Chrysalis: Spirituality & Science United for Enlightenment
4.6 (5 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Chrysalis: Spirituality & Science United for Enlightenment

The Chrysalis Teachings, may be the path for you by expanding your mind to see a much larger picture of our beginnings.
4.6 (5 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
30 students enrolled
Created by Norma Hickox
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What you'll learn
  • Expand your mind and see a much larger picture of your beginning!. Step beyond the teachings of the centuries! These are the teachings that you have been waiting for. They are roadmaps for growth - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually - encompassing all spiritual disciplines (religions and new age).
  • Understand your dual nature by realizing that there really is two parts to you and both parts are on the path of growing and evolving right alongside of each other. What happens when one part is given more thought and energy than the other? Is this what is going wrong in our world today? Think about it!!
  • You will get an inside look at Big Bang with a look at the birth and development of our universe, galaxy, solar system, planet and humans. You will see the total perfection of the Creator’s Mind. You will also learn of the experiments by spacemen to produce a better form for the Creator’s spirit to enter. You will understand that the Garden of Eden was a Nutritional Experiment to enhance the mental capabilities of the evolving human. Discrepancies in the Bible are brought to light and an attempt is made to set the record straight about them.
  • You will be able to supplement what you learn in church. The present movement of people who believe in reincarnation and of the God Within (our inner being) is growing at a very fast pace. It is outdistancing any growth taking place in the churches. The churches are actually losing members to the new spiritual movement. It is definitely time that updated material be put forth in a logical way so the ordinary person can relate to it. At the same time those with more education can also find deeper meaning to their lives from it.
  • After finishing this course you will receive a "Certificate of Completion" enabling you to teach the Chrysalis Teachings in your home area. If you desire to do so, arrangements will be made.
  • QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS ???????????? If you have questions at the end of each section, please feel free to ASK THEM! They need to be of a general nature – no personal questions will be answered. Please send your questions to me by email and the answers will be posted in the discussions section where others may benefit from them also.
  • Everyone will need the following philosophy to gain the most from this course. To begin with You will need to agree with the following seven statements of belief.
  • I believe in one central Creator God. I believe in the eternalness of the divine soul of each. I note that this soul needs to have many classes on the earth to perfect itself before progressing on. I believe the trinity is to be found in each soul. I believe in the concept of the God Within each. I believe in stretching the horizons of the human mind in any way possible. I believe there is no value in prejudice or self-aggrandizement.
  • You will need to open yourself to experiencing new thoughts and get past the teachings instilled in you as a child. If you can do this, a whole panorama of your existence from the beginning of creation through all the stages of growth will open up before you.
  • Do you think you can handle the feeling of jumping off a high cliff? Sometimes it will be scary and other times it will feel beautiful in its perfection. All of it will serve to stretch your mind out into the ever-expanding universe and give you answers - some simple, some complex, but all of them logical.
  • Are you ready to begin your journey? Then Let's Do It!
  • Photography by Neil Hickox. Clip art used with permission from Microsoft.

The Chrysalis Teachings consist of three sections as follows:

In Windows on the Past you'll learn about:

  • the birth and development (creation & evolution) of the universe, galaxy, solar system, planet and humans
  • the “big bang," followed by a look at the Creator's mind
  • chakras and their influence on your health
  • the structure of your brain – dividing it into four parts instead of just two
  • the soul and its path through eternityincluding reincarnation
  • death and how we spend our time between lives on earth
  • misinterpretations in the Bible

In Journeys in the Present you'll earn about:

  • universal laws
  • seven gifts, virtues and concepts
  • attitudes, goals and karma
  • knowing yourself better
  • new thoughts on your health and healing
  • the progressive stages of the spiritual path
  • channeling and suggestions as to how to do it

In Pathways to the Future you'll learn about:

  • restructuring needed for all of society
  • starting a Chrysalis Center or a New Mystery School
  • the Science of Music and the new inventions to come from this science
  • Chrysalis Experimental Schools
  • SunScience and expanding the atom, not splitting the atom
  • Divine Science
  • A look at our future

This course will help you see a complete picture of where we (humans) came from, where we are now and where we are headed. The main focus of the teachings is to help everyone get a bigger picture of the purpose of life and offer hope and inspiration for our future.

