CDP - Job Hunting Skills
4.5 (7 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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CDP - Job Hunting Skills

Build a winning resume to tap into the hidden job market & secure your dream job by giving THE PERFECT INTERVIEW!
4.5 (7 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
36 students enrolled
Published 11/2017
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  • 7 articles
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What you'll learn
  • How to build a winning resume that always gets shortlisted
  • Learn about the different sourcing channels & hidden job markets
  • The power of networking skills & how to use them to your advantage
  • 10 different interview formats and how to ace each one them
  • STAR approach for giving great answers with relevant examples
  • How to give a great interview by addressing any possible challenges
  • The interview process & decoding the interviewer's hidden agendas
  • The Stress Test & how to handle Good and Bad Cops in an interview
  • 10 common interview questions always asked and their answers
  • Awkward interview moments and their counter moves
  • Tackling bad interviewers & techniques to get things back on track
  • Compensation negotiation to get the salary you deserve
  • Basic knowledge of how to use a PC

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Volume One of Career Development Program - Job Hunting Skills guarantees to give you a KickStart by embedding valuable skills required to Prepare, Target and Secure your dream job. You will learn how to build a winning resume that gets shortlisted every time you apply for a position and follow it up by giving the perfect interview. By attending this course, you will gain a huge competitive advantage over other candidates in the market.

The content of this course has been vetted and scrutinized by 20 successful senior professionals across different industries and it includes their important life lessons for an unparalleled learning experience. CDP - JHS augments value for youngsters who are hungry for learning and ambitious to succeed in their professional career by enabling them to confidently overcome the challenges faced during the job hunting phase. 

Who this course is for:
  • Fresh graduates
  • Un-employed professionals & Job seekers
  • Professionals seeking better employment opportunities
  • Individuals who wish to polish their job search & interview skills
Course content
Expand all 63 lectures 04:15:02
+ Framing Your Mind For Success!
5 lectures 25:25

It is a very competitive world out there, especially when you are hunting for jobs. Which is why this lecture explains the things you will have to account for if you want to stand out from the rest. This lecture will give you 10 valuable tips on how to identify yourself as a unique individual which will not just benefit you in your job hunting phase but also throughout your personal and professional lives.

Standing Out of The Crowd

This lecture explains the 4 stages of learning everyone individual goes through before learning a new skill. The concept is linked with the example of driving so everyone can relate to it. Job hunting is also a skill and hence, the concept of learning a new skill is explained at the very beginning.

Stages of Learning

Hunting for jobs in not easy and you will have to address a number of challenging situations before you land your dream job. 

This lecture will explain to you the seven common challenges faced in our personal and professional lives and how you can overcome them effectively. It will enable you to buck yourself up in times of difficulty and help you overcome these challenges with determination. 

How to Face The Challenges Ahead!

This lecture explains the importance of knowing what kind of a job you really desire, a job that makes you content so you don't get fedup or demoralized after a short while. Hence, I have shared 6 questions that you need to answer with honesty and based on your answers, you can start looking for similar jobs in the market.

Defining Your Objective & Purpose to Find a Job
+ Building a Winning Resume - Targeting Your Dream Job!
8 lectures 26:06

Brief overview of this module

Preview 01:28

In this brief lecture, you will learn the three types of resume formats and how to choose between them to draft your winning resume.

Three Types of Resumes

This lecture includes 15 valuable tips that will help you build your resume that stands out from the rest of the applications.

15 Tips To Build A Winning Resume

You can never make the perfect resume in a single attempt. You will have to keep polishing it so it evolves over time and represents you in the best way possible. This lecture provides a checklist and explains the steps you need to consider to polish your resume.

Polishing Your Resume

You are badly mistaken if you think one generic resume can be used to target multiple jobs in the market. This is the primary reason why candidates don't get shortlisted. In this lecture, you will learn how to customize your resume according to each job application and substantially increase your chances of getting shortlisted. 

Customizing Your Resume

This article shares the different types of cover letters to choose from and a format that can be used to draft a cover letter for you.

Types of Cover Letters and Template

In this lecture, you will learn the average time a hiring manager takes to shortlist a resume followed by seven steps to ensure your resume catches the eye and is shortlisted.

Gone In 30 Seconds!

This lecture explains how you can overcome lack of experience by drafting a customized resume and also an example which tells you that experience is only a number. Yes it's important, but there are certain ways you can beat an experienced candidate...

Overcoming Lack Of Experience
+ Hunting For Opportunities - Searching For Your Dream Job
9 lectures 30:41

Brief overview of this module

Preview 01:36

Once your resume is complete, the time comes for you to start applying. This lecture will show you all the places where you can apply and also the hidden job markets most candidates are unaware of.

Where To Look & The Hidden Job Markets

Learn the power of networking skills and how you can use it to land an interview call.

The Power of Networking!

This lecture will show you various places or individuals you can network with to be considered for an employment opportunity.

Who can you Network with?

Networking in the wrong place can waste your valuable time. Hence, this lecture will give you important networking tips to make sure your efforts don't go in vain.

Networking Tips

Learn what online employment tests are and how to prepare for them so your potential employer calls you in for a face to face interview.

Online Employment Tests

Learn what personality/psychometric tests are and the steps you need to follow while attempting one.

Tips to ace a Personality test

You won't qualify for a face-to-face interview if you cannot clear the telephonic screening. This lecture explains how to go about things during your screening process, which is explained in three phases for better understanding.

Telephonic Screening
90-day plan to get a Break Through!
+ Interview Skills - Preparing For Your Dream Job
21 lectures 01:36:12

A very common mistake candidates make is that they don't do appropriate research before appearing for an interview, undermining their chances to move onto the next level. This lecture explains different areas you need to research in order to be fully prepared for the interview.

