offers to take my name and number without first sharing time to speak. We call the game to re-schedule at a time convenient to him.

ROLE PLAY: Corey Plays Role of the Rescuer in the Drama Triangle

YOU ASKED FOR MORE ROLE PLAYS around Drama Triangle and we made some!

Alex is playing the Victim and I can play the victim too, but I call the game and stop it so that we can re-schedule our meeting and I can continue moving on to other customers. 

Calling the game is a specific strategy to stopping games.

ROLE PLAY: Alex is is flaking out on our meeting that we had scheduled and playing the victim

A Bonus perspective…

Calling games not only maintains your healthy self-image, but it also changes the pattern thinking of your prospects. Prospects are programmed to retaliate against people who don’t listen and don’t respond honestly. Calling out power-play games puts you in an equal footing of Adult-to-Adult communication that interrupts preset patterns of behaviors. Interrupting behavior patterns helps your prospect think about you and how to help you get what you need.

Another, yet important perspective on Power Plays
+ Module 2: Doing the right behaviors
10 lectures 22:56

We’re ready to start again

Now that we have tools to make sure we’re ready to be a 10 we’re ready to start on to the next step. We’ll talk about behaviors, but before we start, we are going to check our self-image with a quick dose of positive self-talk.

I’m a 10 and I’m going to complete this behaviors section no matter what the effort required of me. I will NOT give up on myself because I’m a 10.

Before we start this module, we need a head check

What did we learn in this topic…

Theory: The theory of Paradoxical Intention or Logotherapy founded by Dr. Vikor Frankl. The theory says that we’ll feel good about ourselves and conquer our phobias when we decide to do the thing that scares us even more than we thought possible. When we feel good, we’ll believe that we’re good and we’ll judge the world around us from this perspective. This judgement will lead us to do more actions, a reinforcing feedback loop. Alternatively, when we don’t do the actions, we will use up will-power trying to maintain our attitude. Reduced willpower will lead to weaker attitude, weaker and negative beliefs and then judgements.

Using the Theory of Paradoxical Intention

Using the Theory of Paradoxical Intention

Using the Theory of Paradoxical Intention
1 page

What did we learn in this topic…

In order to conserve willpower, Henry Morton Stanley was famous for his pre-commitment to completing his journey and his path: “I will not be deterred. I will finish. Death will not stop me. I will not die.” However, to conserve will-power, Stanley stuck to a routine of shaving and taking care of himself. He completed the small, mundane, but critical human tasks required of him, each day, that allowed him to survive and not let his dire situation overwhelm his attitude. You must assemble a system of deliberate, specific, actions that will keep you on your path and allow you to conserve willpower as you run your campaigns and talk to customers.

Do you see how powerful this loop can be?

I’m a 10 and I’m going to pre-commit to finishing all the individual activities around my cold call campaigns.

3 1 3 Willpower 19

What do you need to do to manage your campaign…

Find yourself thinking that the actions and your campaign is too much to handle or too big to manage? Feeling like a 10, but strength feels to be sapped because you have your own jungle of tasks to cross? You slowly feel like you’re losing a positive attitude? You want to jump into bed right now?

The solution to big mountain tasks of cold-calling into your market is to break up your daily campaign into segments or tasks. For example, if you need to call 100 people to get 1 appointment scheduled for another call, then schedule AND PRE-COMMIT to complete ONLY 20 calls per day for 5 days. Create a spreadsheet form with the number of dials you will attempt. After completing your calls, then put on your Einstein hat and analyze your call success. Repeat each day for 1 week to determine your call success and impact.

Managing your Call activities with a Cold Call System Worksheet

Now that our activities are ready…

You still need to figure out what you’re going to say on your calls. It’s my view that you should talk as little as possible on your cold calls. Your prospects get very impatient and annoyed on your calls because you don’t have an established relationship. You need to build one by giving them lots of time to express themselves.

Also if you have a Self-Image of a 10, you love to listen!

Next Step: Preparing to speak on your calls

The legal framework of your Cold Calling Contract…

You just need to speak only 30% of the time on any scheduled phone calls with your prospect. You’ll let the prospect talk for the other 70% of the time. That means that if you have 2 minutes to get your point across, you’ll only be able to talk for about 40 seconds! With only 30 – 40 seconds, you can only share the most critical information that your prospect should hear and gladly stop talking.