Classes will be a mixture of Videos and Text Lectures with supplemental PDFs. At the end of this course you will receive a “Certificate of Completion," which will enable you to be a teacher of the Chrysalis Teachings. If you are interested in doing so, arrangements can be made for this to take your home area.

Who this course is for:
  • This is very important material for getting new non-denominational spiritual teachings to a vast audience – especially to our youth who have turned off from organized religions. It is pertinent for both new age and standard religions – many of whom are dissatisfied with old teachings but don’t know where to go for the new updated teachings.
  • This work is intended for all ages with parts of it applying to new born babies on up to the elderly. These teachings are for everyone – whether a member of a church or synagogue, a new ager, an atheist, someone interested in his spiritual progress or even someone just curious about the scientific aspects of creation and evolution.
  • These teachings are especially interesting to those who are ready to step out from the teachings of the past and need to have answers to their very profound questions. This course will give the answers. You need structure to your life and your studying and your growth path. These teachings are guidelines leading into the new society. They will help in all areas of restructuring behavior and give day to day help for you.
  • There will be no disparagement of the Bible. This new material is correcting misinterpretations that have been around too long. It will make the Bible more believable to have the fairy tales explained and updated with new evolutionary understanding. Many people today are afraid to let their friends and family know that they believe in the new teachings. They must be encouraged to stand up for what they believe. It hasn't been that long ago that people were burned at the stake for holding these beliefs. How much longer will humanity have to suffer the evils caused by unenlightenment?
  • If you are looking for a replacement for organized religion and feel the need to move on past the teachings of the churches then the Chrysalis Teachings, the path of the intelligent, reasoning mind, may be the answer for you.
  • It is time for humanity to take a huge leap forward in evolution, one of the quantum leaps and the Chrysalis Teachings will be one of the instigators of this quantum leap. Does this bring it home as to how important these teachings are?
  • This course can be done in your own home at your leisure. You will be learning things you will never learn going to church because the church does not have this material. Prepare yourself to step into the future! Step beyond the teachings of the centruies! Get logical explanations for what amounts to fairy tales! Open yourself to experiencing new thoughts! What are you waiting for?
  • This course is probably not for those who cannot get rid of preset ideas – old outdated thought forms from previous religious training. You must be able to agree with the following two premises: The first premise is that we all have an inner being, a soul, if you will, and it was never intended that we should loose contact with our Creator. This is done by contact with our inner being. The second premise is the reincarnation of the soul. This is not the reincarnation of your present personality, your outer being, but the reincarnation of your inner being, your soul.
  • You must be prepared to step out on your own. No church will be involved in the Chrysalis Teachings because the spiritual search must be an individual one. These teachings will stand alone on the basis of their integrity as the common-sense replacement for past authority figures. Their purpose is to explain things in simple language and terms, and show misinterpreted teachings.
Course content
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1 lecture 09:18

The timeline is an actual timeline that runs from the beginning of time to three hundred years into the future. I use the timeline as a dividing line between the physical world and the unseen, ethereal world. The line through the middle is the TimeLine of Eternity showing years. By putting the events in the physical world above this line I have attempted to correlate them with events shown underneath the line that happened at the same time in the ethereal or unseen world.

This will help you gain insight into the large unending universe. You learn how it all began, starting with an inside look at the “big bang.” From here you'll progress to a look at the Creator's mind and follow the birth and development (creation and evolution) of our universe, our galaxy, our solar system and our planet with the different kingdoms including the human kingdom.

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+ The Birth and Development of our Universe
2 lectures 17:35
  • This lecture gives you a look at the first evolving universe as though from the inside of the events looking out - an inside look at the “big bang.” It tells of the original vacuum where the vibration began that went through two seven stage buildups before exploding. You were part of this so I ask you to please put yourself in there with me as we go through the build-up leading eventually to the "big bang." Everything that is given from the point of the “big bang” on takes place in the seventh universe – our universe, the one that we eventually ended up in. The seventh universe of which our planet is a part is a transforming universe leading to the eighth universe, that of being one octave higher frequency than the first universe. It will have the same description as the first universe as being all the same, uniform frequency with one mind, only on an octave higher level. This new frequency will have embedded in it all that happened on the evolutionary journey from the first universe number one. This will give the frequency a depth and fulfillment and capacity for calmness; an enrichment that the first universe was incapable of having until it started on its path of transformation to an octave higher frequency.

