CFA® Level 1 Quantitative Methods (2022) - Part 1

Master Quantitative Methods with WSN CFA® Level 1 Crash Course | Cover ALL learning outcome (LOS) with video lectures!
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Cover EVERY SINGLE LEARNING OUTCOME STATEMENT (LOS) in the CFA Level 1 Quantitative Methods study session
Utilize time value of money functions in your calculator
Calculate annual rates depending on the frequency of compounding
Calculate the future value and present value
Organize, visualize, and describe data
Use probability rules and concepts
Calculate covariance of a portfolio
Solve counting problems using factorials, combinations, and permutations
Learn the basics of common probability distributions
Describe Monte Carlo simulation
Understand the types of sampling
Apply the central limit theorem
Calculate confidence intervals
Perform hypothesis tests concerning population variances and means
Identify appropriate test statistic in hypothesis tests
Understand linear regression concepts and applications


  • CFA Institute approved calculator such as TI BA II Plus


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This course is the 1st of a 10-course series that covers the entire CFA® curriculum. Check out the entire Wall Street Notes course library by clicking on our instructor profile logo!

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Who this course is for:

  • CFA® Level 1 Candidates
  • Students thinking about taking the CFA® who want to get a head start


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