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Try a Top 5 Raw vegan nourishing smoothies diet cleanse for effective & physical understanding of our mind habits.
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Change bad eating habits for useful healthy food habits


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Welcome to top 5 Raw Vegan Nourishing Morning Smoothies Course for Beginners. 5 Days detox to change you food Cravings! If you are reading this you might be feeling excited? A little nervous? Proud? Overwhelmed? Any kind of emotion or feeling could be bubbling to the surface right now, as you are about to embark on a five-day journey of transformation of mind body and soul. It is about to begin. This is a guideline to your journey. Providing you with the information you may need over the next few mornings, explaining the importance of ingredients and how they affect our body.

Who we are?

Hello everyone, we are Keny and Kym from New Zeland. Before we had a Raw Vegan cafe - Mana Kai in Australia. 

About Mana:

Mana is a Māori word meaning, spirit, life force, prana. At Mana juice, we are providing the Busselton region and hinterlands with high-quality cold pressed, loved crafted juice. A Mana juice will help to not only nourish the body but the mind and spirit with an abundance of bioavailable and living nutrients. By incorporating a Mana smoothies and cold press juice into your life it will begin a beautiful alchemical transformation of self-love, connection, and empowerment. We provide you with further information, empower you to educate yourself on healthy living, and support you energetically. We are passionate about sharing with all the wonderful benefits and transformation that nourishing smoothies can bring. 

We also produce Kambucha and Jamu. These drinks are probiotics and they help to lose weight. Jamu for ex. is made by ginger, Curcuma, etc.. 

About Keny:

He was a drug addicted for many years, and he spent some years in jail. After that life starts to help him true healthy food patch.

About Kim:

About 10 years ago, she was in a crisis time, she has a 120kg, she was very busy with business, she was stressing about the health and self-evaluation. 30 days juice fasting method changed her life, she lost 32kg and start to have back mental and physical health.

Juice fasting is one of our programs what we are organizing for help to people to clean mind and body.

This course of top 5 smoothies is basically started to do a challenge bad habits, to stop use pharmaceutic drugs, etc.. YES! Is possible, start with our small pre-fasting top 5 smoothies - 5 days introduction what we made for you! Please enjoy and follow us, be prepared for our next course of Raw Vegan Juice Fasting.

MEDITATION. YOGA. RAW FOOD. KAMBUCHA - This is it our message to you!

Dear friend, as we are doing this class for free right now, we ask only one thing from you, after you finish this course and if it brings you usefulness, please write for us a great review! Thank you a lot dear!

Who this course is for:

  • Raw Vegan food beginners
  • Who want to start with Juice Fasting


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