Chinese language for beginner: Pinyin + character + sentence

This course will help you solve all the problems of pronunciation and help you understand complex Chinese characters
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【 Pronunciation 】 Standard pronunciation has 23 initials; 24 vowels; Four tones
【Pronunciation】 Quick pronunciation skills, close pronunciation practice materials, word combination rhythm
【Pronunciation】Master tone modulation in Chinese; Special pronunciation "Erhua", "Softly", "Yi & Bu"
【 Chinese characters 】 Knowing the structure, strokes and principles of Chinese characters can help you memorize more Chinese characters.
【Listening】 Chinese explanation, but the course has pinyin + Chinese characters + English subtitles, you can practice Chinese listening
【sentences】There are some basic Chinese sentences that can help you learn more Chinese when communicating with Chinese people


  • For those who have no experience in learning Chinese at all, this course starts with the basics. This course is also suitable for learners who want to improve their Chinese pronunciation. English learners are needed as the video is subtitled in English. When learning, you need to speak more. Video suggestions: Save watch + listen + speak again and again. Language learning is constant imitation.


Do you want to study in China? Want to learn Chinese? Do you want to meet Chinese friends?

Here you can learn authentic Chinese with professional Chinese teachers without leaving home!

The most important purpose of language is communication, so pronunciation is the most important.

The charm of Chinese is not only the pronunciation, but also the mysterious characters. If you want to know the secret, come and learn with me!

This course mainly explains the content: Chinese pinyin + Chinese characters + simple sentences

Suitable for people who have no foundation in Chinese and want to learn Chinese.

It is also suitable for those who have Chinese foundation and want to further improve Chinese pronunciation.

[Pronunciation] The main content of this course is to explain the knowledge of Chinese initials and vowel joint pronunciation. Through this course, you can master all the knowledge of Chinese pinyin, try to spell by yourself, and learn more Chinese vocabulary independently.

[Chinese Characters] Course also includes the structure of Chinese characters, strokes and the principle of character formation, so that you can quickly and efficiently memorize more Chinese characters, so that you can find Chinese characters is not difficult, there is a special law.

This article introduces some simple everyday Chinese expressions and some learning expressions that can help you learn Chinese in Chinese. When you meet Chinese people, you can use Chinese to learn more Chinese.

[Listening] The course is explained in Chinese, but with Chinese + pinyin + English subtitles, you can learn Chinese, but also help you exercise Chinese listening, to adapt to the rhythm of Chinese speaking.

This is a course that will help you learn Chinese both in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Expect this course to help you open a new door ~

Who this course is for:

  • For those who have no experience in learning Chinese at all, this course starts with the basics. This course is also suitable for learners who want to improve their Chinese pronunciation.
  • Those who are interested in Chinese and want to improve their Chinese language quickly have no foundation in Chinese or Chinese characters
  • People who plan to come to China to live, study or work, and people who are interested in China and Chinese culture
  • For those who can speak fluent Chinese, those who make up their minds to stick to it have time and self-discipline


Chinese Mandarin teacher
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My name is YJ, I come from  China.

My major in college is Chinese language and Literature. When I was in my second year, I wanted to be a Chinese teacher as a foreign language.

At that time, I obtained the Chinese Language Teacher qualification Certificate and the Chinese Putonghua (second grade) certificate.

So I have confidence in my Chinese professional knowledge and Mandarin Chinese.

When I was in college, I came into contact with foreign students through school projects. I enjoyed the process when I helped them learn Chinese.

And they also brought me some new perspectives. I found that teaching Chinese to foreigners is very different from teaching Chinese to Chinese children.

This made me realize that IN the process of teaching, I should also look at Chinese from the perspective of foreigners, which is of great help to my future teaching and thinking.

After graduation in 2017, I became a teacher of Chinese as a foreign language, and I have had 5 years of teaching experience until 2022.

Most of my students are foreigners who come to live or work in China, so speaking skills are more important to them than exams.

I have taught children, adults, company employees and VP of enterprises. The courses I have taught include Spoken Chinese, HSK, TSC and BCT.

I hope it can help you speak fluent and idiomatic Chinese.

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