CDCS - Introduction video about CDCS Exam in Trade Finance

Know this before appearing for CDCS Exam. CDCS can be taken at anytime of the year from LIBF, on Demand.
Letter of Credit related Certification Course by LIBF
1. CDCS Exam - Know this before taking CDCS Exam.
2. Basics on CDCS Exam Syllabus.
3. Sample Course module on Sales Contract and INCO Terms 2010 and 2020.
4. Demo Session on LC Document Checking.


  • Banking and Trade Finance - Basic Knowledge


Detailed explanation about CDCS Exam, conducted by LIBF is given in this small eye opener course. Fully loaded Chapterwise CDCS training classes and LC Dcoument Checking training with Mock check documents are on the way. Also, find free video on INCO terms 2010 and 2020 attached here, which is a light version for the upcoming CDCS Exam and LC Document Checking Training modules. Upcoming CDCS Exam training module will contain Chapter-wise training videos with Chapter-wise knowledge check test. Also, it will have 3 full time Question papers.

Updates: Now, CDCS can be taken year round, On-Demand. Check LIBF Website on Booking and current updates.

Trade Finance enthusiast and other people who are working in other Banking department can write this CDCS exam. Also, an Exporter and Importer can appear for this Exam, for hassle free International Trade, avoiding Discrepancy fee and delay because of discrepancies.

Person who wants to learn something new and hold a highly valuable Certification at International standards can pursue for clearing this Exam. With proper training and dedicated preparation, any person can clear the CDCS Exam.

By completing CDCS, people working in Trade Finance Department open themselves to wide opportunity. Being recruited by Top employers with good Salary Hike. After completing CDCS, they can easily get trained as LC Document Checker which is the Most top high profile job in Trade Finance Department.

And the Upcoming LC Document Checking Training module will have the basics of Document check, explaining the UCP and ISBP requirements required only for Doc Check. All the individual Documents explained in UCP and ISBP will be addressed with samples. It will also contain lectures on how to start checking and identify the discrepancies. More than 20 sets of different Mock check documents will be given for hands on training with discrepancies to cross check the results. Course is designed in a way that, even Non-CDCS people can become a full-time Doc checker and boost their Career, in terms of pay raise and Career advancement.

Who this course is for:

  • Who need to specialize in International Trade Finance
  • Trade Finance Enthusiast

Course content

1 section5 lectures45m total length
  • CDCS Exam - Know How
  • Sales Contract and INCO Terms 2010 and 2020
  • Demo Session on LC Document Checking Training Module
  • Ad Promotion on LC Document Checking Training
  • Sample Mock Checking Class Preview


Trade Finance and Banking Trainer
Senthilkumar Lakshmanan
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Trade Finance Trainer, Reagent Consultants in Banking and Trade Finance. Certifications CDCS, CAIIB, DIIEM, CSDG*, BA.

Courses taken: LC Document Checking Training Module, CDCS TRAINING.

Experience: Above 13 years of Experience in Top 5 MNC Banks from USA, UK, Netherlands, UAE, Australia and India. Rich experience in Trade finance with Onsite and Offsite migrations. Taken many trainings for CDCS aspirants and created many LC Document Checkers.