You will learn the make-up of the Harmony of the Spheres. It all starts with the tiny black spot at the center of all universes. This tiny black spot is a tiny black hole of compressed space, and this is where the very high, most central, all powerful, original core of energy is to be found. The central core of the universe is the life force of all in it. It is made up of frequencies of energies that are so high in pitch that one second of a sound of them would split earth in half. Such a high frequency of pitch or vibration is unknown on the earth. This central core is the energy center of those extremely high frequencies. This energy is the Harmony of the Spheres.

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This section tells of the spread of the subatomic particles and the formation of an ice lattice which contained the particles. Because this lattice formed over the substance of which our universe was made, it preserved the integrity of the atomic bits of matter, you and me. In other words, we were not destroyed; we were allowed to live and to start the process of evolution because of this protective crystalline lattice. We are told of the formation of stars, planets and suns. We also learn of different motion patterns of the subatomic particles. As far as why these patterns are important, they lay out the pattern or shape of the crystalline structure of our elements, determining how they will combine to make minerals and how the energy will travel in the Prismatic Kingdom. An element will be the basic shape of the universe that it originated in. Some elements originated in the first universe and have the triangle bases, some in the second universe with the circle, etc. These basic shapes stay with the element when it combines with bits of ash or matter to form other elements. These shapes are very important to total understanding of future technology.

You will learn that patterns for human behavior and relationships come from atoms. Learning of their behavior can help solve relationship problems between humans. These thinking pin points of subatomic particles moved through all kinds of experiences in all the other universes before coming to our universe, the seventh. Some of the things they experienced are simply not fathomable by you and I. In some universes, they traveled constantly on their educational path. They do this traveling individually and in a set, predetermined pattern. Sometimes they are in a motion of spiking; sometimes they twirl, other times they are on a silent, smooth glide. They learn to conform to the traffic patterns they come into contact with and to never cause a collision. But there are many other things they learn. For example, one thing that they work diligently on in the third universe is increasing and decreasing their intensity at will. Give some thought to how all this might apply to your relationships with other people.

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+ The Birth and Development of our Galaxy
2 lectures 17:20

In this chapter we learn that when the original explosion occurred, at that time there was a “Mind,” the Creator's Mind. At the time of the big bang the Creator's mind was shattered into individual particles that drifted as clouds and began to form into galaxies. The excitement of the explosion, the sheer awe and wonder of this Mind, this first “thinking” being, with a body of energy for a form, was what caused the creation of everything and the tiny little central core that caused it all is still there. This is very difficult for us on the earth plane to grasp. An analogy here might be to compare the tiny hydrogen atom that is still at the center of all creation, to the grain of sand that's still in the center of the pearl as the pearl formed around it. The first Mind was developed, remember, in the original cocoon of vacuum by the beginning vibrations and was given birth into beingness during the explosion. This Mind expanded and set the pattern for all to come afterwards; all that has taken place since then originated in this Mind. These particles were once the “complete Mind” of the Creator that was present in the black hole beneath the Line of Demarcation. At the time of the nuclear explosion this Mind was shattered into individual particles. You and I and everyone were part of one of these particles. Due to the principle of “like attracts like” the particles grouped together as far as vibration went and began to form into galaxies, stars, planets and suns. Much of the original mind stayed contained within the black hole beneath the Line of Demarcation and controlled or patterned the particles that were drifting away into the vast cosmos with a pattern for the perfect mind.

