Learn How to Self-Coach: Achieve Any Result You Want
4.3 (39 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Learn How to Self-Coach: Achieve Any Result You Want

Coach yourself for results with this simple, bite-size, step-by-step, and strategy filled Self - Coaching - program
4.3 (39 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
2,243 students enrolled
Created by Johnny El Ghoul
Last updated 2/2019
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What you'll learn
  • Learn how to be your own coach, save Time & Money
  • Learn from a "Grey Hair" in Coaching
  • Eliminate fear of change by learning effective step-by-step strategies
  • Take a comprehensive inventory of your emotional and psychological make up
  • Learn and apply the tested and proven ORION® coaching formula
  • Be able to bypass automatic emotional responses
  • Manage your thoughts and apply critical thinking to finding solutions for your challenges
  • Identify your internal motivators: what has deep meaning for you and how to use it to get fired up and started
  • Discover or create your purpose in life, move confidently in that direction
  • Chunk down huge goals or tasks into manageable, bite-size, action steps, guaranteeing results
  • Immediately spot and adjust communication breakdowns, yours and that of others, use it to get results
  • Develop a game plan to achieve the results you want, be it in life, career, or relationships
  • Reuse the same step-by-step program for any change you need until it becomes a second nature for you
  • No prior knowledge or special tools are needed
  • You need to set 15 to 20 minutes each day for 21 Days (days can be spaced at your own pace & time)
  • You will be asked to complete simple daily tasks to move slowly into action
  • You will be asked to experiment, at your own pace, with the concepts and mindsets in this program

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, what they fail to mention is that a habit can be as quickly and as easily lost as it is gained, in this Life Coaching program you will form new strategies of thinking, feeling and behaving that will make sure that any effort you put into forming success habits is well sustained and capitalised on.

Read on only if you, like me, are someone who has a growth mindset and knows that the price of anything is the amount of time and effort you put into it. You must also be someone who is curious and courageous enough to try out new ideas. These Life Coaching ideas are  explained in a simple, step-by-step process backed by demonstrations, exercises, tasks, inquiries and further readings. Following the steps will help you, when practiced well, to become your own Life Coach.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is designed for anyone who is looking for practical and results driven strategies to make steady and permanent life changes.
Course content
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+ Day 1 - How to consistently get results
4 lectures 20:14

Getting results once is not enough, you must develop the mindset, strategies, skills as well as the emotional resilience to optimise those results and make them consistent. In this lecture you will learn the Triple H Formula for consistent results. We will apply it throughout the 21 days journey

To be, to do & to have

Taking responsibility for one's life and results is a big feat and requires relinquishing the need to blame others and circumstances for our shortcomings. In this lecture you will learn the defining factor between those who can and those who believe they cannot.

Fixed Vs. Growth Mindset

Quick Read: Fixed Vs. Growth Mind Set

Find out what are the habits of high achievers, identify the ones you must or want to adopt, and take the first steps towards acquiring them. Slow and steady wins the race.

Habits of Consistent Achievers
+ Day 2 - Your Fulfilment meter
4 lectures 17:46

Being accountable to oneself is the best way to guarantee results. Have you done the tasks you had for yesterday? if not get back here only once you have.

Accountability - Did you Do it?

If you want to have more and better things in your life you have to hold yourself to a higher standards of action. Self-Accountability is the key

Quick Read: Accountability

Let's take an inventory of where you are in your life now, what is working for you and waht is not, and start your first steps towards your objectives.

Preview 09:26

Failure is what you call the result that you do not want. it is merely a feedback that you can use to try for the results, more intelligently this time.

There is no failure, only feedback
+ Day 3 - What do you really want?
3 lectures 24:13

Setting your goal in a manner to maximise its chances of achievement requires making sure you are including all there is to include in the conceptualisation process. Learn how to make sure you make your outcome attainable by subjecting your goal to close inspection.

From goal setting to goal getting

In this lecture, we discuss the mindset for finding what you truly want

Quick Read: What do you really want?

It is seldom the lack of resources that hold us back, it is rather the lack of resourcefulness, find out how in this article

Resources Vs. Resourcefulness
+ Day 4 - The Success Formula - A simple & extremely effective strategy
3 lectures 21:05

A sure way for maximising results is modelling the steps of those who can endure the hardest of all hardships and have their lives literally threatened on a daily basis. The Navy Seals have a training formula that carves formidable physical, mental and psychological abilities, you will learn it here.

Success Steps - The Navy Seals Way

Imagination is the preview of the future, your future. clearly visualising your goal gives it a strong foothold in your brain and psyche, which will prove crucial for your results. This article helps you build the mindset of visualising your outcome clearly and vividly

Goal Visualisation
Quick Read: Mastering Change
+ Day 5 - Know your enemy
3 lectures 23:35

Dealing with the emotions can be hard once they are full-blown. we need a formula to bypass the emotional drive and to recover the lost data, facts and information that were lost in the process and use them to re-choose and decide intelligently the next time around

Cognitive Dissonance of Choice

ORION is my proprietary coaching formula that I came up with after thousands of hours coaching with clients who needed to make a lot and cope with  severe life changes

ORION® Coaching Model

Everyone passes through phases of emotional stability, and that is an avoidable fact of life. The key is to have a strategy for dealing with those ups and downs to keep moving in the direction of your choice regardless of life circumstances. Learn more in this article

Quick Read: Emotional resilience
+ Day 6 - What drives you?
2 lectures 12:14

“Take the risk of thinking for yourself. Much more happiness, truth, beauty and wisdom will come to you that way” - Christopher Hitchenstrue happiness lies in doing what makes you happy more than thinking about it, learn what is it that will make you happy in this lecture

Your behavioural drivers

Thinking can be hard and energy consuming, that is why a lot of people shy away from it, but not you, the proof being that you are reading this :)

Quick Read: Thinking Life
+ Day 7 - The Five Logical levels of Change
3 lectures 27:23

Long lasting change has to be done at the root cause of the problem, learn how to tackle change and it is not as hard as you think.

The Five Logical Levels of Change

The warning signs of trouble are always present if we choose to pay attention to them, learn what stops us from acting on them

Wilful Blindness
Quick Read: Breaking Through
+ Day 8 - Navigating the Change Curve
2 lectures 22:55

This is where you learn how your brain's evolutionary patterns play a role in getting you where you are in your life. Learn why change is difficult and how to navigate its twists and turns.

The Change Curve
This is where you learn how your brain's evolutionary patterns play a role in getting you where you are in your life. Learn why change is difficult and how to navigate its twists and turns.
Cognitive Ease
+ Day 9 - Are you wasting life?
2 lectures 13:42

In this lecture you will take notice of how you are spending your time and how the trade off of time & effort for results can happen

The Four Classes of Experience

This article holds the mindset for controlling your decision process

Quick Read: Decisions, Decisions!