Christian help for Depression

How to get free from Depression
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Be free from Depression
Be able to help others get freedom from this bondage


  • Believe in the Finished work of Jesus


How to Set the Captives Free:

If you want freedom from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, fear, suicidal thoughts or trauma, or If you would like to be trained in helping people get set free from any of these oppression's, here are the fundamental biblical principles that we have found as the building blocks for any person to be set free.

No human Psychotherapy (talk therapy) or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (changing underlying beliefs) can ever compare with the truth from the Word of God, to help set a captive free.

For example, and there are many examples, all humans have Guilt, Shame, and Condemnation from past sins. To ask a person to forget past sins, or to ignore, the guilt shame and condemnation, is preposterous, and makes no sense.

The only remedy, and the everlasting remedy, for a Christian, is, the promise of (I will remember your sins no more Heb 8:12). This promise, will bring a clear conscious, and will wash away, all Guilt, Shame and condemnation, that comes from past sins.

This is one reason (and there are many) why there is no comparison to the freedom setting truth from the Word of God, to any man made remedy from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma,  eating disorders, cutting, Anger and Rage, and any other oppression's.

We must address the spiritual problem, when the spiritual issues are overcome, then the person can taste the freedom that Jesus has provided.

Once the spiritual battle is won against any of these oppressions like, Depression, Anxiety, Fear, PTSD, Bolima, panic attacks, Bipolar, trauma anxiety, Stress, (psychological Disorders), Feeding and Eating Disorders, Cutting - Self-Injury, the battle in the flesh can be overcome much easier, but, there is no freedom until the spiritual battle is won, because the essence of these disorders are spiritually based.

Who this course is for:

  • Christian who want freedom from Depression
  • Christians who want to learn how to set the captives free

Course content

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  • Don't ask God to do something He has already done
  • Change your prayer from begging to thanking
  • Your Freedom is already accomplished.
  • Submit to God
  • Depression is a spiritual issue
  • Christian Depression Symptoms
  • Guilt, Shame and Condemnation must go ....
  • Hope to replace Hopelessness
  • Believing is an act of the Will
  • What part does Rejection play ...
  • How to Overcome Fear
  • Anger towards God
  • How to Resist


Christian help for Depression
Pastor Pat Buckley
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Born in Ireland and lived in northern England in the late 60’s where I became involved with drugs and alcohol. Came to America in 1974 and worked in corporate America where drugs and alcohol abuse was partially accepted in the 80’s. Was born again, in a Catholic church and delivered from drugs and alcohol in 1991 and received a dramatic miraculous healing of a cribbing knee problem, which inspired me to really read the Word.

I was tormented by fear for about 30 years. This oppression came into my life because of a traumatic event that happened to me as a youth (very common that traumatic incidences can initiate spiritual problems). This  oppression would come upon me, especially at night, I was afraid of the dark and all things spiritual. Many nights I would pull the covers over my head and for most of the night I would be in a state of intense terror, head sweating and body trembling, hoping and wishing for the morning light to come, real oppression and torment.

I met a man of God who told me that I had a spirit of fear, at first I was resistant, but then allowed him to pray for me. I knew that something had changed after he prayed for me, and I had some assurance that I could face down the fear that used to overtake me. But, as happens to many of us, I did not know anything about the spiritual side of these issues and had no idea of how to Submit to God, Resist the devil and they will flee James 4:7. So, the fear came back even though when that man prayed for me the oppression seemed to lift, but because I was did not know how to fight based on the Word, the Fear came back.

I have ministered to people with Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, PTSD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, with good results, letting Jesus work through me, and giving revelation through the Word in how to minister and disciple people out of these oppression’s.

Retired pastor, still teaching Ministers and Christians how to minister to people who suffer from Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Fear, Trauma (PTSD) and other oppression’s.