Cisco IOS Security: Guide to Implement a Basic Firewall

Learn How to Use your Cisco router or switch Firewall Capabilities
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Fully implement and configure IOS security features
Numbered and Named Access-Lists in Detail
Standard and Extended Access-List in Detail
Reflexive Access-Lists with Example
Policy-Based Routing
Access-List Features (Logging, Packet Drops, ...)
Authentication, Authorization & Accounting (AAA)
Privilege Levels
Class-maps in Detail
TCP Intercept in Detail
Context-Based Access Control (CBAC)
Router IP Traffic Export (RITE)
Zone-Based Firewall in Detail
And more!


  • Basic knowledge about Cisco IOS
  • If on GNS3, know how to create a topology in this environment


This course is all about IOS security and all features that you can find to harden your router and switch and use your router as a firewall so that you don't have to invest your precious dollars on a firewall device!

I have explained all commands in detail so that you can easily get a grab on that feaure. If you cannot find a feature, this means either it is obsolete and a better feature replaces that or I have forgotten to include it. In the latter case, I will be more than happy if you let me know what you want and I will add it to the curriculum.

I have used GNS3 for the simulation. However, you can execute all commands on a real gear without any change.

Who this course is for:

  • CCNA, CCNP and CCIE students
  • Network engineers who would like to implement security concepts in their environment

Course content

6 sections34 lectures5h 30m total length
  • Course Summary
  • Diagram for the First Project
  • Configuration


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