Coach : no dieting | 3 step weight MASTERY! Do it NOW 4 U!
4.6 (11 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
4,101 students enrolled

Coach : no dieting | 3 step weight MASTERY! Do it NOW 4 U!

Sick & tired of dieting? Ketosis this, South beach that-What? TIME to master YOUR weight; BODY TRANSFORMATION! *PART 1
4.6 (11 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
4,101 students enrolled
Created by Tamantha Williams
Last updated 9/2019
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  • 2 articles
  • 40 downloadable resources
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What you'll learn
  • To SUCCEED, not just in the diet YOU chose but in maintenance AS WELL. To END YO-YO Diets - to chose a weightloss plan using an informed decision making process, then putting a plan in place for the implementation of the regulated diet to ensure YOUR WHEELS DO NOT COME OFF and finally what it takes mentally to SUCCEED at this!
  • Exactly the information that YOU will need, to not only chose a diet, but follow one and MASTER the transformational process.
  • Clarity will be given on the MMM system which enables a workable solid foundation to a regulated diet.
  • Understand the foundation of wellness - it may have little to do with 'THE DIET', willpower and discipline...
  • Enable you to make informed choices and thoughts suitable to SUCCESS - understanding why failure is normal in the world of dieting and how not to become a statistic.
  • Remove fat and gain sustainable health, wellness & vibrancy by applying the MMM systematic approach.
  • Be able to pick the RIGHT diet based on current context and life journey.
  • Make use of support SUPPLIED documentation to keep on track - without measurement how would we be knowledgeable of progress?
  • Tap into a community of support on your transformational journey - YES, WE WANT TO HELP YOU!
  • Get to grips with MAINTENANCE... removing the fat may just be the easiest part, keeping it off is vital!
  • This course is not about nutritional adivse ONLY, or diet stipulation, in fact no diets are recommended for anyone to chose. It is about YOU and YOUR success that should last a life time if done in the MMM System way..
  • Laws of the mind and how the influence of attitude can bolster success - THERE IS THEORY as knowledge is POWER.
  • OPEN MINDEDNESS to take on a regulated diet with a solid SUPPORT system in place.
  • An absolute DESIRE for transformation - body, mind and soul.
  • Willingness to be coached AND supported.
  • ANYONE who have been driven to INSPIRED DISSATISFACTION with the commercial status quo regarding diet to do's.
  • Willingness to DO THE WORK to take themselves out of the domino effect of 'on-diet' and 'off-diet'


***With on 9 hours of video lectures, over 40 resources COACHING fantastic dieting strategies, including a JOURNEY JOURNAL available to you forever, this is one of the most comprehensive body transformational courses you will find.***

YOUinsideOUT Academy welcomes YOU



Loser at diets – age 42

“So the day I decided to call Tam, I made it clear that I wanted results – I had failed miserably before, I did not want a coach, I only wanted to change this body with the right tools. Soon after I met Tam I learnt that the consultation was vital, she always had an answer, a suggestion, direction, light in a somewhat dark tunnel always coaching me in a direction of success on my journey. I lost 23kgs with her and could not be happier, as a Mom of 3 busy children, this has made all the difference!”

Teresa Smit

Claiming my life – age 24

“Tam’s plan is difficult at times and needs your undivided attention and complete commitment. I might not be there yet, but I know I am on a journey of loving me and my life again and I do love this process. Tam coaches me weekly, she holds my hand, she does not fix me, she helps me transform myself”

Sandy Erasmus

Addicted – age 37

“I was always the happy one, most of my life I hid the inner turmoil and my attempt to stay on track in life, most of the time I found myself in dark places that led to greater insecurities and led to even worse dependencies…. couple of months forward, Tam’s support was in fact the answer, she became my consciousness on a weekly basis, my soundboard and my learning curve on how to work things out. My life changed. My thanks to her, never was she dogmatic, judgemental or micro managing, she knew… if it is to be, it is up to me.”

