Chinese Stories - Mini & Funny | For intermediate or above

A style of Mandarin Chinese teaching with the mini-stories
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  • Elementary or above


We will read funny Chinese short stories, learn useful words and help you improve your listening.

It will be updated monthly.

Who this course is for:

  • For elementary or above Chinese learners
  • For the students who can read basic Chinese characters and want to read and listen Chinese stories.

Course content

2 sections8 lectures33m total length
  • Mini-stories No. 1 别唠叨 Don’t nag
  • 快来试一试 Try it!
    2 questions
  • Mini-stories No.2 My eggs 别压碎我的鸡蛋
  • 哪个是对的?Which answer is correct?
    2 questions
  • Mini-stories No. 3 Shopping 跟太太买东西
  • 到你了 Your turn.
    2 questions
  • Mini-stories No.4 I’m the driver 我是司机
  • 哪个是对的?Which answer is correct?
    2 questions
  • Mini-stories No.5 Blow bubbles 吹泡泡
  • 你来试一试吧 Try it!
    2 questions
  • Mini-stories No.6 No wonder 1 难怪 1
  • 哪个是对的?Which answer is correct?
    2 questions


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My name is Xiao Min. I am a Mandarin Chinese teacher with over 5000 hours of teaching. I have an MA in Linguistics from Renmin University of China.

I am also the founder of the XM MANDARIN and am passionate about teaching Chinese online. 

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