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This course will teach students all the rules and basics of chess and also introduce them to more advanced topics such as tactics and strategy. Students who complete this course will be ready to start playing chess over-the-board and ready to participate in tournaments.


  • No prior knowledge of chess is required to take this course. Beginners who know all the rules and basics may skip the first 10 video lessons.


Chess University's Intro To Chess Crash Course offers comprehensive instruction for beginners, including first-time players, who want to learn chess. This course caters to players of all ages whose chess strength is below the rating of 900 Elo (novices and beginners) and is completely free.

The Intro To Chess Crash Course includes:

  • Syllabus
  • 20 video lessons that cover all the rules, basic principles, strategy, tactics, fundamental endgames, etc.
  • 70 exercises to solve and the associated solution sets
  • Tips and general information about chess

Meet The Chess University Instructors:

  • Kairav Joshi - Founder and CEO, #1-selling online chess coach, creator of the Prodigy Program, and entrepreneur
  • Dalton Perrine - Director of Instruction and Scholastic Chess, FIDE Chess Master
  • Arne Jochens - Director of Content and HR, FIDE Chess Master, Ph.D in Statistical Genetics
  • Kostya Kavutskiy - Director of Operations and PR, International Master

Who this course is for:

  • Chess University's Intro To Crash Course is suitable for beginners of all ages below the 900 Elo rating level, including first-time chess players.


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Our courses on Udemy will be taught by Kairav Joshi, FIDE-Master Dalton Perrine, FIDE-Master Arne Jochens, and International Master Kostya Kavutskiy, all renown online chess instructors.

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