情緒與情緒調節 (Emotion and Emotion Regulation-GP_pt1)

This course discusses the essence of interpersonal relationships and social interaction through Emotion.
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了解情緒的本質及構成的要件 Emotion & Structure of Emotion (part1)
了解認知評估對情緒反應的影響 Cognitive Appraisal & Emotional Responses (part1)
了解人際關係的本質及其對社會互動的影響 Interpersonal Relationship & Social Interaction (part2)
了解印象形成與態度改變之社會認知歷程 Social Cognitive Process: Impression Formation & Attitude Change (part2)
了解性格的心理學意義與分類 Personality (part3)
了解性格與心理疾患之間的關係 Personality & Mental Disorder (part3)


  • 本課程無須背景知識。This course does not require background knowledge.



1. 情緒調節、性格與當時的心理問題及社會影響和社會研究等的基本情況,以基礎心理過程在發生情況與社會發生的相關關係,以及所涉及的重要角色。




(1)認知評估的主題與向度(Dimensions and Themes in Cognitive Appraisal) (影片10:53處)


(2) 情緒和思想處:行動之(Emotion and Thought: Tendency of Action)(影片4:55)


General Psychology discusses the essence and process of interpersonal relationships and social interaction through three important aspects–Emotion, Social Influence & Social Cognition, and Personality & Mental Disorders. We hope students can grasp a basic understanding of social interaction after taking the course.

General Psychology consists of 3 main aspects, in a total of 6 units (below, this course is part1). Each unit is made up of numerous sub-units which offer 5-15 minutes of course videos. There are Quizzes to reflect on how much you've learned.

part1: Emotion and Emotion Regulation

part2: Social Influence and Social Cognition

part3: Personality and Mental Disorders

As you complete the course please think about the following questions:

Please reflect on your experience. (1) Misattribution of arousal: in your daily life whether there are some factors or reasons that perhaps are not clear to you but did bring some physical arousal to you and what are those events? (2) In your daily life, when you experience positive or negative emotions, would you also behave in the Thought-action tendency way?

Who this course is for:

  • 適合所有對心理學有興趣的學習者修習。This course is suitable for those who are interested in the field of psychology.


Professor at the Department of Psychology (CCU)
Gary C.-W. Shyi
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The State University of New York at Stony Brook (Ph.D.)

Rutgers University (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)


Professor at the Department of Psychology, National Chung Cheng University (CCU)

Cognitive Science Research Center Director

Cognitive Science Ph.D. Program Director

The Advanced Institute of Manufacturing with High-tech Innovations (AIM-HI) Section Director


Visual cognition, Object recognition, Scene perception, and Visual-spatial attention

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