Change your life...for real and for good!
4.9 (3 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Change your life...for real and for good!

A REAL guide to processing change...with FREE eBook
4.9 (3 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
16 students enrolled
Created by Lisa Steingold
Last updated 9/2018
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What you'll learn
  • You'll be able to review what isn't working in your life on a measurable and practical basis
  • You'll have a set of habits to guide you in your change process
  • You'll know your values and how your values shape your behaviour
  • You'll have a set of resources to help you navigate change
  • You'll understand why you haven't been able to make the changes you've wanted to up until now
  • You'll be more self aware into your own blocks to change
  • You'll have a practical dashboard to help you navigate the change in your life
  • You'll need some time each week for introspection
  • You'll need excel or just a simple piece of paper to complete this course
  • You may want to get yourself a journal to keep for the duration of the course
  • And that's it, a desire to change and you're ready to go!

There are a million resources on the latest diet, the next big investment, a guide to a better body, how to get a relationship, food to improve health... but very few venture into the science and psychology behind change, why we don't make the changes we want and how to make the changes we do!

This course is designed to do just that!

We'll work step by step to understand your drivers of change and the patterns behind our behaviour. Best of all we'll design your very own life dashboard together to show you what needs to change and how.

At the end of our time together you'll know and be able to easily implement your desired habits. You'll also have your own eBook and a list of resources to help you along the way.

Who this course is for:
  • Take this course, if you're looking to change an aspect of your life or want to overhaul your circumstances
  • Take this course, if you've been trying the "usual" ways of change, e.g. a diet, or a budget and haven't been able to sustain the change
  • Take this course, if you know something needs to change but don't know what
  • Take this course, if you're in the midst of change and are looking for guidance to navigate your way through it
Course content
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+ The Groundwork to Life Change
3 lectures 07:59

Have you tried to lose weight by going on a diet? Maybe you've tried to fix your finances by creating a budget? In my experience the traditional tools of change we utilise often don't work, not sustainably anyway, and leave us feeling worse off than when we started racked with feelings of guilt and shame.

This lecture, and course, is about understanding that change is a holistic process!

It's about uncovering what doesn't work, to make room for what does.

The truth is we say we want change with our head but often it just isn't the case, so this course is about uncovering and allowing the process of change, rather than utilising traditional tools to make change happen. The REALITY is that we shift internally THEN change happens!

We think that changing our lives is simply a matter of doing something different (and yes sometimes it can be) but it runs deeper than that. Change is a process that involves understanding our beliefs, behaviour, values and attitudes; not merely just just habits.

There is a process to change that I have found to be most beneficial in order to access the answers within. It is not the only way but it is the way I have found that appeals to me because if offers a sustainable solution.

The only challenge, and I must be honest, is that it’s not necessarily easy. It’s not the “change your life in 15 minutes” approach nor is it the “3 easy steps to change your life”. It’s not any of these because in order for any of us to adopt change, it requires internalising the process. It requires that we get to the core of the issue and sometimes this takes time. The rewards of which however last a life time.

If this sounds a little airy fairy, the point of this course is to make the process practical and to assist you in implementing the changes you wish to make. We will look at where to begin in making changes and why it doesn’t start with taking physical action. We will look at how our belief systems contribute more towards the outcome of our lives than anything and how to integrate change holistically.

I've put together an Xcel based dashboard to help you and look forward to working through the process with you, every step of the way!



Preview 01:45

This lecture is the foundation to making the change you wish to make, stick!

We all go through wanting to change something at some point in our lives. We may want to lose weight or get fitter or stop smoking or eat healthier. We may want to progress in our career. We may want to stop spending so much time on our mobile device. Or we may want to learn a new language. There are many aspects we wish to change over the course of our lives. We may have even tried. We may have started learning a new language but then may have given up half way through. We may have embarked on an exercise regime only to fall back into our old ways a few weeks down the line. WHY?

Exactly! WHY is the reason we do or don't stick to something.

In this lecture we'll delve deeper into the WHY and just as important, the WHY NOW?

Preview 03:33

In this lecture, we use the Change Dashboard as a tool for change.