You will learn that this Mind followed absolute perfection as far as reaction to scientific circumstances.This mind was pure. It is still so. The human mind, on the other hand, is subject to poison and clutter from the first moments of birth on. This is due to evolution; creation will always be pure, evolution will always be impure. Even though evolution is a scientific reaction to circumstances also, it, evolution is subject to influence. Pure creation is not subject to influence by others. Remember this at all times. You will also learn that the process of education followed in the central universe shows the variety of education and growth needed on the earth plane.

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The principle of “like attracts like” had come into play and the galaxies, stars, suns and planets were being formed. At the same time, the part of the spirit mind that was caught and swirling around in this process was given birth as the mind of our Oversoul. This was when Michael, our Creator God was born. He watched as our galaxy, the Milky Way, as we call it, came into being. He, as the Oversoul of our galaxy, will use it to gain His own spiritual growth. All the solar systems are afloat in their own “galaxy” or “sea of energy” that surrounds each individual stream off of the nuclear explosion that took place with original creation. Each ray or streamer makes up its own solar system; therefore, each solar system had a birth similar to the original. This birth for our galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy, was the Great Central Sun as the physical body and Christ Michael as the spiritual body. This was His beginning.

You will learn that Christ Michael, our Oversoul, is the force field of the Milky Way Galaxy. You are a thought-form of energy, spun off that Oversoul. Your soul is a child of the Oversoul, who is a child of the central core or God. There is no end or beginning of time or space. It is all one huge sphere. Your path is laid out and can be seen for a certain stretch until it goes over the horizon. A lot that happens to individuals cannot be changed, but some of it can be altered as these are lessons presented as your opportunities to grow and you have the free will to decide if you choose to learn the lessons this time or not. You always were and always will be the entity that you are now. The particles in your brain are your genes, pre-programmed with certain traits the same as the particles in the universe are pre-programmed as to kingdoms. Genes are a combination of human family traits infiltrated with the incarnating entity's energy. They are mixed. The human traits are there, of course, at conception, but have to be energized by the incarnating entity. This is a combination of traits of the zodiac sign and the personality ray. The influences of energy of the planets at the time of birth are what infiltrate the genes already present in the baby.

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+ The Birth and Development of our Solar System
2 lectures 15:59

At approximately 5 billion years ago, the events taking place were the formation of our sun and the birth of the planets in our solar system. The atmosphere of each planet is described as it is born. Our Creator God Michael describes His own birth and the birth of the planets and of His path of progress through these planets. There must be a pathway of twelve progressive planets in each solar system. Our scientists have not considered the fact that planets move in and out of orbit around different suns. Our sun, as our scientists know, is made up of many, many different kinds of gases. These gases have all the chemical elements in them to cause life to grow and flourish, not only on our planet but on all planets in our solar system. These chemicals can be pulled directly out of the sun's rays to do our healing, instead of manufacturing these chemicals into medicine. How to do this is quite advanced, but it is possible and in the future there will be equipment built that can do this.

We learn that our solar system cannot, will not stay in the form or shape our astronomers are wanting to lock it into. This is one of the biggest problem areas of misunderstanding as far as we humans go. We want everything to remain the same, unchanging forever. This can never be and the sooner this is realized and we learn to “go with the flow,” the quicker will come understanding of our world, our solar system, our universe, our total journey, its goal and its new beginning. If all things stood still, if we never grew older, we would rot in our forms as we are now and that would be the end of our existence. We should worship our changing existence as it is our saving grace. We also learn that the birth of the sun can be compared to the birth of a baby on earth. Actually each pregnancy has 12 levels, 9 inner & 3 outer. ( the spark has 3 months after birth to commit to that physical form.) Each school has its 12 levels, each year has its 12 levels, each incarnation has its 12 levels, each planet has its 12 levels, Oversoul, Michael, has 12 trips through 12 solar systems and we will have 12 levels in each of 12 planets to progress through.

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+ The Birth and Development of Planet Earth
1 lecture 14:40

The birth of planet earth coming out of a black hole was observed by other planets populated with evolved souls. Even then these planets had intergalactic communications and the birth of earth was an exciting event, a beautiful, fantastic sight. After planet earth's birth, when it burst up from the central core of energy as a terrifically hot ball, a swirling mass of fire, it began the process of cooling down, hardening and turning into rock. It was a long time after birth cooling enough to start the process of life on it. We are told of the development of the different kingdoms.

