Chios Healing Level ONE - Ancient Healing in a Modern World

Learn Chios energy healing meditation hand and treatment positions unique to Chios not used by any other healing system
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (32 ratings)
3,249 students
Chios Healing Level ONE - Ancient Healing in a Modern World
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (32 ratings)
3,248 students
You will learn a Ancient healing System
You will learn how to sense energy in your hands and around a person
You will learn hand treatment positions unique to Chios healing
You will learn how to call Chios energy into your body to channel to another person


  • Having an open mind to a new way of healing with your hands called energy healing
  • Interested in spiritual growth and development


If you are interested in learning energy healing or have been using some form of energy healing this is a whole new level of working with energy and never until now been taught in this way and while using this energy healing style it may have some similarities to other healing techniques it uses some new a very powerful healing techniques never seen before.

What you are about to learn is called Chios Energy healing and you will be learning how to treat cleanse, clear  and heal defects in the Aura and chakra system.

Chios itself is a ancient healing system that has been brought into the modern world and refined over many years to what it is today.

In level one Chios energy healing you will learn how to call in the Chios energy through your body so that you can channel it to someone as a energy treatment.

Where and how you should place your hands for treating the seven chakras of the body where these chakras are located and how they work as part of the over all health of a person.

You will also be learning how to sense very subtle energy with your hands within the energy field of a person so that you may determine where to give a Chios energy treatment by using a technique called the passing of hands.

You will also learn what you should do if as you are giving a energy treatment you should begin to receive information about that person arises in your mind as intuitive or sometimes thought psychic information because as you connect and work with the energy this can happen.

Also you will learn about working with people who may become emotional as the energy begins to uncover or shift  deep rooted issues so that they feel more at ease and confident that everything will be okay and is only part of their healing.

You will also discover how to set up a room you are about to give a energy healing treatment and what you may need to do for it to be a comfortable place for the person.

What you will Learn.

  1. Chios Energy healing Learning by doing

  2. Chios level one energy healing demonstration

  3. How to channel Chios Energy Calling In

  4. Calling in Chios Energy

  5. Healing with intention

  6. Sensing and scanning passing of hands

  7. Chios Passing of Hands, Grounding and shoulder position

  8. Chakra locations

  9. Chakra colors

  10. Chios Chakra Treatment Hand Positions

  11. Chios Orange Red Ball Meditation


  • Chios Orange red Ball Meditation mp3

  • Chios level 1 chakra and treatment positions pdf

  • Chios level 1 hand positions pdf

  • Chios Level 1 workbook pdf

Who this course is for:

  • If you want to help people heal or recover using a holistic approach
  • If you would like to learn to be a healer
  • If you would like to learn a new way of healing that is not as well known yet

Course content

3 sections • 13 lectures • 1h 14m total length
  • Chios Energy healing Learning by doing
  • Chios level one energy healing demonstration
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