Business Owner

This YOUinsideOUT certified Coach : no diet Part 1 course MAY take you on YOUR journey of holistic transformation in body mind and soul allowing YOU to learn the absolute essential foundational steps of a MMM system in a dietary coaching framework.  This process will allow YOU as an individual to firstly learn and go through what any customer needs to go through, BENEFITING along the way, experiencing first hand what it takes to be successful in any regulated diet.  This then, if required by you, becomes the groundwork to take on a second part of the Coach : no diet journey,which is focused in on becoming a Transformational Coach - YES, it is time to GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY!

Life can be a university of hard knocks,  most people tend to get stuck in a grove and keep grooving,  YOUinsideOUT looks past the grove and supports transformation of body mind & soul.  With this course, Coach : no diet we help individuals find THEIR sweet spot in life when it comes to looking AND feeling great!  This is one of many courses to be hosted by the YOUinsideOUT Academy, looking at life and the marvelous journey it has to offer us. 

This IS:  PART 1 of a series of coaching courses given by YOUinsideOUT, Coaching yourself firstly to better health, then from there on,  coach anyone!

Why are we in such need for transformational coaching, not only in ourselves but those around us?  Today, one of the leading causes of death is OBESITY, obesity is not just about FOOD, it has EVERYTHING to do with MIND BODY & SOUL.  Just like you CANNOT outrun your fork, you cannot outlive your thoughts!  It is now understood world wide that our thoughts have massive impact on our actions and therefore our results.  Every thought that comes sailing through our mind has a strongly connected emotion to it, sometimes we ARE aware of it (because we FEEL IT)  and sometimes we are unaware of it, it then slowly and subtly makes its way to our subconscious allowing it to occupy valuable space.  Each of these thoughts emotively feed every thought and recurring thought thereafter which leads us to behave and act in a certain way, which then naturally leads to success or failure or just existence, be that positive or negative.   

The primary goal of Coach : no diet is to teach an individual or a prospective practitioner in training, to approach transformation of body mind and soul in a holistic manner, the use of the MMM System allows us to take on our own personal journey - after all, we have our own individual fingerprint, therefore we SHOULD have a personalized journey? 

By the end of the course,

*you can kick AVERAGE DIETING to the curb, stop the YO YO dieting and know that with this system in place, you can take on and achieve any regulated diet achieving the figure YOU WANT.

*you will understand yourself and your choices a lot better empowering every decision you make from here on out when it comes to nutrition, health & dietary choices.

*you will have the roadmap to allow transformation in yourself and others, that forms part of the groundwork to BEING a Transformational Coach.

This course by YOUinsideOUT Academy is comprised of many schools of thought, from understanding the teachings of nutrition by renowned thought leaders, to practical applications of working with the mind, conscious and subconscious to facilitate transformation and students who are less than fully satisfied with the course are welcome to claim a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who has GIVEN UP on gaining their health and bodies back. YOU DESERVE MORE - come and see
  • Anyone who is tired of hearing "you just need to eat LESS and exercise MORE!!"
  • Open minded individuals who are willing to take an HOLISTIC approach in body mind and soul TRANSFORMATION.
  • Whether it is to eliminate stubborn body WEIGHT, or understand the journey of a regulated diet, or if you have an interest in how our energy blocks our health transformation, this is the course for you!
  • UP for a CHALLENGE!? Each student get's a special invite - check out the BONUS seciton of the course
  • As this is Part 1 of this course, anyone who is interested in becoming a certified 'Coach : no diet' instructor, this will be a valuable course to have under the belt to assist you in adequately supporting OTHERS on their JOURNEY. Keep an eye out for Part 2.
Course content
Expand all 43 lectures 08:49:49
+ Introduction & Expectations
7 lectures 01:00:00

Time to stop the YO-YO diet cycle, join us on a journey of self exploration, here we introduce you to the YOUinsideOUT Academy, and the course Coach : no diet Part 1, we explain the importance of having the MMM System in place and introduce you to what the course will cover and by who.  Sick and tired of the diet-super-highway? Let us take YOU on a different road.