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+ The Birth and Development of Humans
2 lectures 24:08

This section takes a look at historical teachings from the perspective of space ships being present in the past. The actual start of human beings was when the divine spirits began to enter the refined animal forms to learn and experience the nature of earth. This took place on the fifth day Biblically speaking – the third round of inseminations. We learn of Lemuria and Atlantis. The divine sparks were whole (male and female) until the powers were stripped from man with the restructuring of the human form which took place after the destruction of Atlantis, (the story of Noah and the Ark). This was when it was determined that there needed to be a total, complete, sure way to have control of some sort over the entity after he or she had incarnated. New rules and regulations were needed concerning the entering of bodies. At this time the “Lord” – the Captain of the scientific expedition – realized that the new animal-man would repeat the same mistakes every time he reincarnated if the sealing of the kundalini was not done. (This was the story of the snake being told by the “Lord” that man would step on his head (seal the opening), and that he, the snake, would nip at the heels of man, (the wisdom would be put behind him). More explanations are given as to the material in the Bible.

You learn that earth is behind in progress. The new “pass of the oversoul” has started and most are only at third dimensional consciousness with some at fourth and fifth dimensional and very, very few at sixth and seventh, which is where all should be at this time. You will also learn that the experiments being done on animals now is an ongoing laboratory experiment by the planet Darius, which is in charge of this type of space exploration. These experiments are for breeding purposes. This is why the sex organs are cut out, but only for laboratory study purposes. It should not frighten us. The experiments are being done to try to produce a superior strain of humanity. These are genetic experiments. Hitler was, indeed, aware of this work, but he went berserk in his application of the incomplete knowledge he had and tried to speed the process up. It cannot be speeded up and the testing done on animals today won't be evident for thousands of years yet.

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We learn how genetic restructuring refined the human form. A controlled environment growing station was started so supplements did not have to be transported from other stars. This was the Garden of Eden which was actually a nutritional experiment. As man evolved out of the ape stage and started walking upright, the space ships would bring certain foods and chemicals to use on selected specimens, leaving them in their natural environment, but giving them this special help. The plant life native to earth was cross-bred with specimens brought from other planets. This is where most edible fruits and vegetables came from. Very few were native to the earth. The root vegetables were native, but most of the vines growing on earth were barren until they were cross-bred. There were some native fruit trees that developed, but some of them caused death when eaten and many of them were inedible. The fruits on them were small and hard and had no nourishment until crossed with stock from other planets. The Mineral Kingdom also had help from the space brothers, but not as much. It was pretty much as it is now, although their help was used to purify the water used to water the plants and vegetables to increase the amounts of minerals absorbed through the stems. The Garden of Eden was near the Sinai Desert and was irrigated with a tremendous irrigation system, bringing water from the distant Nile River. This lecture also tells of the race chosen for this experiment (the House of David) and continues with more explanations of Biblical misinterpretations.
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+ The New Creation
13 lectures 55:28
The New Creation actually started with the birth of Jesus and is still ongoing. It describes other events both before and after His birth that were supposed to help humanity learn the truths of their existence. You will learn of the different stages of the path and will also learn about our "rebirth into continuity" as being the true meaning of being "born again." It gives the ideal role of churches and each individual person's responsibility for forming "The New Creation.
The New Creation
36 pages

Chapter 1 – The Carpenter Shop

The material I gathered was given from one very close to the actual events (Joseph) and interpreted by one who has not had many incarnations colored by false religious interpretation. This would the higher aspect of my soul which I call the TimeTraveler. It seems that he has the ability to “be in touch” with my “spiritual family tree.”
Preview 04:11

Chapter 2 – His Love of Nature

I brought this material through by tapping into the life of Joseph, the father of Jesus who was part of the line of illumination, as shared with King David, which is my own particular communication line. I was reaching back that line and contacted Joseph before I did David because David was an ancestor of Joseph.

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Chapter 3 – Helping Others

The basic facts that each channel taps into are colored and elaborated on and influenced by the many incarnations of the person bringing the material through. Because the concept of Christ is such an emotional situation for most of the inhabitants of the earth plane, the material is colored by this emotion.

