CIE A Level PureMath 2-3 Modulus

Definition and property of modulus, solving equation and inequality which is including modulus
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CIE A Level Pure Math2-3 Modulus


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Cambridge International A Level Pure Math 2-3 Modulus

Modulua-1: definition of modulus, property of modulus, first two types of equation which is including modulus

Modulus-2: Past Paper Questions, Third type of equation which is including modulus

Modulus-3: Graph of modulus function y= I f(x) I where f(x) is linear

Modulus -4: First three types of inequality which is including modulus

Modulus-5: Past Paper Questions about inequality which is including modulus

Third type of inequality which is including modulus

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  • Cambridge International High School 12 Grade
  • Cambridge International A Level PureMath 2-3 Students

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