In a tough economy, everyone is under pressure and out of time to talk to strangers on the phone. How do you make sure that you have a script framework that will work every time? You need an Cold Call Contract!

What is a contract? A contract is an agreement between two or more parties that has the following characteristics

This means that there is an exchange event among all the parties. Everyone gives and receives as part of the exchange. No one is left out.

Objective, Agenda, Time, Expectations & Decision
This means that there is an objective or aim to the agreement. There is an agenda or list of items to be addressed. There is a time limit with specific expectations on performance.

Agreement between 2 parties/Mutual Consent
A contract must have consent. That is all parties must agree to to the terms that made up the stuff described beforehand

Competency or Reasonable. Actors who can act on the agreement.
Competency means that the agents in the agreement are capable of making a decision! This means that you don’t do Cold Call contracts with Gatekeepers unless they are competent to give you what you need!

Lawful object which is specific
Keep it professional and keep your contract specific and bounded.

Preview 03:21

The Cold Call Contract: 10 Seconds
Would it be okay if I took 30 seconds to tell you why I’m calling and you can decide if we should continue the conversation?

The Consideration and Agreement: (30 Seconds)

  1. Your 30 Second introduction
  2. The Prospect answers whether you both may continue
Demonstrating the Cold Call and Up-Front, Contract Power

Corey is a busy executive on his way out the door. He doesn’t have time to chat, but we were able to schedule a follow-up meeting based on us enforcing the Cold Call Contract we discussed.

ROLE PLAY: Corey and I role play a successful Cold Call with Contract

A Bonus perspective…

Cold Call and UpFront Contracts are empower your cold call target to feel in control of the conversation. Your prospect may feel so good about your gently sharing a few minutes that they may offer you a job or may refer you to new call targets or even thank you for respecting their time. You won’t come across as a regular salesperson because regular salespeople like to hear themselves talk and aren’t Self-Image 10s that don’t need to be pushy and demanding.

One day I was calling an Internet publishing company. When I went through my up front contract, the prospect said that he felt relief that I wasn’t going to abuse his time and that he wanted to know whether I could train his sales team. I just wanted to contract, but the relationship started immediately with a prospect who felt no pressure to continue. I had to turn down the job, but we got to a sales contract with that prospect, very fast.

Another, yet important perspective on Cold Call Contracts. A job offer story
+ Module 3: The dark-ninja caller techniques
6 lectures 18:54

Is your head on right?

Now that we have tools to make sure we’re ready to be a 10 we’re ready to start on to the next step. We’ll talk about techniques which are the secret sauce that makes a great cold call recipe taste great. However, before we start, we are going to check our self-image with a quick dose of positive self-talk.

A free Positive Affirmation:I’m a Boss. I’m a 10 and I’m going to complete this techniques section no matter what the effort required of me. I will NOT give up on myself because I’m a 10 and my technique will be like a Boss.

Before we start you know the drill: Getting our attitude right

In this topic we learned that…

Gatekeepers, either electronic or human, have a job to do. Their job is filter access to high-level prospects including C-Level executives. Their main loyalty is to their ROLE as Gatekeepers. Thus, Gatekeepers are trained to spot cold-callers and sales executives and earn extra feel-good points when they shut them down.

However, as a internal-10, you’re not some ordinary cold-caller! You’re not some regular Account Rep. You’re a 10 and you need the right techniques to signal to your Gatekeeper that you’re on the same level as the Gatekeeper’s Boss.

Preview 02:03

In this topic we learned that…

If you are a Self-Image of a 10, you can take on the Role of C-Level Executive calling another C-Level executive, but meeting the assistant along the way!

