Cloning Vectors

Gene cloning vectors in r-DNA technology
Different Conning vectors used in gene cloning techniques.


  • Basic biotechnological concepts
  • Be able to know r-DNA technology


Cloning vectors are used for transferring fragments of foreign DNA into a suitable host. They play an important role in selecting recombinants from non-recombinants. The vector contains features that allow for the convenient insertion of a DNA fragment into the vector or its removal from the vector, for example through the presence of restriction sites. The vector and the foreign DNA may be treated with a restriction enzyme that cuts the DNA, and DNA fragments thus generated contain either blunt ends or overhangs known as sticky ends and vector DNA and foreign DNA with compatible ends can then be joined together by molecular ligation. After a DNA fragment has been cloned into a cloning vector, it may be further subcloned into another vector designed for more specific use. There are many types of cloning vectors, but the most commonly used ones are genetically engineered plasmids. Cloning is generally first performed using Escherichia coli, and cloning vectors in E. coli include plasmids, bacteriophages (such as phage λ), cosmids, and bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs). Some DNA, however, cannot be stably maintained in E. coli, for example very large DNA fragments, and other organisms such as yeast may be used. Cloning vectors in yeast include yeast artificial chromosomes. All these cloning vectors are explained well in this course along with their characteristic features.

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  • Introduction to Cloning Vectors
  • History and features of cloning vector
  • Types of Cloning vector and Plasmid vector
  • Bacteriophase cloning vector
  • Cosmid cloning vector
  • Yeast Artificial Chromosome (YAC) and Bacterial Artificial Chromosome (BAC)
  • Human Artificial Chromosome (HAC) and Retroviral Vectors


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