Chinese painting for beginner

Chinese painting tutorial for those who have been thinking how to start
Basic skills to start to paint the Chinese Painting


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If you love Chinese Culture, please sign up this course. If you have been thinking about learn Chinese Painting, please do sign up this course. This course will teach you the basic skills on how to start the do Paint like the Chinese do, with no prior knowledge required. What you need is just rice paper, Chinese calligraphy brush, Chinese ink and Chinese Painting colours then you are really to go. Please follow the instructions and tips from Teacher Lai,  and through the end of this course you will be able to paint like the Chinese! Although this course will be in Mandarin, CC in English is available.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who are interested in Chinese culture

Course content

1 section8 lectures31m total length
  • Photos of the tools to use for Chinese Painting
    1 question
  • Introduction
  • Photos of chillies
    1 question
  • Basic skills of using your brush and colour mixing
  • First painting - Chilies
    1 question
  • Techniques of using brush to paint radish
  • Painting of fruits and veggies
    1 question
  • Techniques on how to paint vegetables
  • Techniques on how to paint vegetables - Part 2
  • Techniques on how to paint rambutan
  • Painting of rambutans
    1 question
  • Techniques on how to paint the king of fruit -Durian
  • Techniques on how to paint the queen of the fruit- Mangosteen
  • Durian + Mangosteen = Malaysia
    1 question


Chinese Painting instructor
SinYoon Chong
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Hi, my name is Sin Yoon. I m a big fans of Chinese Painting. I am very interested in Chinese culture and history. I am not an artist but I really enjoy Chinese Painting as it help me to relax, and also see things different. I m now even better in design with computer software, the sense about colour and how we should appreciate the beauty from nature. If you are like me, please do join this course. This course was instructed from my Chinese Painting teacher who have been painting for more that 25 years.