Preview 09:07

Yes it is... If you have found Coach : no diet Part 1, chances are you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and need some weight removal - or, you are in search of a support system to deal with people you know need transformation.  Let us look at why you should join us, and no, we are not going to stick you on a specific diet of OUR choice...  This lecture will get you to mindfully make a decision for YOUR best interest.  After all, what do you have to loose? 

Preview 06:38

Are you aware that you are now on a JOURNEY of a LIFETIME?  This journey is made up of many battles and victories along the way.  We look at HOW the MMM SYSTEM becomes a victory lesson and HOW it is applicable on YOUR journey and WHY a strong foundational approach is so important.  The only question left is, would you like to be a hero in your own journey?

Course Outcomes

The importance of knowing what drives YOU and YOUR behaviors is the FIRST step towards TRANSFORMATIONAL (and Coaching) success.  Time for a quick assignment!  We then shed light on your results after all the Assignments are done!  NOTE:  Results are added in the Resource section for you to print and keep, BUT do the work FIRST...

STOP! Wait a minute! PART 1
Please answer the following TRUE AND FALSE 10 (of 25) questions. Feel free to share more information for discussion purposes. This is Part 1 of 3 to determine your emotive eating style which we will discuss and explain in Lecture 5.
WHAT type of EMOTIVE eater are YOU, PART 1
10 questions
Continue with questions 11 - 20 answering TRUE or FALSE. Then continue to Part 3 for the final 5 questions.
WHAT type of EMOTIVE eater are YOU PART 2
10 questions
As per Assignment 1 and 2, please complete TRUE or FALSE for each of the following 5 questions.
WHAT type of EMOTIVE eater are YOU? PART 3 FINAL
5 questions

The assignments are discussed and explained and some interesting information is shared.

STOP! Wait a minute! PART 2

Overview of the 6 sections to follow.  An added note to connect on our social platform, Facebook Community page YOUinsideOUT.

Unwrap what is to come...

Link to Udemy support and some basic information for YOU.

Course instructions and Udemy Support
+ Let us get our teeth into WHY we get FAT
8 lectures 01:51:19

The 7 sizzling myths besides other jaw droppers.  Learning to ask the tough questions when someone states THEIR 'truth'

'Mythical' TRUTHS?

We look at our 'connection' to the Neanderthal human, why are they to blame?  Then we deconstruct our domino cycle and figure out how to cheat our OWN system.

Who is responsible?

Assessment of challenges that exist in our body and the impact on OUR weight removal ability.  Part 1 of this lecture requires your involvement 100%.  Written HOLISTIC Assessment of current body condition.

We are energy beings - the basics

After the personal HOLISTIC assessment, we give a brief general explanation of each area that has impact on our lives, and address toxicity.

We are energy beings - part 2

Clarity is given on the 7 areas, then attention is paid to where we carry our fat.

Energy Beings Explanation

Clarity on the words DIET, FAT LOSS & WEIGHT LOSS.  We expose are frightful comparison.  Clarity is given to the societal misconceptions and how to see diet as either DIE - T OR DIET.

Diet | a 4-letter word

Let us have a look at society and what we THINK is correct.

Dissecting SOCIETAL interactions, reactions and behaviors on diets.

A WRAP UP of section 2 and a couple of reminders.

Let us get started on YOUR journey
+ MMM | Coach : no diet | clarification of the SYSTEM
3 lectures 20:32

Clarity is shed on our fight or flight response, what is our response and why does this happen?

mmm | fight or flight?

