From Divorce to Destiny in 45 Minutes

Can a Christian Get a Divorce: Understanding Divorce & Faith
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230 students
From Divorce to Destiny in 45 Minutes
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231 students
Does God Forgive Divorce?
What are the Christian grounds for Divorce?
Gods view on Divorce
What is a Christian marriage?
Biblical View on Divorce
What God says about Divorce
Is Divorce a sin?
Can a Christian get a Divorce?
What does the Bible say about Divorce?


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Scouring the internet for topics like Christians and Divorce, Biblical Teaching on Divorce, Tony Evans, God and Marriage, God and Divorce, Christian Divorce, or Christianity and Divorce, yet you still haven’t quite found what you’ve. Get the answers you need in this course. Women in toxic marriages are concerned with whether it is biblically acceptable to divorce. Get the answers you're looking for in this course in just 45 minutes! No judgment, no condemnation, just freedom giving truth!

Who this course is for:

  • Christian Women Contemplating Divorce
  • Divorced Christian Women

Course content

10 sections • 10 lectures • 50m total length
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Faith-Based Life Coach and Online Course Instructor
Amanda Nicole
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Amanda Nicole is a Divorced Christian woman who is dedicated to seeing the woman of God free from the bondage of dysfunctional marriage. She believes that too many women are exchanging the right to experience the beauty of God's love for them through marriage that He Himself handpicked and ordained for them, in order to be martyrs in the abusive and life draining counterfeit marriages that they have been tricked into.

As a Faith-Based Life Coach and the creator of the Freedom Through Divorce online school, she helps Christian women who are dealing with divorce, to move from divorce to destiny and to thrive post-divorce.