    • Be slightly annoyed and frustrated. Seek immediate Help to get to your prospect
      • This is important. Busy executives don’t want to spend time on the phone schmoozing assistants and gatekeepers. If you’re busy trying to make friends with a Gatekeeper, you will easily fall into salesman category.
      • If you ever worked as an assistant, recall how you felt when busy authoritative executives called to get to your boss. Did you enjoy making them wait?
    • Use first names only – yours and theirs
      • When greeting a gatekeeper, ask or confirm their first name
      • Do not give your last name on the first request. When pressed for your last name, your position should be a frustrated and exhausted executive who does not fit the pattern
      • Do not offer your company name in your greeting
    • Research backgrounds of your targets before you call and identify any special names
      • Good preparation before you call will mean you can determine whether your prospect has any particular pet names. Sometimes a quick check online via LinkedIn or another resource should provide that information
    • Don’t answer the Gatekeepers questions. Break the pattern of giving answers to their questions
      • If you’re a 10 on the inside, then you don’t take anyone pushing you around for information
      • Don’t answer the gatekeepers question
      • Simply ask to be connected immediately
      • If a gatekeeper begs that they must follow procedure, you may submit your information, but only because you must do so to get ahead
    • Go literal on trite questions. do not answer them
      • Trite questions include the following
      • “Does she know you or your company?”
      • Literal Response: “I don’t live in her head and think for her”
      • “What company are you with?”
      • Literal Response: “I’m with my own company”
      • “What’s your full name?”
      • Literal Response: “My full name is my First Name”
      • “Is he expecting your call?”
      • Literal Response: “I don’t organize his calendar of calls”
Gatekeeper Secret Techniques that will make you squirm!

In this topic we learned that…

Remember: A person with an internal self-image of a 10 will not waste time trying to impress a prospect, via voicemails. Voicemails are used for only 1 person, to illicit a response call or to prepare a prospect for more information.

      • Share Your Sense of Urgency & Maintain Brevity
        • Very Important People have limited time and attention assets. They intend to maximize these assets and will partner with others who help them achieve their mission. They will disconnect from those who impact that mission. Your voicemails should be less than 1 Minute and should sound urgent
      • Express sincere curiosity
        • People LOVE to help others who are lost or sincerely seeking to learn and understand. Smart and successful people LOVE to teach. Express your desire to truly understand your prospect’s needs and whether they should chat with you
      • Invoke Social Proof with Third Party Stories
        • A Brief Story should be critical information that someone can digest in 1 minute or less
        • Social Proof stories are powerful, but should be about people that matter and not about companies
      • Use Top-Down Internal Referrals ONLY
        • Referrals should NEVER be bottom-up
        • Referrals should always be honest and with permission
Counter-intuitive Voicemail techniques: Bosses only

In this topic we discovered the brochure problem…

A great tactic prospects use to get sales executives off the phone is the famous quote:

“This sounds very interesting and I want to chat more. Can you send me …..

      • A brochure
      • A whitepaper
      • A Powerpoint deck
      • A URL to your website
      • A Demo Login
      • An overview email
      • Put your own special / funny request here _______________

YOU feel the pressure to give something away because your prospect has just heard your up front contract and has told you that they want to keep talking with you, but now they want you to send them a brochure! They want you to give them something to read. You know when you hear this someone’s trying to tell you to buzz off! You’re Self-Image feels like it’s dropping!

Watch out that you'll get shut out with brochure requests.

In this topic we discovered the brochure problem…

Treat brochure requests as Karpman Drama Triangle: Rescuer
If you are asked for a brochure let your prospect know how you feel about brochures as ways for folks to try to get you off the phone and not really of any interest or need for the prospect.

The scripts that stops the game:

Hello ________ . I understand that you requested a brochure. However, usually when people ask me for a brochure, it’s to get me off the phone and to never speak again. Is this what’s happening?

Hello ________ . I understand that you requested a brochure. Would you want to inform me of what brochure information you need and how you would use that information.

Dealing with pesky requests for brochures!
+ It's a Wrap: Congratulations!
1 lecture 04:33

Congratulations on Finishing the Course!

We’re wrapping it all up after another great course!

  • Cold Calling is part of an integrated marketing plan that gets you in front of your prospects.
  • Your sales Role is just your uniform for the day. Your self-image needs to be always a 10
  • You don’t have to talk too much. Talk 30% of the time. Let your prospect targets talk the remaining 70% or more!
  • You will meet Gatekeepers everyday. Remember, they aren’t the same level as you because you and your prospects are equals
  • Use your Cold Call Contract or flap in the wind of Cold Call uncertainty
It's a Wrap: Congratulations!