Placing our personal journey in context. - Call to action

mmm | a journey within

Clarity on a commitment AND YOUR commitment is made.

mmm | one giant step
+ 'MAKE'
7 lectures 01:36:23

Introduction into Section 4... buckle down, transformational work on its way to you!  Your choice of a regulated diet can lead you to success or failure

Point of departure

3 Tips & 6 important questions to answer as your assignment to determine, why diet, what diet, and OH MY WORD... I need a diet???!  Time to answer a few questions to facilitate the correct choice.

Tips & Questions

A PAUSE, assessment of where we are.  A lot has been covered, we ask WHY?

Familiar vs. Unfamiliar

Basic understanding of the food groups but with an applicable edge. 

Let's talk nutrition, BRIEFLY!

Knowledge = empowered choices, empowered LIFE.

Foody facts

We get clarity on these little critters, how do they facilitate the expanding waistline?

Hormones - you gotta love 'em!

There is no one shoe fits all policy in dieting.  Lets look at coffee, exercise, age, health, sleep, water, stress etc.

Wisdom through the ages
+ 'ME'
6 lectures 01:13:43

An introduction to the ME- METHODOLOGY part of this course and why this is an important part of the MMM System.  We then get to grips with the 'Domino-cycle' of getting rid of fat. 

What's not WRITTEN, is NOT TRUE

Rules and Regulations, Time frame and diary, Habitual changes.  All these make a difference and are the foundational items of the METHODOLOGY.

NOTE: Journal included - all add on assessments for Section 5 are in this Journey  Journal Resource.

Out of the STARTING blocks

We look carefully at support, and get clarity on what CAUSES transformation within the MMM System.

Support - the good the bad and the ugly.


Training will be done in this lecture.  Ways of determining better weight and health in comparison to the standard scale weight.    How we measure and how it IMPACTS our journey.

Now it IS time to MEASURE based on YOUR JOURNEY.


Logging of everything, there are of course 2 options, electronic or written.  We discuss these and which may be best for you if any.  For those who find themselves 'STUCK' on their journey, this is the best recipe for 'UNSTUCKING'.

Great tips on how to USE logging to your advantage.


Closing of Section 5, a brief summary of how far you have come, what you have completed and where to from here... MIND!

Measurables in CLOSING
8 lectures 02:17:32

Clarity on HOW marvelous YOU ARE!  An introduction of what is to come.

MARVELOUS, yes you are!

YOU are everything & MORE.  We start on the journey of being 'MARVELOUS', this is the MIND section of the Course.  The last M of the MMM System.  7 key factors in mind.


We discover how attitude does affect ALTITUDE.   Tools and Document available in resources to cast clarity and assist on your journey.

NOTE:  Be sure to download the forgiveness subliminal in preparation for what is to come.

The Subliminal 7

Clarity on BODY, MIND & SOUL, how does energy flow?  What has LOVE got to do with it anyways?

Holistic approach & LOVE

What are the laws of the MIND that influence your dietary success, health and wellness?  A logical look at how to be successful using LAWS.

Laws of the MIND

Time to take YOUR power back.  Are we living back to front, outside in?  Let us look at the influences around us and what we CAN CONTROL.


Powerful intervention for removing NEGATIVE ENERGY blocks that hold you where you are and one of the reasons why we do get stuck IN our diets, our relationships and life in general.  Time to get vulnerable.


What 'NO' has done for us and application of PMD

| NO | and the impact thereof
+ Implementation SUCCESS and LONGEVITY
4 lectures 30:19

Each section TO DO'S.


Maintenance and TOP TIPS to evading regulated diets FOREVER.

Longevity MMM


*** BONUS *** Unhealthy FAT be gone | Coach : no diet *** BONUS ***

Find all the reference links required and a list of books for your benefit in the resource section of this lecture.

AND ANOTHER *** BONUS *** :::::: Are YOU a 'chocoholic? Fun quiz, but if this is something you struggle with, feel free to take part in this quiz and LET US KNOW how you did.

Love and light on your journey

Tamantha Williams

***BONUS 2***Thank you! It has been an honor and privilege ++++ LINKS ++++