CERTIFIED - Working in a Group - Part 1 - ECLEE

Explore the world of teamwork with Dr. Mahamouda Salouhou
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250 students
1hr 54min of on-demand video
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Understand the importance of working well with others.
You’ll also discover the science of group dynamics, as well as the difference between primary and secondary groups.
Develop effective communication skills within a team setting.
Enhance leadership abilities and learn how to contribute positively to group success.
Gain insights into conflict resolution strategies to foster a harmonious team atmosphere.
Cultivate adaptability and flexibility to thrive in diverse group scenarios.


  • No prerequisites are required. You will learn everything during the course.


Embark on a transformative journey into the world of collaborative excellence with Dr. Mahamouda Salouhou as your guide in this immersive certification course.

Throughout this engaging experience, you will unravel the intricacies of successful teamwork, delving deep into the secrets that underpin its effectiveness.

This course is not just about theoretical concepts; it's a exploration that equips you with invaluable insights into the dynamics of group interactions.

Dr. Salouhou's expertise will help you elevate your communication skills, ensuring that you become a proficient and influential team member.

Leadership development is at the core of this program, providing you with the tools and strategies to lead effectively within a collaborative setting.

Tailored problem-solving techniques and time management strategies are seamlessly integrated into the curriculum, preparing you for the challenges that arise in group scenarios.

As you navigate through this comprehensive learning experience, you'll find yourself on a path towards the final certification.

This certification is not just a recognition of your participation; it signifies your mastery and expertise in effective group collaboration.

Join us in this exciting learning adventure that not only enhances your teamwork capabilities but also propels you towards a prestigious certification, marking the successful culmination of your educational journey with Dr. Mahamouda Salouhou.

Who this course is for:

  • Any person who wishes to be effective in group work.


PhD, Director at ECLEE
ECLEE PhD. Salouhou
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 3 Reviews
  • 250 Students
  • 2 Courses

The European Center for Entrepreneurship Leadership and Education (ECLEE) is an independent educational institution that bridges academia with the needs of global industry by promoting employability, nondiscrimination, leadership, people skills, and innovative curricula.

Since 2004 in the United States and 2006 in France, we’ve developed diverse tools, training, and methodologies to promote economic development, employment opportunity, and equality policies across several continents.

Based in Lille, France, ECLEE develops its missions with academic, institutional, and commercial partners in America, Europe, Africa, and Asia to offer educational tools, certified training courses, and strategic tools promoting equality.

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