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Chapter 4 – Learning Lessons


If a channel had lived at the time of Christ and witnessed the crucifixion; he would be drawn to that aspect more so than someone who shared fishing with Him and did not witness the crucifixion. Then if either of these two people reenters and become involved with any of the different religions, they will pick up and color the material further with the different pictures of Christ that are postulated by the different religi
Preview 04:02

Chapter 5 - Animal Wisdom

Almost all material about Jesus is colored by the messenger, even the books of the New Testament. There will always be a certain amount of misinterpretation on channeled material due to the physical form it is brought through. Information can track through millennia accurately throughout until it reaches the earth plane.

Preview 05:33

Chapter 6 - The Jordan River

It is impossible to send utter truth through to any communicator. This must be accepted and the best that humanity is capable of should be strived for. The very best would be 95% of the material being accurate with the high average about 85%
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The chakras are simply energy centers, storehouses for the vibrating atoms, the first stirrings of life in the cosmos. The first chakra, the root, is eternal. The chakras are the organs of the ethereal body that surround the physical body while in incarnation and cross the line with the spirit between manifestation and non-manifestation. This is the way the passing of divine genes is accomplished. The physical organs of the body themselves - the actual flesh, blood and bones -are the means of passing physical genes.

You will learn of the relationship of the chakras to the organs of the physical body and how this knowledge can be used in healing. You will learn also that no one opens any chakra wide open all at once. If they do they will most certainly be in trouble. These chakras open one level at a time and when that energy is fully incorporated into daily like then, and only then, will the next level open.

Progress through the Chakras
27 pages

The animal-based brain is the motor function center of the physical body. Without it there would be no life, no body for the incarnating soul to enter to experience the earth plane. It is the control of this animal-based brain for usage by the incarnating soul that is of vital importance. The animal-based brain is a physical organ by which genes are passed from physical evolution. These genes are as thought-pictures passed from the parents. They are memories of traumatic and also very impressionable and inspiring happening to our ancestors. The human brain is not only divided into the right side and the left side, it is actually divided into four parts. The lower left division, sections 1-2-3 deals with our physical bodies (using instinct); the lower right, 4-5-6, our emotional bodies (using intuition); the upper left, 7-8-9, our mental bodies (using insight); and the upper right, 10-11-12, our spiritual bodies (using inspiration).

You will learn about these twelve levels or dimensions of the human mind. Most of humanity is functioning on the third level, (with a few at the fourth level), using only 20 to 25% of their brain capacity. This material tells you how to access the rest of the powerhouse built into your brain even to the point of flight in the physical body to take place, but only for a short distance..

Progress through the Brain
27 pages

The life lived on the first three planets was not of the kind that can even be conceived of by humanity. I’ll only say that it had an evolutionary plan like planet earth has. All three of the previous planets had their plans and still have their plans. Yes, life of some form is found on all planets, but is not recognizable by us as life, because we have nothing with which to compare it. The soul is spun off the seed core which is what is used over and over again on planet four with new physical forms and personalities for every incarnation. Your move through the rest of the planets is described - through planet five, where you progress to with your twin spark for healing and preparation for the rest of the journey. This is the plane that would come the closest to what people think of as heaven. The sixth planet is very beautiful, but all are alone. They cannot see or sense each other, they are totally alone. If they thought they were lonely on earth, they did not know what loneliness was. This is loneliness. The seventh planet will ever be the one to reach back to the fourth, planet earth. It is a helping, teaching and guiding planet. The eighth plane is one of separation, similar to the sixth, where you are alone, but know that others of like mind are near. It is not a feeling of loneliness as strong as the sixth plane was, in fact, it is quite exciting in its own way. Planets nine and ten have very few in them. On planet nine they plan the rest of the journey similar to planet six. The ones on ten are not that concerned with direct one to one helping of those clear back on planet four. They’re more concerned with helping those just behind them. The thoughts, the ideas from planet seven are the ones that those on planet ten wish to work with. This is the experimental station and this is where these thoughts will be tested and perfected, etc. On planet eleven, through with any experiments they planned and carried out on planet ten, they decide if theories were good or bad. They then move on to twelve where they graduate.

