How To Change Any Self Limiting Belief In 30 Minutes

Watch Eric Remove One of His Limiting Beliefs Live! "I must work hard to survive"
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 (444 ratings)
14,477 students
How To Change Any Self Limiting Belief In 30 Minutes
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 (444 ratings)
14,477 students
Identify a self limiting belief, create a new belief that replaces the old one, and how to integrate that new belief. For example: "Love must be earned" > "Love comes from being"


  • The ability to self-reflect and look at your own thoughts.


"The world is what you think it is"

You don't have to be a 'woo-woo' person to see how your thoughts change your reality. 

You can believe thoughts manifest things (think law of attraction) or you can believe thoughts influence your behavior...

Either way what we think is important. 

So important that your limiting beliefs (thoughts you hold in your subconscious) are the glass ceiling you keep bumping up against.

Otherwise you would already have the relationship, the job, the wealth, the life you want. 

Changing these deep rooted thoughts is the bridge to making your desires come true.

This isn't just about success. You may have limiting thoughts saying "I'm unlovable" or "Life is cruel" or "I must work hard to survive" 

Because you hold these thoughts in your subconscious you create those experiences in your life... may create situations that prove the hypothesis true that life is indeed cruel or whatever the thought may be. 

The exciting thing is these deep-rooted beliefs can be uncovered and changed!

This is the work Byron Katie has been doing for years.. the stuff Tony Robbins keeps talking about... the heart of most successful coaching practices. It's all about changing beliefs.

I've been incredibly lucky to meet a spiritual coach here in Prague named David Papa. He's been doing this work for years and I can see it in his enthusiasm, his joy, and his positive energy.

We've combined my experience teaching online courses with his coaching experience to create a value-rich free training on how to identify and change a self limiting belief in your life.

We include an interactive PDF workbook, and walk through the process of changing one of my own beliefs ("I must work hard to survive") live.

Click on the image below to watch the free training and see our favorite movie clip (that I'm 87% sure you've seen) that illustrates how powerful changing a belief can be.

Who this course is for:

  • If you realize that the beliefs you hold change how you experience the world you are ready for this course.

Course content

5 sections • 19 lectures • 52m total length
  • How This Training Is Going To Change You (w/ Good Will Hunting Movie Clip)
  • Story: How This Work Changed David's Life
  • Story: How This Work Changed Eric's Life


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Eric John Campbell
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My name is Eric John Campbell and I have lived and breathed entrepreneurship since I was 13 years old. At that time I started my first online business and since then I haven't stopped.

Today I'm specializing in elearning and online courses. I seriously took up online courses 5 years ago while at University in Penn State. Since then I have gathered 172,544 students who have enrolled in at least one of my courses.

During these years I have read countless entrepreneurial books, got a University degree in the subject, failed at many online businesses learning valuable lessons, and much more.

Eric John Campbell

You have all the answers inside you. Break them out.
David Papa
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I've coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives, and individuals into unlocking their internal wisdom and resources to change and create their lives. After years in the corporate world, business school, coaching certifications, and being coached myself, it has been my own spiritual path that has unlocked me the most. I've learned that our brains don't know how to make us happy, only our hearts do, so we need to re-learn how to listen and act. I've learned that we all have guides and teachers helping us constantly and how to tap into that. I've learned that our Expanded Self is taking us step by step through a process called our life, and if we align ourselves with that, it all starts to flow. We need to drop our ideas, process our emotions, and reclaim our power that we've given away. I can teach you how to do this.