When working in marketing, I learnt that it’s critical to be able to see what is and isn’t working at a moment’s notice and also to see each action I took as a ‘test’ to see if it had an impact or not. In the same manner, your dashboard is an opportunity for you to delve deeper into what is or isn’t working and to take ‘test’ actions to change.

Preview 02:41
+ Life Quadrants
5 lectures 18:44

Money, money,!

Yes, we all need it to survive but money is not only for survival. It can be for luxury, it can make our dreams come true and it can purchase things of meaning to us, like courses such as this.

In this lecture you're going to do a practical exercise to help you to become aware of how you spend your money but you're also going to understand how your values and money fit together. You're also going to uncover any beliefs the prevent you from making changes with respect to your finances.

Preview 03:43

In this lecture we're going to look at the various relationships within your life and how you might like to shift the dynamics or even let old relationships go.

Human relationships are complex. Some people we just immediately "click" with and others seem to be incredibly challenging. We're often dismissive of challenging people but more often than not, they can show us a part of ourselves and when we recognise it, the dynamics of the relationship change.

After this lecture you'll understand;

  • Why you click with some people and not with others

  • What challenging relationships have to show you

  • How to shift dynamics within relationships

  • When it's the right time to leave a relationship

  • How to attract more of the people you click with in your life

People and Relationships

Most of us have battled with health & fitness at one stage or another in our lives. At the very least you may have tried to lose weight or to become fitter and at the more serious end of the scale, you may have battled with your health. Having had severe burnout, I've encountered both. It's for this reason that in this lecture you're going to understand;

  • What's really going on with your health, fitness and eating patterns

  • Why previous efforts to change haven't worked

  • The beliefs that prevent you changing

  • What habits you need to set up that create longterm sustainable change

If you'd like to read more about this subject specifically, you can download my books "The Burnout Diaries" or "Carbs, Curves & Everything in Between" on Kindle.

Health, Fitness & Lifestyle

We spend 80% of our lives working (even if our work is being a parent or voluntary!). In this lecture you're going to understand;

  • The WHY for your work

  • What you'd like to change

  • The future vision you have for your work

  • The steps you need to take now

As a result you may see yourself embarking on a new line of work, or taking steps towards a promotion or even begin setting up a business for yourself or starting a new voluntary activity. Be open, you never know when magic may strike!

Work & Career

How are you?

We ask each other everyday but we're so used to saying "fine thank you" that we don't give it a second's thought. In this lecture you're going to be able to understand;

  • What fulfils you?

  • How to do more of what brings you to life?

  • Practices that will help you feel more balanced

  • Where your creativity lies?

  • How to access real self esteem

Emotional Wellbeing
+ Insights
2 lectures 09:54

How are you blocking change?

You may think this is a ridiculous question but most of us have blocks to change in the form of beliefs. Even just going through this course, you may have thought "this is impossible".

In this lecture we're going to uncover the beliefs you have that prevent change and how these beliefs translate into behaviour.

My Blocks to Change

Life, whether we realise it or not, is a process of desire, intention, action and reflection.

In this lecture we're going to reflect on everything you've learnt about yourself in this process of change, and start creating a habit of reflection. Get your journal handy as we take a look at how far you've come!

+ Shifting Forward
4 lectures 12:00

I don't love goal setting! Not because I'm not good at it or don't appreciate the value of it but because sometimes I think our society can be a little over obsessed about goals and goal setting; so much so that we do things for the purpose of achievement rather than joy of the process.

That said realistic goals put down on paper, help us take action.

In this lecture we'll be looking at

  • You guessed, goals! (And why you should have no more 3 major goals at any one point in time!)

  • Benchmarks

  • Achievements and why they're so important

Goals or no goals

Yes, for real, in this lecture you're going to write down a few of the items on your bucket list. Don't have one? Don't worry, our conversation may just spark some great new ideas!

The Bucketlist

We're bringing it all together in our last lecture together. We'll go through the change process from start to finish and look at;

  • The daily habits you can integrate into your life

  • The monthly habits you can integrate into your life

  • The annual habits you can integrate into your life

  • Other practices you may want to utilise to help you shift forward

  • Your next steps

  • What to do if you've hit a wall or need additional help

Shifting Forward
In closing