Life on the large planets is discussed and compared to the inner planes where we go at night. Using an electric fan could perhaps help with understanding the other planets (dimensions). When a fan is on its slowest speed we cannot see through it. As we gradually increase the speed of the blades we are more and more able to see directly through the fan to what is on the other side. Each planet can see and know that the ones below them in vibratory rate are solid physical matter, but not the ones above. It must be taken on faith, as it were, that the planets above us are as real to those on them as our planet is to us. You will learn that the Creator’s purpose in shattering himself was to learn and grow and evolve Himself and experience His planets. He could not do this as a whole mind. He had to individualize Himself in order to enter the animal/caveman bodies that populated the earth. Therefore, even though the soul is part of the Creator, it is not knowledgeable about life in manifestation. It, being a beginning piece of energy was total light or goodness – innocent and childlike about the ways of manifestation. Even though the Creator Himself had much wisdom and knowledge of spiritual ways, He did not have any experience as to being caught in matter. The soul, as a soul without physical form, did live on earth in the beginning. From the beginning of Creation until the manifestation of the human form the souls lived on earth as part of the evolutionary journey. They floated around in the air, they hovered just above the ground and moved or glided among the trees and above the water. They communicated with the animals when the animals began appearing. The soul is a necessary part of the physical form that is used on planet four, but was not present on the first, second or third planets and is not present after planet number four. This is a concept that will be difficult for people to understand at their stage of evolution.All schooling should follow the same pattern as what was given for the 12 planets.

The Soul's Journey
32 pages
+ Review of Windows on the Past
4 lectures 48:10

This lecture is a review of the material in Section 2.

Preview 07:12
This is a review of material in Section 2
Preview 13:38

This is a review of Section 3

Preview 12:51
This is a review of the material in Section 4

Preview 14:29
3 lectures 26:19

The Seven Gifts were bestowed on humanity at the beginning of the creation of humanity. The great teacher Jesus updated the Seven Gifts by showing how to more fully take advantage of them through living with the Seven Virtues. These Seven Virtues can be used as a behavior code and will serve as guides for your daily living. The teachings need to be updated once more to keep pace with evolutionary progress. This is why the Seven New Concepts have been given. A person must not try to assimilate too much at one time or they will be overwhelmed. One small step at a time will be the way, through the understanding of the Seven Great Gifts, the Seven Daily Virtues and the Seven New Concepts. The starting point is logically the Seven Gifts, but these must be interwoven with the Seven Virtues and the Seven Concepts. These will tie together into a philosophy for living in today's world.

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The new philosophy is one of transmuting your bad attitudes. This book will help you understand your attitudes, most of which are learned as a child, and how they relate to your spiritual progress. Instead of an IQ test there is 100 question AQ test (Attitude Quotient Test) given to be read and pondered on by each individual and the answers filled out. This will help you pinpoint your 10 worst attitudes so you can start to change them. Stubbornness and manipulation are two of the biggies for most everyone. You learn that it will take the 5 D's - Discipline, Discrimination, Discernment, Discretion and Detachment to change those attitudes which are holding you back from making real progress on the spiritual path.

Know Yourself - Attitudes, Goals and Karma
31 pages
9 lectures 50:38

The Science of Music is a science of unification. It is the communication link or language not only between all of nature, but also between all of the universes. The Science of Music is another way of stating that the universe is made up of vibratory rates. Everything in all facets of nature have this vibratory rate. Every living cell no matter where it is found, and even if it is no longer alive, emits a musical tone as its fingerprint. In this introduction we learn how music can influence and change seven different sciences by working with already established concepts, giving us a large and small technological project for each. These seven sciences are: Education, Chemistry, Agriculture, Biology, Healing, Architecture and Astronomy.

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In the Science of Agriculture it will accidentally be discovered that colors will induce plants to great growth and right on top of this the discovery will be made that musical vibrations will also contribute to this growth. This will lead to an experimental growth station to feed humanity with the growing of miniature crops. A group consisting of musicians, horticulturists, agriculturists and scientists need to get together and brainstorm.