Research required before an interview

You will learn the 10 different types of interviews prevailing in the market and in the lectures to follow, you will get more details about each of them.

Preview 04:31

You will get to know about four messages that must be conveyed directly or indirectly in a traditional interview. How to give the perfect interview will be discussed later in the module "How To Give The Perfect Interview".

Traditional Interview

In this lecture, we will discuss the telephonic interview process which is divided into three phases: 

  1. Before the interview
  2. During the interview
  3. After the interview
Telephonic Interview

You will learn about four tips to give a great interview over a screen.

Skype Interview

A case interview is one of the toughest interview formats. Solving a case while being observed is no easy task and a slight miscalculation may result in the wrong answer. Learn how to solve a case interview, explained in detail in this lecture.

Case Interview

Prepared to do mental gymnastics while being observed?

Puzzle interviews are designed to test your limits in an unconventional way and you are addressed with questions which have no right or wrong answer. This lecture explains how to respond to such brain-teasers questions, with examples, in the best way possible.  

Puzzle Interview

Giving the correct answer while having a mouthful can be a challenging task. Learn how to give a great lunch interview by breaking it down into four phases, explained in detail in this lecture.

Lunch Interview

A group interview is an ideal example of cut-throat competition where a number of candidates are competing simultaneously for a face-to-face interview. This lecture will give you 6 valuable tips regarding how to stand out and move on to the next level. 

Group Interview

Are you prepared to be bombarded with questions and no time to think of an answer?

Panel interviews are very common in today's world and also extremely tough but the instructions shared in this lecture will help you clear this encounter with flying colors. 

Panel Interview

Be fully prepared to solve an actual business challenge with your potential employer when facing an apprentice interview.

Apprentice Interview

Four tips you need to follow when you are competing with hundreds of candidates and you only have 10-15 minutes to sell yourself to your potential employer.

Career/Job Fair Interview

This lecture explains in detail what behavioral or situational questions are and the six steps you need to follow to give a structured answer.

Behavioral Questions

How to use the STAR approach to give structured answers explained in detail with examples in the lectures to follow.

STAR Approach to Answer Behavioral/Competency/Situational Questions

An in depth answer using the STAR approach if you have no experience. You can replicate this answer during your interview by using a relevant example of a situation you encountered.

STAR Approach Applied (Fresh Graduates)

An in depth answer using the STAR approach if you have experience. You can replicate this answer during your interview by using a relevant example of a situation you encountered.

STAR Approach Applied (Experienced Candidates)
Top Traits Employers Look For

You will learn what interviewers are thinking when you enter the room for your interview. This will help you fine tune yourself accordingly and hopefully give a great interview.

What Interviewers/Hiring Managers Are Thinking

A recap to re-emphasize the 10 important rules of giving a great interview.

10 Rules of A Great Interview!

Eight important things you need to account for the night before the interview so you are fully prepared in the morning.

Night Before The Interview
+ The Perfect Interview - Securing Your Dream Job
18 lectures 01:10:37

In this lecture you will get to know how you can supercharge yourself before you leave for the interview.

Supercharging Yourself Before The Interview

Feeling nervous in the waiting area before the interview? Don't worry, this lecture explains how to use this waiting time to observe what is happening around you and the desired state of mind to start your interview on the right foot.

The "Smell" of The Place

Understand the importance of first impressions and 10 important tips to start a productive conversation with the interviewer. If you follow the instructions shared in this lecture, you will lay down the foundations of a great interview.

First Impressions & Starting The Conversation

This lecture explains how to give a powerful introductory pitch so you can start your interview on a positive note and the interviewers want to listen to more...

Introducing Yourself Like A Champ!

This lecture will help you understand what the hidden agendas of the interviewers are, so you can present yourself accordingly during the interview.

Decoding The Interviewer's Hidden Agenda
Questions to help decode the interviewer agenda

Understand the interview process to give an interview which is customized to the needs of the interviewer.

Understanding The Interview Process

This is a very common approach adopted to confuse job candidates during an interview. This lecture explains how to go about things when one interviewer is all smiles and the other one is hell bent upon making your life miserable!

Handling Good & Bad Cops in an Interview

You will get to know why and how interviewers use the Stress Test to pressurize candidates and what are the best ways to answer such daunting questions. The lecture includes real life examples so you can replicate them in your interviews.

The Stress Test (with real life examples)
Sample Stress Test Questions

In this lecture you will get to know about the 10 common interview questions that are always asked one way or another and how to answer them in the best way possible.

10 Types of Interview Questions to Expect & How to Answer them

Learn the magic words that you can use to tap into the subconscious of the interviewer and take charge of the conversation. 

Powerful Words To Use During an Interview
5 Strategies to Give You an Unfair Advantage

In this lecture, you will learn about 10 awkward moments that might arise in an interview because of either you or the interviewer. For example, moments of silence or personal questions that you need to avoid answering. 

10 Awkward Interview Moments & Their Countermoves

Do you think you'll be lucky to get a good interviewer who knows what he/she is doing? Probably not... But this should not undermine your chances of securing an offer. This lecture explains how to deal with bad interviewers and the moves you need to make to get the interview back on track. 

Dealing With Bad Interviewers
Non-annoying Ways To Follow Up After an Interview

Learn how to negotiate a salary which you think you deserve and is enough to keep you motivated till your next salary review. 

Compensation Negotiation To Get The Salary You Deserve
+ Conclusion
2 lectures 06:00

This brief lecture includes an overview of volume 2 of CDP - Professional Success which addresses all the challenges you will face once you have started your professional career.

Initial Job Challenges & Introduction to CDP - Professional Success
Closing Lecture