A-Levels Chemistry Chapter # 1: Electrochemistry (Subtitles)

Covering a Wide array of different Concepts in Electrochemistry. This course has it all.
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Electrode Potential
Types of Electrodes
Electrochemical Cells
Overall Reaction Equation
Definition and Concepts of Half-Cells


  • Knowledge of O-Levels Chemistry and the basic understanding of terms such as Activation Energy, Acids and Bases, Energy Changes etc.
  • Other then that no essential course requirements, just a desire to learn more and a will to make the REQUIRED effort!


Chemistry is a Great Subject! Of course not everyone thinks that way. That is the the reason why I started this Course Series. Starting with Electrohemistry. My favourite Topic. Students will be taught using the beautiful Notes I wrote when I too was in your Shoes. I recently received my A* in A-Levels Chemistry. So to some extent I do know how you need my Help.

The notes are colored and aesthetically very Pleasing too. You wont be bored, that I can Promise. You can download them and learn from them in your free time or prior to your exams. They are Light, yet Comprehensive nonetheless. Lets together embark on a journey to acing Chemistry. 

Good Luck!!

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  • STEM based High School Students.
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Course content

1 section5 lectures34m total length
  • Electrode Potential
  • Electrochemical Cells
  • Electrochemical Series
  • Electrolysis
  • Questions and Answers


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Hello! I am fresh out of High School. Just completed my A-Levels and received the result in August. Chemistry and Biology are my strong areas. Therefore I teach them to Students. I scored A* in Chemistry and an A* in Biology. Overall got A*A*A in my A-Levels. With an A in Physics.

I believe the Teachers should make sure the Subject or the Topic is made interesting. Otherwise it is just plain Boring. What can I do? Chemistry is interesting. I cant help it. I cant get enough of it.

I promise, after learning from my Courses on Udemy, you too will LOVE Chemistry.

Cant Wait for you Guys!