Large Project - Crystal Water Reservoir

Small Project #1 - Nature's Mineral Garden

Small Project #2 - Beetle Ranches

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The Science of Education will improve our whole system of education which needs to be restructured from bottom to top. The system we have been using for educational standards and guidelines is no longer applicable for today's times. It served most people well in the past, but it is time for a change. The children entering schools now are much more evolved than the present generation which is in charge of the schools. An entirely new approach must be put into place. Our system has not kept pace with the evolvement of humanity.

Large Project - Chrysalis Experimental School

Small Project - Bridge to Tomorrow Park

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In the Science of Biology, the theory I'm proposing is that the blood of each human vibrates to a certain musical tone. The Vibratory Charts will be the basis for Personal Music Charts which will be based on the vibratory rate of the blood for each human being. The vibration of the blood is set at birth. It is passed from the parents and is one of our genes of physical evolution. Each newborn baby should be tested as to its keytone. To be able to do these charts we need to be able to find the pitch of the blood in a scientific manner. This will be accomplished by a new blood test done by a machine I call the Keytone Machine. The keytones will be found in the red cells of the blood.

Large Project - KeyTone Machine

Small Project - Personal Music Charts

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In the Science of Healing, once the keytone or pitch of the blood is established, many diseases will be healed by raising the vibration of the blood stream in the human body for a short period of time. Finding the tone of the blood will lead directly to the cure for all cancer in that the answer to curing cancer is in the raising of the vibratory rate of the blood momentarily in the spot where the cancer occurs. The blood, through music theory, dictates what pitch the other organs and cells will have. These other parts of the body can be kept in tune by the ability to directly infuse them with their correct vibratory rate by means of small electrical shocks.

Large Project - Healing Machine

Small Project - Musical Stained Glass

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In the Science of Chemistry, music will be combined with minerals to give us untapped energy sources. One of the most exciting projects to come out of the Science of Chemistry will be a new solar energy project called SolarSelect. The proper use of solar energy is a very simple procedure. Ultraviolet rays will be attracted by a chemical process into a mirror, intensified in power and reflected out of the mirror into the collector. Here they heat the circulating medium, move on to activate a battery into making electric current and move on past this to the aquifer where they are converted into water to run the household.

Large Project - SolarSelect

Small Project - Electric & Radon Cars

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The Science of Architecture will show that the building of controlled environment structures can be done effortlessly through the use of musical formulas applied scientifically to atomic energy sub-particles. This engineering marvel was known and used in the past and needs to be brought back at this time. Ancient civilizations understood this science and applied it to many aspects of their lives. The ancient Egyptians were able to create, purify and sustain a tone of the magnitude needed to move million ton blocks of stone to build pyramids.

Large Project #1 - Home Modules

Large project #2 - Musical Motors

Small Project - Homeless Sleep Shelters

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The Science of Architecture will show that the building of controlled environment structures can be done effortlessly through the use of musical formulas applied scientifically to atomic energy sub-particles. This engineering marvel was known and used in the past and needs to be brought back at this time. Ancient civilizations understood this science and applied it to many aspects of their lives. The ancient Egyptians were able to create, purify and sustain a tone of the magnitude needed to move million ton blocks of stone to build pyramids.

Large Project #1 - Home Modules

Large project #2 - Musical Motors

Small Project - Homeless Sleep Shelters

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This book gives a look at what our future could be like. It details new schools based on the Education Halls on the inner planes. It suggest reforms for our prisons, which would be called “Healing Houses,” using a 12 step program for inmates. A system called “A School of Platforms” is given that could be used to select our country’s leaders including our president. A new look is taken at Social Security reform using a system of “Frozen Asset Accounts,” along with a 7-point system for health care and a 7-point system for the medical profession. Changes in city government are discussed along with new transportation systems and new sewer systems. Many ideas are given for our stores, food, media, relationships, animals, homes and much more. There is a story of “visionary fiction” giving a look at what life in the year 2300 could be like.

A Look at the Future
34 pages